Thursday, 2021-04-29

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khemJPEW: seems that nasm now has --reproducible option do we still need the patch for adding debug-prefix-map ?02:29
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khemhey sakoman02:33
sakomanhey khem!02:34
khemhow is life in Hawaii !!02:34
sakomanI glad I made the move ;-)02:38
sakomanI think we are coming on six years now.  Time flies!02:41
sakomanHeading off to make some dinner now . . .02:42
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:19
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intera_91good morning, I have a recipe using meson find_program and that recipe fails because the program it is looking for is in /usr/local/bin I was wondering whethger I could ament HOSTTOOLS to include these programs and if so where can I do that07:17
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LetoThe2ndintera_91: wrong appraoch. you rather should provide the tool through a -native recipe07:19
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intera_91the find_program in meson is set to native:true07:19
LetoThe2ndthats not what i'm talking about.07:19
LetoThe2ndmeson is supposed to look into the provided sysroot. and DEPENDing on -native recipes will put those things into the sysroot.07:20
intera_91isn't the sysroot is made of cross-compiled execs?07:22
LetoThe2ndit is.07:22
intera_91I need the native apps (the ones in /usr/local/bin on the host)07:22
LetoThe2ndagain, thats the wrong appraoch.07:22
intera_91so the recipe I should write would only copy the x86 execs to sysroot?07:23
LetoThe2ndthe -native recipe that you shall write must provide the tools you need in a reproducible way07:24
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LetoThe2ndif you totally think you know what you are doing, are willing to pass on all sensible support and to sacrifice your eternal soul, then you can look up the HOSTTOOLS stuff in the ref-manual. but at least i personally will completely refuse any further assistance, then.07:25
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intera_91LetoThe2nd: I really am trying to understand here, please be patient but if I have to write a recipe that creates the tools in sysroot, these will be compiled for the armv7 processor. the find_program says native:true so am I underrstanding this part correctly?07:27
LetoThe2ndintera_91: no, again, you didn't listen. you have to create a "-native" recipe.07:28
LetoThe2ndthat exactly what those are meant for. they can run on the host during bitbake execution.07:29
LetoThe2ndso no, you're not understanding correctly.07:29
intera_91oh ok, so sorry, didn't click before07:29
LetoThe2ndi literally stated that in the very first response: tera_91: wrong appraoch. you rather should provide the tool through a -native recipe07:30
LetoThe2ndso, really, look up -native recipes.07:30
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thekappehello guys ! how can I "instruct" a recipe to have some other recipes tasks being completed before it does anything ?08:26
thekappeeg: recipe B depends on recipe A do_deploy()08:26
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qschulzTaileS: it is possible for a recipe to produce GPLv2 and GPLv3 licensed packages (as an example, can very well be other licenses). When you have a package with an incompatible license but the recipe "has" other licenses that are compatible, the recipe can be built, some of its packages can be used but you get a warning for incompatibly licensed packages because they are actually **not**08:28
qschulzcreated/packaged, hence absent from deploy/{ipk,deb,rpm}/ directory08:28
qschulzthis makes sure that you don't install a package of an incompatible license, since it's not available to you anymore08:28
qschulzhaving this turned into an error is a mistake IMO08:28
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LetoThe2nddl9pf: yup. agreed.08:34
intera_91LetoThe2nd: wrote native recipe to basically install the tools I need but they do not appear in the recip-systool-native directory of the recipe that needs them08:39
LetoThe2ndintera_91: DEPENDS = "tool-i-need-native" in the recipe. or did you expect bitbake to build all tools unconditionally even if nobody actually needs them?08:41
intera_91am not building the tools just installing them08:42
intera_91already added that in the recipe that needs them08:45
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dl9pfLetoThe2nd: cat08:52
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Ad0is there a way to preload docker images onto a yocto image partition?09:11
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thekappehello guys09:24
thekappeI want to build a recipe that creates a tar.xz file with some files prsent in ${DEPLOYDIR}09:25
thekappeit must have the do_image_complete task in it09:26
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thekappeso in the do_deploy task I create the tar.xz archive09:26
thekappeand in the do_image_complete I've added a ":" only09:27
thekappebitbaking the recipe leads to09:27
thekappeERROR: Function failed: BUILDSPEC09:27
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qschulzthekappe: and I guess your recipe creating this tarball is a package recipe?09:28
thekappeI don't know09:32
thekappeI've just created a .bb and put in there do_deploy and do_image_complete09:32
thekappewith a DEPENDS09:32
creichhi, i am creating a new recipe from a git source repo using 'devtool add'. so far that works pretty well. now i am at a point where i'd like to run a 'git pull' on the sources that are placed inside my devtool workspace. is there an easy way to achieve this?09:34
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qschulzthekappe: you should do all this logic within an image recipe09:50
thekappeit seems so09:50
thekappeprobably I'll also need to create a vfat image with this files instead of a tar.xz09:51
thekappeDoes a simple template exists in somewhere out in space ?09:51
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qschulzthekappe: depending on the content of your tarball/fs, you might want to use IMAGE_CMD logic?09:53
qschulzotherwise, just hook a new task after do_image_complete (well, in the correct order, might be just before, don't remember exactly)09:54
qschulzcreich: what's not working with git pull :) ?09:55
qschulzcreich: though, you have to know that this won't probably modify the commit hash specified in the devtool'ed recipe file, so you'll need to change it once you do a devtool finish or similar (have never created a recipe with devtool :/)09:56
creichqschulz: devtool creates some temporary branch, so pulling won't do anything useful out of the box. thought about 'devtool sync' but that complained about missing patches..10:04
creichi just removed the sources, kept the recipe and started over with a new 'devtool add'10:05
creichmaybe that's just a missing functionality in devtool10:05
qschulzcreich: it creates the branch on top of the one you asked it to base your recipe on, so a simple `git rebase <branch>` probably would have been enough10:14
thekappethere is no support for vfat image generation ?10:21
thekappeit seems that's not listed in fstypes10:21
creichqschulz: hmm.. sounds plausible.. thx :D10:25
LetoThe2ndthekappe: how would you put permissions on vfat?10:25
thekappei just need to put three file in the first partition of a emmc card that must be vfat10:31
thekappeending up with a master degree in yocto10:31
qschulzthekappe: what about looking into wic?10:31
LetoThe2ndthekappe: you're talking about something that would come out of wic. not out of bitbake, e.g. no IMAGE in the yocto sense10:32
thekappei know i know10:32
LetoThe2ndobviously not. </SCNR> ;-)10:32
thekappepoint is I want to use RAUC for updataing the boot partition10:32
LetoThe2ndpoint is, i want a sandwich10:33
thekappeyea i know10:33
thekappeyou are totallu right10:33
OnkelUllathekappe: You could use the "bootimg-partition" source plugin for wich.10:33
intera_91LetoThe2nd: have you had a chance to look at the recipe at , the purpose is to populate another receipe10:33
thekappeand rauc wnats a vfat image file with the files required for booting in it10:33
intera_91LetoThe2nd wan't finished: the purpose is for a find_program in a in another recipe to find these programs10:34
LetoThe2ndintera_91: hum wat?10:35
LetoThe2ndthekappe: well then make one
LetoThe2ndthekappe: wic supports vfat, with somewhat arbitrary content.10:36
thekappebut this generate a .wic file10:37
thekappewith the partition table10:38
LetoThe2ndintera_91: i don't get what you expect from me. i have the simple impression that you haven't properly tried to understand what a -native recipe is and how it relates to another recipe depending on it.10:38
thekappeas far as I know10:38
thekappeI need a way to have something (eg recipe) that takes the deployed/installed files of recipeA recipeB recipeC and generates a vfat fs with those files in it10:39
thekappe(eg regipe ?)10:40
thekappeand I need this .vfat to be directly accessible for example from ${DEPLOYDIR}10:40
LetoThe2ndthekappe: could probably done via multiconfig, if you want to have it at that stage of the pipeline.10:41
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intera_91LetoThe2nd: I must really apologise for not being clear, my question becomes why isn't the recipe I sent you the pastebin link to does not solve the find_program problem10:48
LetoThe2ndintera_91: probably because its totally whacked? randomly copying stuff into WORKDIR?10:49
LetoThe2ndintera_91: seriously. look at bc for example. it happily serves as -native as well as target variant. do you spot a difference in do_install? no. so, the -native variant needs a proper install stage that adheres paths and all too.10:50
LetoThe2ndintera_91: then anoter recipe can be DEPENDS = "bc-native". then, and only then, bc will be available under /usr/bin of the sysroot that the depending recipe can use.10:51
LetoThe2ndintera_91: in a nutshell: make sure you understand the mechanism first, instead of randomly cobbling up stuff.10:52
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intera_91LetoThe2nd: thanks for the hint, I got a skeleton recipe from the net on which I based this work, guess that wasn't the right example to follow10:53
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LetoThe2ndplus efl is probably just a super complicated target.10:54
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JaMaintera_91: look at meta-efl recipe, that will be better start than what you shown in
intera_91@jama: the recipe shown in tyhe pastebin only attempt to give the actual efl recipe the tools it  needs to complete, not to install efl11:09
intera_91@jama: stems from a meson.builkd in meta-efl not completing with an error on find_program() -> not finding the program11:10
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JaMaitseris: see BBCLASSEXTEND in that's how you can build efl-native from the same sources11:13
JaMaintera_91: ^11:13
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JPEWkhem: We probably still need the --debug-prefix-map option in nasm.... It doesn't look like the --reproducible option covers paths12:48
JPEWkhem: Ah, it looks like they moved to github, so I'll refresh the patches there12:51
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zbodekhi. I am trying to enable perf with trace (related to this commit )13:22
zbodekI added meta-selinux to my bblayers, I created perf.bbappend to add audit to PACKAGECONFIG13:23
zbodeknow I have an error that nothing provides audit-python313:23
zbodekall meta-layers that are mentioned in the layer dependencies in meta-selinux are added to bblayers.conf13:23
zbodekHas anyone been able to build it? Am I missing something?13:24
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qschulzzbodek: triple check that all your layers are checked out in the correct release branch13:38
qschulzzbodek: the package is named audit-python13:40
qschulzand your error tells us that Yocto is looking for audit-python313:40
qschulzzbodek: pretty sure it's an issue introduced by this:
qschulzprobably a search and replace was done and since the PACKAGECONFIG option isn't selected by default..13:42
qschulzit went unnoticed13:42
qschulzI don't know if Bruce is on this IRC channel, but anyway, I guess it's worth sending a patch once you have made sure it builds fine :)13:43
zbodekqschulz: thanks a million, changing audit-python3 to audit-python seems to solve the problem13:49
qschulzzbodek: please send a patch :)13:52
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tlwoernerzeddii: ^^ (aka "Bruce")13:56
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zeddiihah yes. rdepends are packages, not recipes. That would have just slipped through. It is obviously not used, so beware of runtime gremlins as well14:04
qschulzzeddii: I dont' think there ever was an audit-python3?14:06
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zeddiithat's not what I'm saying14:08
zeddiizbodek: I can take care of fixing it. easy for me to do.14:09
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zbodekzeddii: I would greately appreciate it because I can't do it right away.14:11
zeddiino problem. I'll pull something together this afternoon.14:12
zbodekzeddii: thanks a lot!14:13
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fullstophey, dumb question.. how do I add "timeout" from coreutils to an image?14:56
fullstopUsually these things are done with PACKAGECONFIG, but that doesn't seem to be the case with coreutils.14:56
LetoThe2ndfullstop: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " coreutils" :)14:59
fullstopLetoThe2nd: will that replace busybox stuff with coreutils, though?14:59
LetoThe2ndfullstop: should, IIUC15:00
fullstopI want to leave that alone and just add "timeout"15:00
LetoThe2ndfullstop: then you'll probably have to manually split up coreutils.15:01
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fullstopWell that's a bummer.  Thanks!15:01
LetoThe2ndhave fun15:01
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qschulzfullstop: once you've split it out of coreutils, make sure to add RDEPENDS_${PN} += "${PN}-timeout" so that you don't break existing recipes15:22
fullstopqschulz: thanks.  I might end up adding timeout to busybox since that seems like it will break the least number of things.15:25
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manuel1985If a base recipe in layer A has SRC_URI="myfile", and there's a file with exactly that name in the files subdir of another layer whose bbappend has "FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"", which file does yocto take?15:29
*** JaBen <JaBen!~Thunderbi@2a02:8109:86c0:1c58:bd52:f0ef:80f0:e69e> has joined #yocto15:29
qschulzmanuel1985: look into ${WORKDIR}/temp/log.do_fetch15:33
qschulzthere's no universal answer, but basically if the relative path to myfile is identical in both layers, the one from the bbappend will take precedence15:34
manuel1985qschulz: I see, thank you!15:35
qschulzmanuel1985: but there's a catch with OVERRIDES, so to put it simply: 1) exact same relative path, or 2) check ${WORKDIR}/temp/log.do_fetch this will tell you which paths are traversed and the first to be matched15:35
*** sbach <sbach!~sbachmatr@> has joined #yocto15:38
RPJPEW: I think I've spotted an interesting issue where multiconfig builds and hashequiv don't get on15:45
*** JaBen <JaBen!~Thunderbi@2a02:8109:86c0:1c58:bd52:f0ef:80f0:e69e> has quit IRC15:45
RPJPEW: basically if a task rehashes and is deferred due to overlap with another bit of a multiconfig build, it ends up running twice with different hashes and no sstate reuse15:45
*** JaBen <JaBen!~Thunderbi@2a02:8109:86c0:1c58:bd52:f0ef:80f0:e69e> has joined #yocto15:46
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RPOf course it isn't that "simple" :/16:52
fraynothign ever it16:55
JPEWRP; eww16:59
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RPI think I just don't understand the code and my fix does work "correctly" but there is a bigger setscene optimisation we need to think about17:18
fraybitbake or classes?17:19
RPfray: bitbake17:20
RPJPEW, fray:
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has quit IRC17:29
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frayseems reasonable17:36
JPEWRP: Is it possible tid is already in sd_deferred and it might get added to torehash twice?17:45
khemJPEW: yeah that patch is still needed. Although that option you added is behaving like -fmacro-prefix-map17:52
khemnot -fdebug-prefix-map17:52
khemchange its doing is changing FILE directive in generated .o from .asm files17:53
*** yannholo <yannholo!> has quit IRC17:56
JPEWkhem: I don't follow. It's changing the FILE symbol in the elf file, which is implicitly added by nasm; IIRC this is the same as the gcc, and is affect by -debug-prefix-map, not -macro-prefix-map17:58
khemndec:  when I search for string "oe-pkgdata-util" on I can not find it but its there
khemgoogle search returns it from mega-manual correctly17:58
ndecwell google is definietly known for finding things better than anyone ;)17:59
khemJPEW:  yes I mixed it with __FILE__ which is same as FILE in c/c++17:59
khemndec:  but sadly it does not index yet17:59
khemso all hits go to
ndecthat's correct.. and something we should fix..18:00
khemand 2.2 is sorted above newer ones18:00
khemso ideally it should point to current docs before the  older released ones18:01
rfs613is there a simple trick determing which *.bb got used (in the case where there are multiple layers with same recipe)?18:04
rfs613(kind of like 'bitbake -s' but showing which layer, or ideally, the full path to the *.bb file)18:08
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RPJPEW: I think from the way it is constructed, no, it shouldn't be19:00
RPrfs613: bitbake-layers ?19:03
*** vdehors <vdehors!> has quit IRC19:03
rfs613RP: that shows the layers & priority, what I wanted was to quickly find out which *.bb (from which layer) is actually used.19:04
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rfs613I was able to extract this manually from 'bitbake -e foobar', looking at eg. SRC_URI to see which *.bb it came from.19:05
*** kpo <kpo!> has joined #yocto19:05
RPrfs613: even something like bitbake-layers show-recipes -f19:06
rfs613RP: oh neat! I had tried show-recipies, but didn't know about -f option19:08
rfs613thank you :)19:09
RPrfs613: neither did I until a few minutes ago but I figured it had to do it somehow19:11
RPthose commands do have good hel19:11
rfs613yup, as usual just a case of RFTM... :-)19:13
RParmpit2: did something change in meta-security recently?19:15
RParmpit2: it passes testing with master-next and failed when I merged to master :(19:15
JPEWRP: OK, seems good to me then19:31
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smurrayrfs613: bitbake-layers show-overlayed will indicate which version of a recipe is used (it'll be the first one listed)19:49
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has quit IRC19:52
rfs613smurray: i had actually tried that... but the package I was interested in did not appear in that output. In fact it looks like only a small subset of total recipies appear.19:52
smurrayrfs613: AFAIK it only shows recipes that have more than one version19:53
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has joined #yocto19:53
rfs613smurray: hehe, looks like i managed to have both poky and openembedded-core repos checked out along side each other. Only poky was added as layer, so bitbake only had one spot to find the recipe. However when I use find/grep both copies show up.20:02
smurrayrfs613: doh!20:03
rfs613this may explain a lot of my confusion ;-)20:03
dwagenkGood Evening! Is anybody here active in the conference planning for  Yocto Project Virtual Summit?20:11
dwagenkTried contacting the conference team via the e-mail address/mailinglist like mentioned at but it is beeing rejected because I'm not subscribed to that list.20:11
dwagenkNot ideal for an outwards facing contact address...20:11
RPdwagenk: you want ndec or tlwoerner20:15
tlwoernerRP: thanks20:15
*** vdehors <vdehors!> has joined #yocto20:15
tlwoernerdwagenk: you can send me an email at twoerner@gmail.com20:16
tlwoernerdwagenk: the conferences@ mailing list is more of an email list for the conference planners to talk amongst themselves while doing the planning :-)20:17
dwagenktlwoerner: done, thanks!20:17
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MysticMiceHello, all. I have a yocto build on a folder and I intended to move it to another drive. Copying it directly made the symlinks be dereferenced and soon I had no storage left. What way I could copy it, keeping the symlinks functional, and that doesn't involve tar and untar? Thanks!20:37
dwagenkMysticMice: One approach would be to just move the sstate cache to the new drive and then  rerun the build there.20:44
MysticMiceSounds like a plan! But, forgive me my lack of knowledge, are there no symlinks on sstate cache?20:46
rburtonyeah don't bother moving anything but the layers and the sstate20:46
rburtonignore tmp.20:46
rburtonsstate is just compressed archives20:46
MysticMiceGreat! I've just started to rebuild, but, i think I will cancel it and try that. Thanks!20:47
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RPJPEW: I don't suppose you can easily see why "bitbake XXX -l RunQueue -l RunQueue"  doesn't show the same cooker output as bitbake XXX -DD ?21:50
RPits really starting to get to me as I don't want to parsing logs, just cooker21:52
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JPEWRP: I didn't think it counted the arguments that way?22:10
RPJPEW: bb.msg line 166, dlevel = len(tuple(iterator))22:10
RPJPEW: I can't make it print any logging though even though it makes it through to there22:11
*** JaBen <JaBen!~Thunderbi@2a02:8109:86c0:1c58:bd52:f0ef:80f0:e69e> has quit IRC22:14
* JPEW looks22:15
JPEWRP: If you uncomment the logging_tree lines in knotty, you can see that the RunQueue logging level is not being affected (for some reason)22:18
RPJPEW: hmm :/22:19
JPEWHmm, it propagates the users logging config into loggerDefaultDomains, but I'm not sure if it goes the other direction22:21
JPEWOr probably more accurately, the -l option should be handled differently22:22
RPJPEW: I could have sworn this used to work so I guess something changed :/22:24
JPEWYa, I'm a little suprised also22:24
JPEWRP: Ideally, the loggerDefaultDomain would be on the way out the door; AFAIK the only (gross simplification) reason it has stuck around is because it's the way that the logging configuration is shared between the UI and bitbake process22:26
RPJPEW: ideally, yes, its horrible22:27
RPJPEW: I guess I should be trying to use a logging config to do what I'm trying to do22:28
JPEWYa, that would work22:28
RPEqually, runqueue is making my head hurt more than enough as it is22:28
JPEWRP: { "version": 1, "loggers": { "BitBake.RunQueue": { "level": "VERBOSE" } } }22:32
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RPJPEW: I can't make that work either :(22:55
*** Net147 <Net147!~Net147@unaffiliated/net147> has quit IRC22:59
RPJPEW: oh, it could be my fault with other debugging :/23:00
RPno, it isn't that...23:03
RPfray: might be interesting in your big builds23:09
frayohh another23:10
frayI've got that one and a previous queued to try..23:13
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RPkhem: I can't work out which of the patches are causing which issues :(23:22
RPreproducibile builds still running 12 hours later :/23:24
*** goliath <goliath!> has quit IRC23:35
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khemRP:  ok point me to one23:47
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has quit IRC23:47
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has joined #yocto23:47
khemwe can serialize them a bit23:47
khemlets get all other patched in first23:48
khemthen get the -ffile-prefix-map patch23:48
khemthen get gcc1123:48

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