Wednesday, 2021-04-28

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JPEWmoto-timo: Ok, I push my meta-phosh changes01:27
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armpitJPEW, do you have the UK version? meta-posh01:35
armpitfor the fancy engineers01:36
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moto-timoLol armpit01:51
moto-timoThank you JPEW01:51
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JPEWmoto-timo: It does need a patch to meta-oe; I'll try to remember to post it tomorrow02:24
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xantozis there a common pattern for when say I'd like one recipe/package built with a certain set of defines or dependencies in one case (initramfs) but with others in another case (rootfs)?   my problem in particular is I have a custom util written in C I'd like to build with minimal amount of dependencies for use in initramfs, but then build a more full-fledged version for inclusion into the main rootfs04:54
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ernstpxantoz: i would do, "include, change some stuff.."06:36
xantozernstp: right. I think I will attempt something like this. Thanks06:42
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:57
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michaeloAt last our release is announced on
michaeloIt took a bit of time because they overlooked the message I sent to them08:56
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michaeloDon't hesitate to post your comments there, like what the most important features are for you (especially the ones I forgot to mention)08:57
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nemgti-ogMorning all. I am trying to include JAVA on a Raspberrypi 3B. As machine I am using raspberrypi3-64. Specifically, I want to build openjdk-8. I am getting the following warning (that in consequence trigger at an immediate later step an error) in the recipe WARNING: ... : Exception during build_dependencies for LLVM_CONFIGURE_ARCH. I have included the dependencies for meta-java09:16
nemgti-og(non of them as far as I can ...09:16
nemgti-og... tell provides LLVM) and I also have meta-clang in my bblayer config for another feature of my image which is non-java related.09:16
nemgti-ogIs this a conflict for the target architecture?09:17
LetoThe2ndnemgti-og: what happens if you remove meta-clang?09:18
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nemgti-ogLetoThe2nd: if I remove meta-clang then the build will fail because meta-clang is a dependency for my meta-browser (I am building chromium as part of my image).09:20
nemgti-ogBut.... at least it could help me rule out if that is conflicting with openjdk-8 (dont know why didnt think of that before).... now even if that is the case, I have an issue for my building.....09:21
LetoThe2ndnemgti-og: go and find out.09:23
nemgti-ogLetoThe2nd: Tanks. I got the same WARNING... something I forgot to mentioned: when including openembedded-core (listed in meta-java dependencies) I got an error due to the fact that openembedded-core conflicts with poky's init script and the error gave me the hing to remove one of these layers (either poky or openembedded-core). I ended up removing openembedded-core... could it be possible that this is09:26
nemgti-ogthe actual root cause of this ...09:27
nemgti-og... issue?09:27
nemgti-ogthe build gave me the hint*09:27
LetoThe2ndnemgti-og: poky/meta == oe-core09:27
nemgti-ogLetoThe2nd: I didnt get your comment. Is that a question? I am including poky/meta in my bblayer.conf (i dont know if that was the actual question).09:30
LetoThe2ndit is not a question. it is a statement. poky/meta is openembedded-core09:30
nemgti-ogoh.... ok09:30
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jsandman97254Hi there. I'm having a problem installing shared libraries in my system. I'm cross compiling for arm so the libraries get the name. I'm wondering what shall be done so there is also a link to this library that does not contain the 'arm' string. I.e, -> or something like that. Anyone can help with this?09:54
LetoThe2ndjsandman97254: why is the filename reflecting the arch?09:56
LetoThe2ndi mean, you can always whack the do_install stage of your recipe in shape, but it sounds like a bad design decision to me.09:57
jsandman97254Don't know. That's what the crosscompiler produces in my configuration. Maybe I am missing something for the buildsystem config. I am even getting /lib/ but not a link named /lib/ That is giving me trouble as well and I haven't touched any recipe related to that ld.09:58
LetoThe2ndwhat library are we talking about09:59
LetoThe2ndand, are we talking about something that really runs through a bitbake build?10:02
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jsandman97254The library creating the is a recipe that Im putting together for a piece of software. I can probably create the link myself in do_install. But the one I mentioned in /lib is what realy gives me trouble. I get this '/lib/ ->' but not a /lib/ Some binaries fail because they don't find the10:08
jsandman97254correct interpreter. That ld one is the one I don't know what is the proper way of having an arch independent link for it.10:08
LetoThe2ndthe only thing i can say is, look at other recipe libraries and build processes to find out what they do.10:10
jsandman97254ok. Will do. I'll see if I can find whatever I am missing. Thanks10:12
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LetoThe2nddoes site.conf support a form of system-wide setting? like dropping something into /etc/bitbake/site.conf and it being applied everywhere?10:19
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intera_91morning all ;-)10:46
intera_91getting a new error configuring efl : ERROR:  Cross dependency 'openssl' not found10:47
intera_91even though openssl is listed as DEPEND10:47
intera_91any idea?10:47
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qschulzintera_91: wrong flags, hardcoded variables in Cmake/Makefile11:12
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JaMaintera_91: but it's strange that it says "cross dependency" check what exactly it's checking for, are you building efl from enlightenment? I've removed meta-efl years ago11:52
JaMaAug 201711:53
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michaeloRP, ndec: someone's asking to add details to the YP documentation about the generation of container images. See Do you think that's within the scope of our manual(s), or is it too specific?13:37
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LetoThe2ndmichaelo: i would say it is a common use case these days, but usually requires some form of custom distro/machine combination. i've presented it like that:
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ndecmichaelo: looks like a good thing to add to our documentation.. assuming we can find a way to document it properly :-)13:41
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michaeloLetoThe2nd, ndec: thank you for your advice. I'll re-open the bug then.13:55
LetoThe2ndmichaelo: thanks for taking care of it. its not exactly perfect, but actually gives a good impression of what one has to do in order to make a simple container.13:58
michaeloLetoThe2nd: thanks!14:00
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armpithmm, ELC is now in Seatlle14:37
armpitnot Dublin14:37
JPEWHmm... I guess I don't have to renew my passport then :/14:42
armpitLF just sent out that message.  I was planning on a vacation over that time. maybe next yr14:46
zeddiiSeattle != dublin14:48
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prabhakarladHi all, I am trying to point the SRC uri to git repo with the tag which was recently migrated ( when I specify the tag to v3.12.4 it fails to find the commit.15:11
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JPEWprabhakarlad: You have to sepecify the SHA1, not the tag name (I forget why)15:14
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prabhakarladcould you please point me to an example15:21
prabhakarladJPEW: you mean set the SRCREV ? I did that and yocto complains the commit doesnt exists in the branch.15:23
prabhakarladas even github says "This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository."15:23
qschulzprabhakarlad: SRC_URI is for the git repo and the branch if the commit you're going to list is not in master branch. Then SRCREV for the commit hash15:23
qschulzprabhakarlad: well... that's an issue isn't it?15:23
prabhakarladqschulz: if I manually clone the repo and do a checkout of commit c9d2bd2fc781fe67ebf306807b9b6edb4a0d2764 this works OK15:26
prabhakarladwith yocto I get this error "ERROR: protobuf-3.12.4+gitAUTOINC+c9d2bd2fc7-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision c9d2bd2fc781fe67ebf306807b9b6edb4a0d2764 in branch master even from upstream"15:26
JPEWprabhakarlad: Right, I think the SRCREV must be reachable from a branch head to be used by the fetcher15:27
JPEWprabhakarlad: Ah, do they just tag releases with no branch head?15:28
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prabhakarladIm not sure Google just migrated the repo and screwed it up!15:29
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto15:30
JPEWprabhakarlad: In that case, you can add the nobranch option in SRC_URI, e.g.: SRC_URI="git://....;nobranch=1"15:30
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prabhakarladJPEW: thanks for the trick, that is working fine :)15:36
RParmpit: hmm, Seatle. Might be virtual for me then...15:36
qschulzI guess it kinda makes sense since vaccination is going much faster in the US than in Europe?15:53
JPEWThey seem to prefer US timezones for virtual conferences, so perhaps they are expect it to be mostly virtual?15:54
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khemseeing this ptest failures on master/gcc1116:07
khem{'bash': ['run-heredoc', 'run-read'],16:07
khem 'libpam': ['tst-pam_start_confdir'],16:07
khem 'valgrind': ['memcheck/tests/leak_cpp_interior']}16:07
khemI know the valgrind one is due to the testcase itself and have reported it upstream and someone is trying to fix it but not sure about others16:08
khemany ideas ?16:08
khemi saw a bug on libpam one as well so perhaps thats also not related to gcc1116:08
khembut not sure about bash ones16:08
JPEWkhem: Did you run that MinGW patch through the AB when testing GCC?16:12
khemnot through AB16:16
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RPqschulz: depends which bit of Europe but I can understand moving it to US due to vaccination rates17:05
RPJPEW: is that in master-next already? khem reminded me I should be using -next with gcc 1117:05
JPEWRP: Yes, it is in master-next17:07
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RPJPEW: I think I remember testing it previously then17:17
dl9pfRP: is there a way to see w/o running the full build: a) what sstate reuse would be (stats) - b) what the first package in the chain is that does NOT use sstate ?17:18
dl9pfstuck with debugging sstate re-use atm and wondering how to approach this17:19
dl9pfi know once I can point to a package, I can use diffsigs et al. but I wonder what the equivalend of bitbake-whatchanged is  if you do a build from scratch  with an sstate-mirror essentially17:20
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RPdl9pf: maybe a -n (dry-run) would tell you?17:25
RPdl9pf: this can be tricky17:26
RPdl9pf: the setscene-only option may help too?17:27
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TaileSHi! Could someone please point me towards a light please? I'm trying to build a YoE distro (based on Dunfell) without (L)GPL3 (using meta-gplv2), and some recipes (cairo and libidn2 from oe-core) are failing the do_package() step with "QA Issue: Excluding blabla-{src,dev,dbg...} from packaging [... because bad license]". Whaaat? Why don't the19:13
TaileSrecipes themselves fail to get pulled into the build if their licenses are bad in the first place?19:13
TaileSI've tried IMAGE_INSTALL_remove and PACKAGE_EXCLUDE-ing the offending entries, but it doesn't work.19:13
TaileS and imply that there have been adjustments to these recipes because of this reason, but they still don't package19:14
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denixall, OpenEmbedded Happy Hour is in 1.5 hours -
denixmoto-timo: especially for you ^^^, as you keep on being late :)19:31
moto-timodenix: for once I put the correct time on my calendar!! But thank you19:33
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tlwoernerdenix: haha, lol20:51
armpitdenix, moto-timo is better then me as I have missed that few meetings20:53
denixarmpit: ok, then a personal invite for you - see you in 5 minutes20:54
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TaileSfor the record: YoE has a WARN_TO_ERROR_QA var in meta-yoe/conf/distro/ which raises a lot of warnings to errors. I removed this incompatible-license from the list so it stays a warning, as it does in Poky.21:49
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manuel1985On my system, a base-image-minimal with systemd boots much faster than with sysvinit. On yours too?23:08
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