Monday, 2021-01-25

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:31
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vermaetestyleguide for my upcoming ISO audit...07:36
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vermaeteI  found a styleguide of OpenEmbedded (
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vermaeteIs there something the same for Yocto itself?07:36
vermaeteThe one of OpenEmbedded is fine for me.  I'm just don't want to explain the ISO-guys that OE is kind of Yocto.07:37
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LetoThe2ndvermaete: i have never heard of a "yocto equivalent" (TBH i didn't even have an idea that one exists)07:42
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vermaeteLetoThe2nd: There is something and it looks fine.  It will do the job :-)07:51
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LetoThe2ndvermaete: have fun!07:53
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nacknickHello. I have a question about AGL; I'm looking for a way to install 32-bit app-support (libraries etc.) on Raspberry Pi 4 (64-Bit). Does anyone can help me out?08:58
paulbarkernacknick: You're best off asking in #automotive if it's about AGL09:00
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nacknickpaulbarker: Thank you09:00
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qschulznacknick: you'll have to look into multilib (lib32- packages), but better ask AGL folks yes :)09:13
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RobertBerger@vermaete: when you look here some time later, have a look at this as well:
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* RP is curious if anyone has ever played with linuxcnc10:52
RobertBerger@RP: Yep - the Yocto power printer at the ELC Duesseldorf (if I remember well) was running it, kind of.10:53
RobertBerger@RP to be precise - we used machinekit10:54
RobertBergerit seems to be bit rotten now10:56
RPRobertBerger: I have recipes nearly working for linuxcnc but its been a little bit of a struggling with the weird tcl dependencies10:57
RobertBerger@RP I can imagine. machinekit was a mess - different languages mixed together somehow in a weird way10:58
* RP is wondering what to do with these recipes10:59
RobertBerger@RP: I remember Koen Kooi playing with these kind of things as well, but I don't know where he is hiding at the moment11:01
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abc283923RobertBerger I am Koen Kooi11:22
RobertBerger@abc283923: Hi Koen11:23
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abc283923Hi Robert, indeed I played a lot with those kind of things.11:24
abc283923Good 'ol times11:24
RobertBerger@abc283923: You see I remember ;)11:24
RPabc283923: hope you're doing ok, we've been missing you!11:24
abc283923:') (y)11:24
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abc283923I've missed you as well!11:25
RobertBerger@abc283923: Did you play at all with linucnc? Maybe you already have some idea about what RP is fighting against.11:27
* LetoThe2nd metalizes abc283923 11:30
abc283923RobertBerger A little bit11:31
abc283923Lets see11:31
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jonesv[m]It occurred to me last night, I was wondering about Yocto's security updates. Yocto is providing recipes for many packages one may want. Is Yocto also updating them when security issues are found? Like the wiki here ( says that there is no security team, but later it says that one should contact the security team if a vulnerability is found 🙈.12:11
jonesv[m]I have seen this "cve-check" tool, that seems super nice. Does it mean that it is the responsibility of the Yocto user to care about the security of their image? Or in practice is it a best-effort based on community contributions?12:11
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: It's always "best effort" unless you're paying a vendor to make guarantees12:12
paulbarkerCVEs are tracked though, weekly status emails are sent to the list, e.g.
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jonesv[m]Right. And in practice, would you say that many packages quickly get important updates? To put it in context, I have heard of people who were basing their system on Ubuntu, mainly because they can count on Ubuntu's packages and security updates. Yocto seems much more versatile, but I wonder if Yocto users should have a security team or not necessarily (because small projects may not have that choice, right?)12:15
paulbarkerSome of that list is likely noise, database issues, etc12:15
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: Ubuntu only provides security updates for a subset of packages12:16
jonesv[m]aha, I did not know that. I thought that "official" packages would get updates12:16
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: See the 2nd question in
RPjonesv[m]: we operate on a best efforts basis - we keep master up to date and also try and look after our LTS release and stable releases12:17
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RPjonesv[m]: if people make us aware of issues and/or send patches we tend to try and get them in12:18
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intera9139I have a simple cmake based software that build fine outside yocto but it has many dependencies, amongst them the cmake attempts to use cslangValidator and that's when bitbake falls over. cslang is added to the IMAGE_INSTALL_append and in the DEPENDS and RDEPENDS_${PN} of the bb file but all it does is adding the -dev variant of the rpm built by12:19
intera9139the cslang recipe. I need the content of the rpm which contains cslangValidator on the recipe-sysroot directory and all i get is the content of the -dev which is just header files and libraries. rpm -qlp on the rpm generated by the cslang recip conforms that cslangValidator is there but this rpm is not installed to recipe-sysrootfs of the build12:19
intera9139directory of my software.12:19
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jonesv[m]paulbarkerRP : right, so that does not seem much more work (as a user) than getting updates from Ubuntu (once you get used to doing it in Yocto) :)12:20
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paulbarkerjonesv[m]: For recipes in oe-core, correct, and if you follow the weekly CVE status emails you should at least know what is unpatched12:23
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: For recipes in other layers you need to look at the policies for those layers, it's likely you'll need to do a bit of CVE tracking of your own if you use a layer which doesn't do this12:24
jonesv[m]I have never been in contact with people using Yocto, but instead I have been in contact with people who said "Yocto is too complicated, so I made my own Ubuntu-based system". And my feeling is that maybe it's faster to start, but then they end up reinventing the tools that Yocto already provides.12:25
jonesv[m]Of course, if you want to make an Alpine-based distro (Adelie Linux, PostmarketOS), I get that you probably want to use your own tooling. But if you just want a "linux distribution" for your embedded system, it does not seem better to use Ubuntu than Yocto.12:25
jonesv[m]I guess I'm just trying to get some insights from the Yocto side 😊12:25
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qschulzintera9139: what's the path to cslangValidator in your rpm?12:26
intera9139one sec checking12:27
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: I'd love to see how someone distributing a physical product containing copyleft software from Ubuntu does license compliance, I don't think it's possible12:27
RPjonesv[m]: I think that sums it up. YP is different to Ubuntu, it depends how different you want/need to be from a one size fits all desktop distro12:27
paulbarkerWhen you start managing multiple product images, different configuration, etc, Yocto becomes exceptionally useful12:28
intera9139qschulz: it is in /usr/bin12:29
intera9139~/workspace/poky/build-toaster-2/tmp/work/corei7-64-poky-linux/glslang/8.13.3743+gitAUTOINC+e05cc20ec2-r0/deploy-rpms/corei7_64$ is where the rpm is built12:29
jonesv[m]<paulbarker "jonesv: I'd love to see how some"> Would you mind elaborating on that? I've read that Yocto is useful for licensing, but I don't really get what that means. Say I have a GPLv2 library on my system, will Yocto check that it is not linked by any non-GPL program? Is that it?12:30
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paulbarkerjonesv[m]: I don't think we can check that explicitly12:31
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: If that GPLv2 library was installed via `apt` in Ubuntu though, how would you ensure you're distributing the corresponding source code to anyone who gets those binaries?12:32
paulbarkerWould you go to the effort of mirroring the `apt-src` repository?12:32
paulbarkerAnd how would you provide the build & install scripts?12:33
paulbarkerWith Yocto we have well documented answers to these questions and several presentations, tutorials, etc12:33
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: Some self-promotion:
jonesv[m]That's very interesting, thanks! With those keywords, I should be able to find those presentations :)12:34
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jonesv[m]<paulbarker "jonesv: Some self-promotion: htt"> Amazing! Thanks!12:34
qschulzintera9139: cslangValidator needs to be run at build time right?12:35
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: Also
qschulzintera9139: then you need the -native version of the package12:36
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: And early next month12:36
qschulzintera9139: so, glslang-native in your DEPENDS12:36
intera9139oh ok so if I add the -native as a DEPENDS12:36
intera9139thank  you so much12:36
intera9139;-)  you're a star ...12:36
qschulzintera9139: oh stop it you12:37
abellonipaulbarker: well, the GPLv2 doesn't say you have to dstribute12:37
intera9139toaster is now building the modified recipe ...12:37
abelloniyou silply have to provide a written offer12:37
paulbarkerabelloni: And when someone comes knocking you need to actually be able to fulfil that written offer12:41
paulbarkerSo you need to track the info and archive sources regardless12:41
paulbarkerAnd not just depend on your upstream still being there up to a few years later12:42
jonesv[m]<abelloni "you silply have to provide a wri"> To those who buy your product, right? I can't ask for the sources of a device I did not buy, can I? (I guess that's obvious, sorry for the dumb question)12:45
paulbarkerjonesv[m]: "Accompany it with a written offer, valid for at least three years, to give any third party, ..."12:46
paulbarkerGet a lawyer to interpret "any third party"12:46
jonesv[m]Also GPLv2 means that if I buy, say, an Android phone, and I ask the manufacturer for their downstream kernel, they have to give me the sources. But it does not mean that they need to give me install scripts or a way to flash my own version of their kernel on their phone, right?12:46
paulbarkerThat last bit is outside my area of expertise12:48
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intera9139qschulz: Build successful;-)12:49
qschulzintera9139: great. Remember, anything that needs to run at build time will run on the host (building) machine12:56
qschulzso it needs to be compiled for the host architecture. This is specified by using -native suffix for recipes12:57
qschulzand binaries will make it to recipe-sysroot-native ;)12:57
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RPRobertBerger: I did get linuxcnc to "run" which was nice :)14:34
RobertBerger@RP: Great!14:34
RobertBerger@RP on which device?14:35
RPRobertBerger: qemuarm6414:35
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RobertBerger@RP: so we need some hardware to play with it ;)14:37
RPRobertBerger: right, I don't have a CNC machine, much as I'd like one :)14:37
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: OIDA!14:38
LetoThe2nd(just sayin)14:38
RobertBerger@RP: My thing is some beagle bone black based 3d printer14:38
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Jo genau. OIDA!14:39
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: wasn't there some crazy austrian who did a lot of bbb/pruss cnc stuff? mauerer? haberer?14:40
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Yep14:40
RobertBerger@LetThe2nd: But it was machinekit and not linuxcnc: Michael Haberler and Alexander Roessler (doing qt stuff)14:43
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manuel1985Hello everyone! I want to enable the linux kernel option CONFIG_PKCS8_PRIVATE_KEY_PARSER got get iwd (= replacement for wpa_supplicant) working, but it seems my kernel doesn't support it. That is, the menuconfig search doesn't find it. I'm no kernel hacker, is there a quick way to prove this assumption?14:50
manuel1985I'm using Linux 4.9 for NVidia Jetson TX2, and this suggests it was added at Linux 4.20:
manuel1985Do I read this right?14:51
qschulzmanuel1985: did you search WITHOUT CONFIG_ in front?14:53
LetoThe2ndwell a blame on the crypto/asymmetric/Kconfig says the option has been created 2years ago, so there's no way it could be in 4.9 without massive backporting.14:55
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manuel1985I think so. (If I remember the search dialogue prompt correctly, it said I can enter with or without the CONFIG_ at front.)14:55
qschulzLetoThe2nd: was about to do it, thanks :)14:55
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manuel1985LetoThe2nd qschulz: Thanks14:59
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intera9139a thousand apologies if that question has been asked before but my yocto layer/recipe build a library in a subfolder and that library does not get included in  the rpm and I get a QA error: QA Issue: /bin/program contained in package myprogram requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_program? [file-rdeps]15:17
intera9139how do I add that library so that it is found at runtime as RDEPENDS can list another package but not a library built as part of the recipe15:17
qschulzintera9139: are you building the library or is a prebuilt one?15:18
LetoThe2ndintera9139: its its built alongside the program, you want to look up package splitting.15:18
LetoThe2ndlivecoding #4, IIRC15:19
intera9139qschulz: am building it15:19
qschulzintera9139: then version your library15:19
qschulzand it'll just work15:19
intera9139ok I will look that up in the manual, no idea how to do that15:20
qschulz(*.so files are put into -dev package by default)15:20
intera9139indeed and that one is not I have verified the dev rpm15:20
qschulzintera9139: nothing to do with Yocto actually, just to the build system you're using (cmake, autotools, meson, etc...)15:20
qschulzso cmake documentation is the one you should probably read :)15:21
intera9139indeed thanks ;-)15:21
qschulzintera9139: oe-pkgdata-util find-path '/path/to/lib' with /path/to/lib being the path where you'll find your lib on the target system (rootfs)15:21
qschulzthat'll tell you where it is15:21
qschulzmaybe you just forgot to `install` it in your do_install task or in your cmake (better)15:22
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intera9139investigating ...15:31
intera9139I didn't write the program nor  the cmakes just have to make it fit in a yocto installation15:32
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paulbarkerRP, JPEW: I'm looking at pr service & hash equivalence service today16:12
paulbarkerAm I right thinking the aspiration is for hashserv to also fulfil the job of the pr server but that's not implemented yet?16:13
paulbarkerAlso am I right thinking that the read-only hashserv feature added is just a client-side check, the server process itself doesn't yet have any read-only mode which would deny modification requests?16:13
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has quit IRC16:13
RPpaulbarker: we need PR serv but the idea is to move it to the modern tech used in the hashequiv serve16:24
paulbarkerRP: Ah ok, so not actually add it to hashserv but instead update the prserv implementation16:26
frayPR service, hash equivalency and sstate-cache go together.  So IMHO there are concerns if you are using mirrors, etc.16:26
paulbarkerThat makes sense16:26
JPEWpaulbarker: Yes. And RP is right; I'd like to see a server that leverages other technologies to make it more scalable (e.g. uses and ORM, is stateless, etc.)16:27
JPEWpaulbarker: Ideally, I could run an auto-scaled hashequiv server on my kubernetes cluster... I think that make a good story16:29
paulbarkerJPEW: Ok, what about read-only? Is that just a client side thing right now or am I missing something in the code?16:30
fraybeside R/O, multiple servers is something I'm interested it.. i.e. official sstate-mirror, plus my local one..  (I have no answer for this though)16:31
JPEWpaulbarker: Well, what I would *like* to see is hashequiv over websockets... then readonly is a simple flag you set on the server. You can run multiple servers at different paths for read-only vs. read-write16:31
frayWhen the PR service was originally concieved, I always thought of it like a DNS type behavior.. you would have a root server and individual servers that would be queried..16:31
JPEWfray: hashequiv supports upstream servers now (I added it recently)16:32
frayAhh nice..  I may need to investigate it some more then16:32
JPEWfray: I was more referring to horizontal scaling where you can run more than one (stateless) server to handle increased load16:32
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC16:33
paulbarkerJPEW: That's good input16:33
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paulbarkerWe need something for AGL CI, it'll likely involve some upstream work to setup a read-only PR service and maybe read-only hash equivalence service as well16:34
JPEWpaulbarker: You could also do read-only with a flag and a separate TCP port, as long as multiple servers can share a DB backend (which is much easier with an ORM)16:34
paulbarkerStill planning out how to attack this16:34
JPEWBut, I think there is a huge opertunity to make deployment super simple if we can make it more "K8s friendly" (e.g. websockets, stateless), which would hopefully drive adoption16:36
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vdlif I need a image recipe to simply trigger the build of another image, should I DEPENDS += "", or something else?17:07
vdldo_rootfs[depends] += dep:do_rootfs" maybe?17:07
vdl(these are all independent images, I don't want to share a sysroot)17:08
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smurrayvdl: the latter, usually, I think.  Though I suspect you want to depend upon do_image_complete so you can get the bits from DEPLOYDIR vs trying to get at the rootfs task WORKDIR17:31
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vdlsmurray: do_image_complete seems like the correct final task to depends on, let me try17:33
vdlDEPENDS did work, but I think it's pulling all sysroot with it, which I do not want, my images are all independent, but all required to build my final wic image.17:34
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vdlsmurray: when I do do_image_complete[depends] += "dep:do_image_complete", do stuffs like IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "dep.img" in are supposed to work?17:47
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smurrayvdl: I don't know right off, tbh.  You'll likely have to dig around a bit in the image bbclass code to get an idea17:53
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto17:54
vdlsmurray: IMAGES_BOOT_FILES += from within has no effect when I build the main image.17:55
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smurrayvdl: IMAGE_BOOT_FILES is a wic configuration parameter, if the "dep" image is just ext4 or the like, it won't have any effect18:01
vdlha, true.18:03
vdlsmurray: but why does it work from the machine conf then?18:04
smurrayvdl: no good idea there.  I'd perhaps suggest looking at the "bitbake -e" output for the target(s) involved to see where the variable is getting changed18:06
vdlsmurray: will do. it would be the same for UBOOT_EXTLINUX_* variables I guess, which don't seem to have an effect from within image recipes as well.18:07
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smurrayvdl: I think that's different in this instance, since those drive a specific class that's pulled in by the u-boot recipe AFAICT.  IMAGE_BOOT_FILES is AFAICT only used in the wic bootimg-partition plugin, which is a kind of different wrt context18:10
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alejandrohsIs there any reason why passing -D to bitbake isnt propagating to the fetcher logger?20:38
alejandrohsI guess I need to use -l?20:41
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RPalejandrohs: -D should propagate but the logging is all a bit odd and needs overhauling really21:04
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vdlfor simple images, would you rather inherit image or core-image?23:14
RPvdl: depends if you need the bits core-image is adding?23:20
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vdlRP: but core-image.bbclass doesn't add much, most image specifics like IMAGE_FEATURES, IMAGE_INSTALL etc. come from image.bbclass23:49
vdlit looks like core-image just adds CORE_IMAGE_INSTALL and a few preselected packages23:50
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