Tuesday, 2021-01-26

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JebeeHi Everyone, I'm having an issue when I remove Wayland x11 from my distro and run on the target, I am completely unable to login (root or user), it shows login: , password: but it never logs in.03:50
JebeeAnyone have an idea why this might be the case?03:50
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JebeeWithout removing Wayland x11 I can login no problem on any user.03:51
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mckoangood morning07:41
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chris_bergood morning. I try to build a go recipe, but i got the error: "...cannot find package "github.com/gorilla/mux" in any of ...". Does golang recipes need special treatment for external packages?07:49
chris_beri would have expected, that all imports will automatically handled by a go recipe07:52
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khemRP:  some pseudo changes in master-next ? https://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Build/115247/08:04
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RPkhem: no pseudo change in -next :/08:13
khemOK I have binutils 2.36 in there so it could be some mix of that then08:14
LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:15
khemRP:  seeing this http://sprunge.us/KZTM0V I wonder what can this tell me08:19
LetoThe2ndkhem: my interpretation is: -EOUTOFAPPROPRIATEBEVERAGES08:20
khemseems that ranlib from new binutils is crashing08:21
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RPkhem: something is deleting files that pseudo can't "see". Which distro is this? New libc version?08:23
RPkhem: strace the new ranlib and see what its deleting files with syscall wise?08:24
khemI am seeing it on multiple distros from ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 or arch as well08:24
khemonly binutils is new08:25
RPkhem: still could be some function we're not intercepting?08:25
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chris_berwhere can i find all available golang variables? like GO_IMPORT, GO_INSTALL, ....10:33
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qschulzchris_ber: https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/meta/classes/go.bbclass and its inherited classes?10:40
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chris_berqschulz: ok, there is no reference manual?10:53
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chris_berand is it possible to use golang 1.16beta1? I do not know how to set a golang version11:02
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chris_berok, i see. I should have to write my own recipe. therefor i wait till go 1.16 is released11:14
qschulzchris_ber: reference manual does not actually have anything for go.bbclass. Patches welcome :) Would probably make sense at least in https://docs.yoctoproject.org/ref-manual/classes.html11:18
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chris_beryes, would make sense. The yocto docs are getting better! :thumbsup:11:26
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nicnic2question regarding something that I came across, on the website it says:11:27
nicnic2Flexibility: Corporations use the Yocto Project many different ways. One example is to create an internal Linux distribution as a code base the corporation can use across multiple product groups. Through customization and layering, a project group can leverage the base Linux distribution to create a distribution that works for their product needs.11:27
* LetoThe2nd looks, at paper sheer, finds all the buzzwords, stands up quickly and shouts "BINGO"11:28
nicnic2In the mentioned use case, I don't see why a customized yocto image would be more efficient than a ubuntu image since the criteria in this use case is definitely not the size of the image but the capabilities. And if something is not available it is easier to add and remove something so why mention the above example use case?11:29
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LetoThe2ndnicnic2: two prime examples are: hardware that is not supported by your run of the mill ubuntu and: licensing.11:29
nicnic2LetoThe2nd Ah you got me with the first one :)11:30
nicnic2But the second point, there should be no issue with ubuntu licensing?11:30
nicnic2or even the apps...11:31
mcfrisknicnic2: GPLv311:31
LetoThe2ndnicnic2: there is. paulbarker can give you more details, but in a nutshell: there are a lot of rules and restrictions to abide when you ship hardware with ubuntu on it. some are pretty hard to overcome (like guaranteeing the source versions you can provide EXACTLY match the binaries)11:32
nicnic2ok did not expect that at all to be honest D:11:33
mcfriskalso, Ubuntu is about trademarks too. distribution of Ubuntu images outside of ubuntu.com requires TM premissions which you can't get11:33
LetoThe2ndnicnic2: there are other nice things you can't easily do with ubuntu, like image based a/b upgrades for example. or having libraries honour specific hw optimization flags.11:33
mcfrisknow Debian on the other hand...11:33
LetoThe2ndnicnic2: so all in all: ubuntu is a nice thing that can do nice things. yocto is a nice thing that can do other nice things. use whatever fits your needs.11:33
nicnic2noted, thanks guys11:34
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chris_beri developed a webapp with go and used serveral javascript packages described in a package.json and installed via npm. My recipe is a go recipe. How to install the packages defined in the package.json? Can my recipe inherit go and npm at the same time? Then in do_prepare() { ...npm install ....} ? Is this possible?12:20
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LetoThe2ndchris_ber: sounds very painful, and i doubt that it works (inheriting go and npm). two ways come to my mind - either manually integrating go and npm into the recipe (ugly!) or building the application in two seperate recipes.12:22
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qschulzso, I'm back with my IKCONFIG=y in the 5.4 kernel defconfig fails my icecc-enabled poky build (on thud)... I built 5.4 linux-yocto for qemuarm64 on vanilla dunfell. I checked with menuconfig, ikconfig is enabled, I added INHERIT+="icecc" to my conf/local.conf12:25
qschulzand for some reasons, linux-yocto does not fail to build....12:25
qschulzso do I have much luck when building vanilla poky or is there something I missed in linux-yocto recipe or git repo?12:26
qschulzJPEW: ^ pinging you maybe since we talked about this a month ago12:26
qschulzdon't know bruce's nick here12:27
chris_berLetoThe2nd: hmmm...ok. Go 1.16 introduces the #embed directive, which will include all static files in the executable, therefor i think 2 recipes will not be an option. Headache! But maybe my approach is not suitable for a yocto application?!?12:27
chris_bermaybe i should check in all javascript files i need. Seems to be a common approach anyway.12:28
qschulzchris_ber: you could have an npm recipe fetching what you need and your go recipe depending on it? (maybe abusing the SYSROOTDIRS at the same time, don't know)12:29
LetoThe2ndchris_ber: why is that a problem? you can always have a recipe pull in things that another one created. thats called dependencies.12:29
LetoThe2ndit might need some fiddling here and there, but the usecase certainly applies.12:29
LetoThe2ndand if the web frontend is independent from the actual server, it should be allarch12:30
LetoThe2ndlike said, its not super trivial but certainly doable.12:30
chris_beri will give it a try12:31
chris_berthe first recipe uses npm and downloads the stuff. the second recipe uses go, i there i will add something like `do_prepend` and copy the files to the destination i need ... more or less12:33
LetoThe2nddepending on the project architecture (e.g. of the web frontend) it might even mandate chaining two ci/cd instances - one generating the webapp, the other pulling it into the build12:33
LetoThe2ndbut "it all depends". (badum-tsh!)12:33
chris_berok, thx12:34
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RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Oida!13:07
LetoThe2nd@RobertBerger: OIDA!13:09
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RobertBerger@chris_ber: Can you build your magic go app with some yocto SDK? - no recipes yet13:26
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chris_berRobertBerger: i didn't try. What is the origin of your question?13:45
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RobertBerger@chris_ber: I guess once you manage to build the app via a yocto SDK you might get a better idea of what needs to be done with the recipe(s)13:52
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qschulzmmmm... so... why does Yocto not build icecc instead of relying on host for it?13:55
qschulz(more specifically, icecc client, not the daemon)13:55
JPEWqschulz: It could... but it has a lot of dependencies13:55
JPEWSo you'd end up waiting a while for it to be available, which eliminates some of the benefit13:56
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qschulzJPEW:and now I'm wondering if we wouldn't gain from a one-time icecc-client-native build and keep building the 5.1+ kernel with icecc?13:57
qschulz(we = the company I work for, not YP)13:57
JPEWqschulz: Ya, keeping the client up-to-date is important. We (the company I work for) solved that by including the up-to-date icecc client in the Docker image we use for building13:58
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JPEWqschulz: https://github.com/garmin/pyrex/blob/master/image/Dockerfile#L5513:59
RobertBerger@qschulz/JPEW: maybe yocto could build it and add it buildtools-extended13:59
JPEWIf you run the container with `--net=host` the client in the container will talk to the daemon running on the host via the stable IPC13:59
qschulzJPEW: yup, we're just not using any container at the moment13:59
qschulzbut honestly might have to with customers still building krogoth with no desire to upgrade14:00
qschulz(and we have to build for them obviously)14:00
JPEWqschulz: Ya, that's one of our reasons for using containers. We can build with the supported ubuntu distro on old releases14:00
JPEWqschulz: You should checkout Pyrex. It's designed to be pretty seamless14:01
JPEWAnd already has icecc ;)14:01
qschulzJPEW: I'll at some point... for now some of our people on gentoo and arch are using handmade containers14:01
qschulzdon't know how much we'll be able to re-use as we have quick some hacks here and there :)14:02
JPEWqschulz: Depends on what the quirks and hacks are14:02
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qschulzJPEW: we'll see. One is pulling 6 different toolchains (ah... vendor BSPSs <3)14:04
JPEWOh, ya. Thats always fun. We wrote Pyrex to use the "host" file system so as long as you bind in the toolchain locations properly (by default, $TOPDIR is bound) it can use them. It also means all your output is in the host as well14:06
JPEWqschulz: https://github.com/garmin/pyrex#what-doesnt-work is pretty comprehensive about what *doesn't* work; otherwise I think most things should work pretty easily14:07
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qschulzJPEW: oof. I use devtool extensively for debugging and I highly recommend it in my company14:13
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JPEWqschulz: Ah... ya. We haven't used it much :( I think it could be made to work, I just haven't looked into it14:14
JPEWqschulz: That might possibly already work, I've just never tested it14:14
qschulzJPEW: nothing that can't be fixed probably.14:16
chris_beri try to copy a file (for test purpose only) in the routine do_configure_prepend (`cp ${D}/static-server/static/vendor/package.json ${D}/package.json) and getting the error invalid syntax point to the first $14:18
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qschulzchris_ber: ${D} does not exist until do_install task14:19
qschulzso ${D} resolves to nothing and it tries to copy files from /static-server/static/vendor/package.json which obviously does not exist14:19
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qschulzchris_ber: are you sure about ${D}? when exactly do you need this file?14:20
intera91hi qschulz14:20
qschulzif it's configure, it's probably ${S} for the first and either ${S} or ${B} for the second14:20
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qschulzJPEW: (just tagging you but no answer needed) for IRC archives: I decided to revert bc0c60457c35c895b5591f85046b1f13da5487c4 and 13610aa908dcfce77135bb799c0a10d0172da6ba from the Linux kernel to still be able to use (old; pre-1.3) icecc-client with 5.4 kernel recipe14:22
chris_beryou are right, D ist totally wrong14:23
chris_berin the end, i try to tell npm where to find the package.json.14:24
* LetoThe2nd imagines chris_ber sitting in front of his computer, pointing at the screen and speaking loudly "there you will find it, npm!"14:25
intera91finally modified the cmake and makefiles so that libmylib.so now compiles and links as libmylib.so-1.0.0 now I still get the error: QA Issue: /bin/my_program contained in package my_project requires lib/libmylib.so-1.0.0()(64bit), but no providers found in RDEPENDS_my_project? [file-rdeps]14:25
qschulzchris_ber: it seems npm is expecting package.json to be in ${S} directly14:26
qschulzintera91: it should be libmylib.so.1.0.0 not libmylib.so-1.0.014:27
intera91oh blast14:27
qschulzthen you'll be good :)14:27
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intera91i will be back14:27
chris_berLetoThe2nd: hmmm....yeah....don't tell anybody14:28
chris_berqschulz: you can tell npm with --prefix where to find the package.json...but... you know, it's not working14:29
LetoThe2ndchris_ber: i already have pictures and am uploading them to instagram right now. plus, on tiktok, with "you can't always get what you want" as soundtrack!14:29
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chris_berstill complaining that the cp command can't be parsed: `cp ${S}/static-server/static/vendor/package.json ${S}/package.json`14:41
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qschulzchris_ber: ah wait14:42
qschulzconfigure is a python task on npm recipes IIRC14:42
chris_berso i need python syntax?14:43
qschulzso either: do_configure[prefuncs] += "cp_packagejson;" and then put your cp in cp_packagejson shell task (I think that is supported)14:43
qschulzor, do it the python way14:43
chris_berok, i will remember that for the future. But now i will just check in the vendor packages and copy that stuff in an install task.14:45
qschulzsomething like srcdir = d.getVar('S'); shutil.copyfile(srcdir + '/static-server/static/vendor/package.json', srcdir)?14:45
qschulzchris_ber: well, if you need the package.json at build time, cp'ing at install time won't do it14:46
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chris_berqschulz: no i meant i will check in the vendor packages in my git repo and copy them later. I don't like to check in external javascript dependencies, but a lot of guys doing it.14:47
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qschulzchris_ber: ah I see, npm and js stuff are definitely not part of my knowledge :D14:48
qschulzchris_ber: expect some hurdles along the way as I am not sure we have many people/recipes using go or npm14:49
chris_berqschulz: with your approach i see writing a lot of extra stuff. one thing leads to another and i starting to add + import shutil, do this, do that....14:49
chris_berfor now it is ok to just copy the javascript dependencies. Doing it with package.json is an issue for later. Thank you guys14:51
qschulzchris_ber: recipes are rarely just inheriting npm or go :)14:52
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qschulzbut I understand your point14:53
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vdlis it better to "require core-image-minimal(-initramfs).bb" in your own image recipe or copy their content?15:29
paulbarkervdl: In the wise words of LetoThe2nd "It depends"15:33
paulbarkerIf you just want to add a few extra packages to your image and base it on an existing image that is a good approach15:34
LetoThe2ndi usually go for copy.15:34
RobertBergerIf you copy you need to maintain you copy as well with every new yocto version ;)15:36
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: well for core-image-minimal i don't really see the benefit of require-ing 3 or 4 lines, for the cost of a cross dependency. I usually like my images to be as self-contained as possible.15:39
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: just saying - this is one more item to check, and if you use poky anyhow you can require it.15:41
LetoThe2ndif you base off other, more complex imagery (pun intended) then require might be a better choice.15:41
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RobertBergerBetween dunfell and gatesgarth this changed: "", d)}" --- "" ,d)}"  Spot the difference ;)15:45
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mcfriskRP: waf python change 6b78a1734318fce8ee13c28c1454d3d76f52bae8 in dunfell is causing breakage in some BSP layer SW components which still use and need python2. Fix/workaround is WAF_PYTHON = "python" in the affected recipes. AFAIK, there are a lot of BSP and other layers which still need and use python2 so those may be affected.16:14
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JPEWmcfrisk: Yep. We use waf extensively internally and had to add that to all our recipes16:27
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mcfriskJPEW: yep, I don't really mind that change right now as it took just 10 minutes to figure out what to fix but this happened on LTS branch so... these kind of changes can be a bit problematic even if they fix also real bugs16:30
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intera91am back16:34
intera91still getting the error as the versionned lib and its link are copied to the lib subdirectory of the build folder, the software compiles ok but the library is missing from the final rpm and the error I told you about earlier is still there16:36
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RPvmeson: were you implying I have a lot of background noise today?16:41
vmesonRP, for me, yes lots of nice comforting hiss.16:43
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RPvmeson: sorry, that is probably the fire :/16:49
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qschulzintera91: oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*library.so.*' what's the output?17:07
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vdlINITRAMFS_SCRIPTS (from core-image-minimal-initramfs.bb) is meant to be altered from your distro conf or local.conf, right?18:08
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sv42Hi there everybody! Would somebody be kind enough to help me with a build problem I'm having?19:02
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sv42I'll try anyway:)  I'm on Sumo and meta-oe by default provids modemmanager 1.6.4, which is too old for me. Since this is literally my first recipe, all I did is to try to use the 1.14.10 recipe from meta-openembedded master (https://cutt.ly/xj8dz0c); however, the build errors are: https://pastebin.com/cgaQBm3B and I don't quite have a clue where19:08
sv42to begin. Any help appreciated; thanks!19:08
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vdlRP: INITRAMFS_FSTYPES is plural but a single type is expected in fact, correct?21:56
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ant__vdl, what does make you think so?22:12
ant__we use since years22:12
ant__INITRAMFS_FSTYPES ?= "cpio.gz cpio.xz"22:12
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ant__remember to ad the correct kernel config for the decompresors :)22:13
vdlant__: image-live.bbclass:40: INITRD_LIVE ?= "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${INITRD_IMAGE_LIVE}-${MACHINE}.${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES}"22:14
vdlthis assumes a single type, doesn't it?22:14
ant__sory, never used that image22:14
ant__seems so22:15
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ant__vdl, https://git.openembedded.org/meta-handheld/tree/conf/machine/include/zaurus.inc#n922:16
ant__surviving since years...22:16
vdlant__: and I was wondering because I wanted to make the generation of my extlinux.conf more generic, with something like:22:17
vdlwhich seems very wrong if several types are provided ;-)22:17
ant__well, usually you build a custom initramfs image, isn't? why that class?22:18
vdlant__: I'm not using image-live, I just grep'd INITRAMFS_FSTYPES to see how it was used and I found this22:19
ant__seems fishy22:20
ant__let's poke the master22:20
ant__RP: ^22:21
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RPvdl, ant__: I think it can take multiple vlaues and is modelled on FSTYPES which definitely takes multiple values22:50
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