Tuesday, 2021-04-20

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beginnerWhy does _append / _prepend not work properly with Python functions that are not a task?06:14
beginnerpython my_func_prepend () {06:14
beginner    bb.warn ('do sth fancy')06:14
beginnerpython my_func () {06:14
beginner    bb.warn ('do sth fancy')06:14
beginnerdef my_func ():06:14
beginner    pass06:14
beginnerpython my_func_prepend () {06:14
beginnerbb.warn ('do sth fancy') is never called06:15
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qschulzRP: I meant the timestamp issues :) (too many topics at once :D)08:20
qschulz(timestamp in log.do_<task>)08:20
RPqschulz: I know, that is harder than you'd think :/08:22
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qschulzRP: I'm not saying it's easy, I just wanted to know if there was any specific issue or just so many small issues that makes it impractical/impossible to implement?08:25
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qschulzRP: just being curious08:26
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yannrburton: damned, I'm touching insane.class, I can check that the results do appear in `bitbake optee-os -c package_qa -e`, and none of those change ever trigger a package_qa task run, it's always using the setscene - that could be a lead for why it did not break testing ?08:31
rburtonyann: maybe your distro doesn't make that check a warning08:31
rburtonor error08:31
yannit is in WARN_QA, I even tried to promote it to ERROR_QA, still no package_qa rerun08:32
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yannthat part of our distro matches poky08:33
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yannrburton: the _package_qa.tgz in my sstate is strange, it is 10240 null bytes, gzipped - tar seems to accept this input, but still...08:37
yann45-bytes tgz, which file even reports as "gzip compressed data, from Unix, truncated" (though perhaps abusingly)08:38
yannah dumpsigs says WARN_QA and friends are whitelisted, that can explay why changing them does not trigger the job, but then is that reasonable ?08:40
yannand "textrel" simply does not appear in the siginfo08:41
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yannit does not seem that easy to remove those vars from a single task or a single recipe :/08:46
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thekappehello guys !09:43
thekappeI'm using the devicetree class to build the DT. After the build I got my dtb listed in build/tmp/work/machine/device-tree/rev/image/boot/devicetree09:44
thekappeBY the way the devicetree folder with the dtbs is not in tmp/work/machine/my-image-recipe/version/rootfs/boot09:45
mckoanthekappe: do you have KERNEL_DEVICETREE in the machine file ?09:49
thekappemckoan, my dts file is not in kernel's directory09:50
thekappeis built outside inheriting the devicetree.bbclaa09:50
RPqschulz: I can't remember what the issue was, just that I tried it and it wasn't as simple as I'd thought09:51
RPqschulz: I think there is a patch somewhere09:51
thekappethe devicetree class install the dtbs in /boot/device tree, and I can see that beacuase the dtbs are in build/tmp/work/machine/device-tree/rev/image/boot/devicetree09:52
thekappebut they are not in the rootfs boot folder09:52
RPqschulz: I think http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/wipqueue7&id=9a88d64f788ee3036869e8ca65fdde485c383798 was it09:53
qschulzthekappe: how did you make sure the device tree was pulled in by the image or when building your machine?09:53
thekappeprobably that's the issue09:54
RPhmm, 2015.09:54
qschulzRP: I'm quite impressed how quick you were to find a commit that was pushed 4 years ago :D09:56
RPqschulz: I'm just happy my memory kind of works :)09:57
qschulzthekappe: it's a package, you need to add it to your IMAGE_INSTALL one way or the other, the proper way IMO is probably to add it to MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS in your machine configuration file09:57
thekappeqschulz, yah, you were right10:04
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RP"patchelf: cannot normalize PT_NOTE segment: non-contiguous SHT_NOTE sections" - the kind of error that I want to run away and hide from :/10:39
rburtonyann: can you send a v2 with the insane skip or shall I send it on your behalf10:45
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yannrburton: it's v3 and sent already11:33
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yannor so I thought, you apparently did not get it :)11:33
yannrburton: maybe it's held in moderation, I probably did not subscribe to meta-arm ml yet11:34
rburtonah there it is11:36
rburtonyann: what machine were you building for?11:46
yannnanopi-m4, aarch6411:46
rburtonreplicates for me on demand with qemuarm6411:48
rburtoncurious if that's the difference11:49
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yannrburton: the cpu tunes maybe ?12:58
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JaMafray: are you still interested in prelink-cross?14:09
RPJaMa: you ran into issues again?14:11
frayI think it's still useful to many people, however I just havn't had the time with other commitments..14:12
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frayFrom a technical "it doesn't work due to XYZ", I've never been the right person to work on that stuff.  Luckily I've had support from Mentor and others in the past.14:13
JaMaRP: it's still the same issue I mentioned yesterday, now I have simple reproducer but don't understand what's different in this binary which causes double free in prelink14:13
fraythe double free itself is in the prelinker?14:14
JaMayes, in dso_close_114:14
RPJaMa: might be a worth a bug report with the problematic binary if its easily reproduced?14:15
JaMaThis is the "working" binary http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/n4W8nwghkB/ (notice 'Could not create .gnu.conflict')14:15
fraywhere is dso_close_1?14:16
fray(which file)14:16
JaMaand this is the same binary (but built with dunfell instead of gatesgarth where it fails http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mfWfb2X4PX/14:16
frayok.. it's close_dso_1 got it14:18
frayfor each header in the index, set scn to the section.  Call elf_getdata to load the section.  If it returns NULL we're out of data to load..  we then free what we just loaded14:20
fraysorry, we free the d_buf.. I assume the data buffer14:21
frayso my sugegstion is put in a check before the free(data->d_buf) to find that value.14:21
frayIn the past we've seen sections added that become place holders and don't end up having data in them triggering a failure like this.14:21
JaMayes, that's what was somehow lost in that pastabin, let me paste it directly from terminal14:22
JaMait's when freeing data from section 16 .dynstr, which is also mentioned, because of the overlap with section 17 before:14:23
JaMaprelink-debug/prelink: /usr/lib/image_transport/list_transports-bad: section [16 and 17] file offsets [00050315 and 00043000] not monotonically increasing14:23
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fraydoes it overlap in the original?  or did it overlap after the prelink?14:24
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JaMalet me check, but this overlap doesn't seem to be the only difference, because I see 83 binaries with this issue even in rootfs which doesn't trigger this corrupted free14:25
fraycorrupted free is "mythical" in behavior.. it's not going to be consistent cause it's not absolute addresses like this.  You got lucky to trigger it..14:26
frayFocus on the not monotonically increasing issue.  That is the real failure point14:26
frayIf the original file is like that, then there is either a bug in the linker or someone has changed something that is no longer compatible14:26
JaMabut it seems to be always on this binary even when I rebuild whole image from scratch14:26
frayif it's only after prelinking then prelink resizing broke14:26
JaMainterestingly it fails like this only with dunfell and only with qemux86-6414:27
frayCan you try a newer (or older) binutils with dunfell?  It really could be a bug in the linker14:27
JaMaand it's somehow related to spdlog library https://github.com/ros/meta-ros/commit/f08c9a3a51bf27a63a22ec39725a463d438723c3 https://github.com/ros/meta-ros/commit/f08c9a3a51bf27a63a22ec39725a463d438723c3 as previously it was enough to upgrade/downgrade spdlog to preven this prelink issue from happening14:28
fray(these are the steps I usually take to diagnose this stuff.. I've learned I don't have the ELF knowledge otherwise)14:28
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JaMayes, I'm building the same image with gold instead of bfd now (as it doesn't fail in other DISTRO with ld-is-gold)14:28
JaMathen will try newer binutils14:29
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JaMais prelink expected to re-order the sections? the output from readelf --all/objdump -x shows them in very different order14:32
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frayJaMa, it MIGHT reorder..14:54
frayThe reorder isn't "intentional".. it's based on finding openings in the map to insert the prelink information14:55
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renegadeHi, newbie question. In meta-raspberrypi, UBOOT_MACHINE for raspberrypi4 is defined as rpi_4_32b_config. But when i look under U-Boot sources I see the file is name rpi_4_32b_defconfig. Where is the machine getting this file?15:33
renegade_defconfig vs _config15:33
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JaMafray: looks like in this case it moved .dynstr from section 6 to section 16 between .fini and .rodata where wasn't enough space for it, will continue to debug why, here are headers before and after http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7fTHn72sM5/15:36
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frayJaMa ya if things move and there isn't enough space it SHOULD detect it and stop..15:39
JaMait seems to happen very often for various binaries, but without this free failing in the end :/15:40
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frayya, that is broken then.  Overlapping sections should have been detered and triggered a failure.. (besides the whole "don't move things where there isn't space for them)15:40
frayabout 6 or so years ago we saw this same behavior and had to fix it..  but I don't remember where.  git history might give you a clue if you havn't found the code yet15:41
JaMasystemd and dbus-deamon have this overlap as well, will check in oe-core only build15:41
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JaMaI think this part works OK, it's detected dorrectly in check_dso and then it prevents prepare_write_dso/write_dso15:43
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fraythe other thing to look at is libelf.. long ago we definitely found problems with that15:46
frayya, thats what I was remembering15:47
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manuel1985I would like to have my yocto-created distribution connect to the internet through a LTE modem. Is there some software package which provides an interface to set, change PIN, PUK and such?15:53
frayconnman used to be able to do some or all of that, but I've not tried it in a few years15:53
manuel1985I know about mmcli (ModemManager) and nmcli (NetworkManager) but I thought there might be some abstraction layer making things easier.15:54
fraythat is what connman does.. abstracts.. like like networkmanager can do15:54
manuel1985fray: Is connman still active? https://01.org/connman looks pretty dead to me. "You are not authorized to access this page."15:55
fraylike I said, I've not used it in a few years.. I don't know15:55
manuel1985ok thx15:55
shoraganmanuel1985, there is https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/network/connman/connman.git/16:00
shoraganthey keep making release16:00
manuel1985Has anyone some recommendations on network managers? Our product is using NetworkManager, but tbh I don't like it much. Yes fray you said you were using connman a few years ago, but due to reasons?16:04
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khemsystemd-networkd is good if you live in systemd land16:09
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JaMafray: this is interesting https://sourceware.org/legacy-ml/elfutils-devel/2018-q3/msg00092.html this is from https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-devtools/elfutils/files/0001-libelf-elf_end.c-check-data_list.data.d.d_buf-before.patch16:10
JaMaremoving the free() on data from elf_getdata definitely fixes the issue I'm seeing16:13
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frayRobert Yang (one of the repliers) would have a good understanding of what might be happening.  So ther eis a good chance his analysis is good16:15
fraythe question is.. how (in prelink) do we identify if the d_buf is owned by "us" or readelf.. etc16:15
fraybut the same sort of check might be reasonable in prelink16:16
fray(btw I probably wouldn't have found that reference.. good job finding it!)  Your google foo is strong16:17
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JaMaI've sent Robert an e-mail16:24
JaMaI've noticed that patch when comparing elfutils in dunfell and gatesgarth, the rest was easy even without foo16:24
frayhe's in Beijing.  So he's likely offline by now..16:25
JaMastill doesn't explain why prelink decides to move .dynstr section on one binary (and causes non.monotonic error message) and on another it refuses to create .gnu.conflict stright away, when the space between .fini and .rodata seems to be almost the same in both binaries, will investigate further16:27
JaMano rush, we can disable prelink in this build as well (as we did in other builds already long time ago)16:27
JaMaI just wanted to finally figure out what spdlog does to trigger this (as I refuse to try finding "compatible" version of spdlog again, like I did 2 times before just to work around this)16:29
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frayya..  the moving it isn't unexpected..  but the non.monotonic is a bug of some kind16:35
fraywhen we added/updated the check it was determined something in the linker changed, but we could never figure out "what"16:35
vdlwhat should I do to avoid the do_package_write_ipk tasks? I do not use a package manager.16:39
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC16:44
fraypackages are the intermediate format for creating a rootfs.  If the file(s) end up in a rootfs, you need a package manager -- but then never have to use the package manager or packages on the target itself.  they're just intermediate archives w/ dependency metadata16:48
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yatesRUNTIMELIBITM is a variable defined in poky/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-runtime.inc. There is also a variable RUNTIMELIBITM_riscv32. Is this called an "override"?17:06
yatesan architecture-specific override, in this case?17:06
yatesjust looking to clarify terminology17:07
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* sgw1 is trying to understand why running oe-selftest -r runtime_test.TestImage.test_testimage_virgl_gtk_sdl vs then using the created build dir to run the same via do_testimage is giving different results from different tests !17:56
sgw1RP: rburton: ^^^ ???17:56
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vdlto configure the ssh server (change the default port, etc.) should I bbappend the openssh recipe, or is there something fancy that I'm not aware of?18:02
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khemyates: yes its the way to do overrides18:41
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khemvdl: yes you can just override sshd_config via a bbappend19:04
vdlkhem: thanks. Should I bbappend openssh, or openssh-sshd?19:06
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vdlI have a simple recipe to package an mnt-data.mount unit file, but I get this:21:47
vdlERROR: mnt-data-1.0-r0 do_package: Didn't find service unit 'mnt-data.mount', specified in SYSTEMD_SERVICE_mnt-data.21:47
vdleven though I properly add FILESEXTRAPATHS_preprend := "${THISDIR}/files:" and SRC_URI += "file://${PN}.mount"21:48
vdlAnd my recipe resides in recipes-core/mnt-data/mnt-data.bb and the unit in recipes-core/mnt-data/files/mnt-data.mount21:49
RPsgw1: I suspect there is configuration being added which you're not adding back when you run it manually?21:53
vdlOK found it, systemd.bbclass is very strict regarding where the unit is installed.21:57
sgw1RP: I have been trying to figure that out for sure.  It only happens on the centos machines which is really frustrating.  halstead might be creating me an oe-selftest with only the virgl test enabled.21:58
RPsgw1: you can do that by pushing a helper contrib branch just doing that21:58
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sgw1Yeah, I think he was looking into that, I will if is not able.  Finally made some ceph/cmake progress today also. (removed a sanity check, which did not have all the settings propagating correctly).22:08
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resoumFor a given repository that contains multiple meta-layers with image recipes in more than one meta-layer, is multiconfig and BBMASK the best practice for enabling images in certain meta-layers to exclude other meta-layers?22:36
resoumIt seems like it is, but I was also wondering if there is a simpler way to maintain a consistent build, but to allow certain meta-layers to be excluded for certain images.22:37
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RPsgw1: if you want me to sort a helper branch let me know22:44
sgw1RP: you have enough on your plate, I will work it out, probably good for me to refresh my memory on doing it.22:50
sgw1You might remember I had an AB instance running here at home at one point.22:51
RPsgw1: offer is there of you need it (planning to sleep now though!)22:58
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khemresoum: usually, its achieved with different distro configs, you can also thing of creating a workspace setup where layers are included only if they exist in a checkout tree. But I think its best to maintain consistent metadata set so fixed layers for your distro goes long way in maintaining it properly23:10
khemBBLAYERS =+ "${@'${TOPDIR}/meta-xxx' if os.path.isfile('${TOPDIR}/meta-xxx/conf/layer.conf') else ''}"23:11
khemsomething like thisi23:11
khemthen you can control what layers get checked out for given project23:11
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