Wednesday, 2021-05-26

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khemI use matrix-appservice-irc00:50
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zeddiiI need whatever it is, to be something I can plug znc into. I haven't looked into it.01:03
zeddiiI just connect to znc, znc talks to all my networks.01:03
* zeddii searches01:03
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kroonIn an ongoing build, is there a way to terminate a specific ongoing task ?06:09
kroonI guess killing the log.do_xxx.<pid> should work..06:11
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thekappehello yoctoers !06:14
thekappeOne question, I have a .vimrc that I want to add to each user in the distro06:14
thekappeusualkly I would create a vim_%.bbappend and install the .vimrc in ${D}/home/root06:15
thekappebut how to manage it if I have multiple users ?06:15
kroonthekappe, isnt that what /etc/skel/ is used for ?06:16
mihaithekappe: you could install it in /etc/vim/vimrc, it will apply for all users on that system06:16
mihaior /usr/share/vim/vimrc06:17
thekappehello guys06:19
thekappedidn't know about that06:19
thekappeI'll try your solutions06:20
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mckoangood morning07:29
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Ninic0c0Hello all, if i call oe_runmake or make in a custom do_compile() function, I have to pass the number of thread or bitbake set it from BB_NUMBER_THREADS/PARALLEL_MAKE variable ? Thx!07:46
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mckoanNinic0c0: do_compile() already calls oe_runmake therefore make by default. You don't need to call it again08:05
mckoanNinic0c0: and it should use PARALLEL_MAKE variable setting08:07
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Ninic0c0mckoan thank you for support, it's a custom recipe :)08:10
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RobertBerger@Ninic0c0 if you call oe_runmake instead of make it should do it for you09:14
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* RP looks at and worries about the cpu/memory various things are using09:29
RP7g RES, 16g VIRT for cmake's rpmbuild for example09:30
RPor the 100% cpu usage of the many bitbake-workers09:30
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wyreis there some chance to use `bitbake <image> -g -u taskexp` from the crops/poky docker container?09:48
rburtonRP: 16gb virtual memory for building the rpms of cmake?09:49
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wyreoh, I can use it with ncurses ... 😁09:53
wyrethen what's taskexp? 🤔09:54
rburtontaskexp is a graphical UI for exploring tasks and dependencies09:54
wyreoh, I see ... so I guess ncurses is the appropriate library to use into a docker container 🤔09:55
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RPrburton: yes. See the log09:58
rburtonwould that be rpm's xz going full on cookie monster?10:00
wyrenow I'm wondering why in the --help output of bitbake I can see only knotty or ncurses as values for the -u argument, why it doesn't show also taskexp?10:00
rburtonmost likely because someone forgot to add it to the help output10:00
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vygu2Hello, on the master branch, with CROPS ubuntu20.04, I have some do_package core dumped issues with glibc, I observe this since 2 May: ERROR: glibc-2.33-r0 do_package: dump_syms failed with exit code 134 (cmd was dump_syms '/home/yoctouser/build/tmp/work/core2-32-sbr-linux/glibc/2.33-r0/package/usr/sbin/zic' 2>/dev/null):10:02
vygu2 /bin/sh: line 1: 1025927 Aborted                 (core dumped) dump_syms '/home/yoctouser/build/tmp/work/core2-32-sbr-linux/glibc/2.33-r0/package/usr/sbin/zic' 2> /dev/null10:03
wyreis this normal? it's apparently stuck in here ... should I expect something more?10:04
wyreI guess that ncurses UI should use that .dot generated files to show me something interactive, right?10:05
rburtonthe curses ui isn't for exploring dependencies10:06
wyrerburton, then how could I explore dependencies on cli?10:07
rburtongrep on the dot file is easy to be honest10:07
rburtondot files are human readable, and easily grepped10:07
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rburtonyou might be able to get crops to forward the X sockets so you can use the ui app from inside the container, dunno10:08
rburtonkhem: you broke non-linux builds QA Issue: gcc-runtime: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package: /usr/lib/-gdb.py10:15
RPrburton: I suspect rpm's xz usage10:15
* RP is still hoping kanavin might poke at it10:15
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rburtonhm, rpm has limits on xz in 32-bit environments but not 64 :)10:17
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wyrerburton, apparently the container is lacking gtk 🤔
rburtonokay someone was on something good when they wrote this10:18
RPrburton: rpm code?10:19
rburtonwyre: you'll also need to shuttle the X connection between the container and the host. obviously containers don't do that by default.  you could just not use a container...10:19
rburtonRP: yes10:19
wyrerburton, apparently using -e argument in the docker run should be enough shouldn't it?10:20
rburtonwyre: rebuild crops with the extra dependencies and find out10:20
rburtonmaybe switching to zstd might be a good idea for rpm anyway10:21
RPrburton: can we hack it somehow?10:22
rburtonah if i update my clone the really horrible code disappears10:24
rburtonwhich is good10:24
rburtonffs rpm why10:26
* RP decides he probably doesn't want to look10:26
wyrerburton, I cannot find anything about rebuild crops with extra dependencies10:26
rburtonits just a docker container, get the dockerfile, add the extra deps, rebuild10:26
wyreoh, you mean manually10:27
kanavinrburton, which part specifically?10:27
wyrebut I'd need to know what extra deps I need10:27
wyreI'm not sure what gtk package I need10:27
rburtonwyre: gtk3 and python-gobject should cover it10:27
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rburtonkanavin: how rpm uses T[integer] open modes to control the number of threads used10:28
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rburtonkanavin: where do we tell rpm to use something other than gzip to compress?10:34
rburtonRP: well its a two line patch to enable the thread count cap on all hosts, which caps to 4 threads10:35
RPrburton: does that limit the memory?10:39
RPrburton: we should put a limit on the threads if it is currently unlimited10:40
rburtonit uses the processor count10:40
wyrerburton, what gtk3 package?
rburtonRP: so there's a macro for xz memory limit10:43
wyreI guess libgtk-3-010:43
rburtonand i've a patch to swap ncpus for 410:43
wyrebut what about libgtk-3-bin?10:43
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RPrburton: sounds good, thanks!11:03
rburtondoing a build test now to see if i can reproduce the crazy memory usage11:03
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wyrerburton, well, apparently all is right, I've installed the necessary dependencies and now I'm not having any python traceback, but GTK still doesn't init despite DISPLAY variable is properly configured 🤔
RPrburton: FWIW, bitbake cmake -c package_write_rpm -f shows fairly high mem use here11:11
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kanavinrburton, package.bbclass11:38
kanavinrburton, and it already uses xz, not gz11:38
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manuel1985Yocto seems to support HTTP basic authentication for using an sstate-cache mirror. Where do I need to put the credentials?11:42
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phatinaHi all, I am using eSDK, trying to build kernel (linux-yocto) and see task do_unpack_and_patch, which actually does NOT apply any patch in .kernel-meta/patches. Does anyone of you have any tip?12:31
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bubblewarphi there guys, anyone that built wpewebkit+cog for imx6?12:51
bubblewarpi've build with rdk backend for imx6 on framebuffer, but when i call cog there's nothing showing on the screen12:51
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tgamblinHow does one adjust the timeout for QEMU to boot so that slow boots don't fail with "oeqa.core.exception.OEQATimeoutError: Timed out after 30 seconds of execution" ?13:09
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tgamblinI tried using TEST_QEMUBOOT_TIMEOUT = "180" in local.conf, but it still gave the above error13:11
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moto-timo./meta/lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/    @OETimeout(30)13:23
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v2dhi all -- I can `git clone` from the kas shell, but bitbake fails to fetch the sources from my recipe. how should I format the SRC_URI for my private github repo?13:36
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JPEWRP: Ugh, the MinGW build for ztd is a mess13:49
JPEWIt rebuilds in do_install because all the make targets are wrong :(13:50
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RPJPEW: ah :(13:51
RPJPEW: I suspect this is going to cause issues for anything using cmake :(13:52
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JPEWYa. I the fix to make it not fail isn't terrible.... not compiling in do_install is a little more involved13:56
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yoctonv2d: git://;protocol=ssh should work13:59
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qschulzNot to stir the pot but:
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zeddiiCrofton|cloud: has been chasing people to libera lately :D14:08
qschulzWhere are we on the topic of IRC server for #yocto? Are we staying here, moving to something else etc.. :) pinging ndec probably?14:09
frayI think the answer is wait and see what happens..14:09
qschulzWell, something's happening :)14:10
Crofton|cloudbut the channels exist over there14:10
ndeci believe the current trend is that we are moving to
ndecfor both YP and OE channels.14:10
Crofton|cloudI updated to OE wiki earlier14:10
fraythe only thing that I thought was 'decided' was we don't want multiple channels on multiple IM services or we're all going to go crazy14:10
Crofton|cloudfray: that train left the station years ago :(14:12
v2dyocton: I get "Host key verification failed." but I have my keys in /etc/skel/.ssh14:14
ndecfray: i think halstead is planning to use bots to duplicate the discussions on old and new channels to ease the transition14:14
Crofton|cloudBasically, everyone I trust is moving14:16
yoctonv2d: bitbake needs to access your ssh-agent. Does that make sense to you?14:17
v2dyocton: kinda. Are you using kas by any chance?14:22
yoctonv2d: no14:23
yoctonv2d: try "ssh-add" juste before launching the whole process? It might work!14:25
JPEWSome announcment on the ML that we are switching IRC servers would be good.... I don't really want to be squating on the channels on 3 different servers, but I don't know where everyone is going14:25
v2dyocton: french I presume? ^^14:26
yoctonv2d: Oui :) (this 'e' on "juste" is in my muscle memory, Could not help it!)14:30
v2dyocton: I do the same ^^14:35
JPEWRP: OK, ztd patch to fix the build in oe-core, MinGW build option bbappend in master-next of meta-mingw14:39
JPEWHopefully upstream takes the patch14:40
RPJPEW: thanks!14:40
ndecJPEW: yes, we will make an announcement.. but we need to make sure halstead is ready with the infrastructure changes/bot.. and he is a bit busy these days ;)14:43
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rburtonndec: that sort of talk will get irccloud banned from connecting15:02
frayif they alienate enough people it'll make switching easier15:03
rburtonif yocto/oe move then i'm down to channels i don't care about on freenode15:04
khemrburton: share the unpackaged file, it seems it did not get named right15:08
rburtonyeah just doing a build locally now in fact15:09
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rburtonso the file should be called /usr/lib/
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wyrewhat's the ubuntu version recommended to use bitbake? 18.04?15:38
wyrewell, what version is crops based on?15:38
rburtoncrops is based on a slew of distros depending on what one you pick15:38
rburtonbut the documentation lists the supported distros15:38
rburtona recent LTS is good15:39
wyrerburton, I've created a VM with 20.04 and apparently installed all dependencies but I still cannot run taskexp UI ... 😞
rburtonwyre: using dunfell?15:41
rburton <-- that's been EOL since june last year15:42
rburtonyou need to cherry-pick befe6d2cecacf8d43f2ae0cd697d4479af6fef9515:42
wyreor use dunfell, I guess15:43
rburtonat least15:43
wyrerburton, cherry pick form what repo? 🤔15:44
rburtonthat's a poky commit15:44
wyreoh, I see15:44
wyrerburton, could I just do `git checkout befe6d2cecacf8d43f2ae0cd697d4479af6fef95` in the poky repo? 🤔15:48
rburtonthat would checkout, you want to cherry-pick15:50
rburtonkhem: so the problem is that for some reason libname isn't set when installing15:53
rburtonlibname=`sed -ne "/^library_names=/{s/.*='//;s/'$$//;s/ .*//;p;}" \15:53
rburtonin libstdc++-v3/python/Makefile15:54
khemrburton: seems to be related to
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto15:58
khemrburton: can you try reverting this for tests ?15:58
khemand quicky see if it fixes the issue15:59
khemand do we have the appropriate .la files around when this is generating or are they deleted before do_install16:02
khemrburton: also share if you can16:03
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wyrety rburton it was that 😁16:08
dev1990has anyone ever encountered an error that rpm package (creation) never stop for some large package?16:08
dev1990like for infinite time ?16:09
RPdev1990: some can take a very long time, I've not seen it hang16:10
RPmemory/thread usage with xz is bad16:10
dev1990well if I just rerun, it will finish in about 1-3mins16:11
RPdev1990: I've not seen that locally or on the autobuilder16:11
rburtonkhem: library_names='' says the .la16:12
rburtonthat would be it :)16:12
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:12
rburtonkhem: this is for the zephyr build16:12
*** nvmd <nvmd!~nvmd@> has joined #yocto16:13
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has joined #yocto16:16
rburtonkhem: so i expect reverting will solve the problem but looks like there's an underlying issue16:16
rburtonkhem: this is the .la file that got generated
khemrburton: why is `library_names` empty for zephyr16:18
v2drburton: hi -- have you succeed to fetch a private github repository with kas?16:19
khemand can you tell me the target tuple for zephyr gcc ?16:19
rburtonkhem:  no idea :)16:19
rburtonchecking host system type... arm-poky-eabi16:20
rburtonthat tuple?16:20
khemok so any baremetal toolchain will have this issue16:20
khemis .la different beofore and after the patch16:21
rburtonbuilding with the gcc bump reverted16:25
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rburtonkhem: library_names is "" with your point release reverted16:40
*** renegade <renegade!~renegade@2601:241:8a00:46e0:f408:60d7:b691:24da> has joined #yocto16:41
renegadequick question, whenever I make a build my rpm directories don't seem to contain repomd.xml. I'm on gatesgarth16:42
rburtonthat file is only generated on demand16:45
rburton(when an image is built)16:45
rburtonif you want it to exist, bitbake package-index16:45
renegadeinteresting, i have been building images and it did not appear. Let me try package-index16:46
renegadeyea.. that worked.. surprising it wouldn't work when an image is being built. It just happened on Krogoth. Maybe something I'm doing here.16:49
rburtonwell, the repomd.xml is put in a temporary directory, not deploy/rpm16:50
rburtonwhen building an image, that is16:51
rburtonbasically if you want to use deploy/* as a normal feed outside of bitbake, then bitbake package-index first to ensure the feed index is up to date16:51
renegadeyea, I was basically sending the entire RPM directory over to a server and noticed that those files were missing. So now steps are build image, run bitbake package-index, then push to server16:54
rburtonrenegade: there's a presentation about runtime package management in ten minutes at the yocto summit16:54
rburtonhopefully that covers this :)16:54
renegadethanks will check it out.16:55
khemrburton: there is upstream bug for this so I have updated it with our regression on baremetal toolchains17:09
khemlets revert the patch I pointed to meanwhile, it adds no value to OE as such17:09
RPrenegade: The indexes are places in the image WORKDIR rather than deploy/rpm17:12
RPrenegade: "bitbake package-index" will cause indexes to be built in deploy17:12
renegadewas there a reason for this change? I couldn't find anything in documentation. Krogoth seemed to have just built it in deploy/rpm17:14
renegadei've missed a lot of changes due to this huge jump in versions17:14
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RPrenegade: packages being added to tmp/deploy while images were being built17:21
RPrenegade: "bitbake core-image-minimal core-image-sato" causes races17:22
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kanavinRP: rebasing ptests to core-image-minimal was fairly easy, patches coming17:55
kanavinRP: it does take out a whole lot of unneeded stuff17:56
RPkanavin: I hoped it might, I did do some work on fixing dependencies in the past18:01
kanavinRP: this is what I did
kanavinRP: running x86/aarch ptests on AB now18:03
RPkanavin: you did find a few more dependencies missing! :) Not sure about the ptest dev dependency insane check change18:07
tgamblinkanavin: those changes look awesome, thanks for doing them!18:08
kanavinRP: python ptests need it18:08
RPkanavin: I mean that the INSANE_SKIP thing may be the right solution18:08
RPkanavin: looks good though, its a nice change18:09
kanavinRP: but then it would mask some other python package wrongly depending on -dev18:10
RPkanavin: we've had problems with ptest packages depending on -dev packages when they shouldn't too :/18:12
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto18:14
RPkanavin: you can skip this just for the python-ptest package18:15
RPkanavin: d.getVar('INSANE_SKIP_' + package)18:15
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mischiefare we there yet18:32
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rewittShould taskexp still work? "bitbake -g -u taskexp quilt-native" gets me "Timeout while waiting for a reply from the bitbake server (60s)"19:17
rburtonhey randy19:17
rburton*should* work but haven't tried it for ages, and my build machine is headless19:17
rewittrburton: Yeah that's what I was hoping for is that someone could just try it. Someone says it isn't working in the containers, but it doesn't *seem* to be working on my remote workstation either. I guess I could try spinning up a VM locally.19:20
qschulzYou get a pop-up when running this command so I guess you need to do some X forwarding/VNC or something similar?19:21
rewittqschulz: Correct, but I can see the output from glxgears, but bitbake gives me the timeout.19:22
rburtonrewitt: try with hardknott and gatesgarth release branches :)19:23
rburtoni can test later when my other laptop is to hand19:23
qschulzcheck if there's isn't a singletask.lock somewhere or something stopping bitbake to actually start? (don't remove it, kill the processes using it first with lsof)19:23
RPrewitt: worked for me here19:27
RPrewitt: (with master)19:28
RPrewitt: when you see that timeout, have a look at bitbake-cookerdaemon.log19:29
rewittRP: It looks like it works after first running "bitbake quilt-native", but starting with a clean build directory and "bitbake quilt-native -g -u taskexp" seems to hang19:30
RPrewitt: oh, interesting. I was in an existing builddir19:31
*** _filt3r_ <_filt3r_!~x@2a03:b0c0:2:d0::7d:7001> has quit IRC19:31
RPrewitt: Confirmed that breaks. Log says Exception in the main loop but doesn't say what19:32
rewittRP: Well at least you got me to poke at it enough to realize where it seems the problem lies. :)19:33
rewittRP: It's not urgent or anything, when I respond to the issue I can just point out the caveats for now. I'll add an issue to bugzilla if you would like19:34
RPrewitt: that would be good thanks. We should fix this. The log even looks odd, not sure what happens19:36
RPrewitt: I managed to get logs, its a failure about HOSTTOOLS not being built, i.e. sanity test failing19:40
rewittRP: That's so weird that it would fail the sanity test on a clean build directory but not on an existing one19:41
rewittRP: I wouldn't expect that to impact HOSTTOOLS19:42
RPrewitt: I think its more that HOSTTOOLS doesn't exist. I don't fully understand what is going on, I'm just happier I have an actual error now19:43
RPrewitt: it is raising a double exception which is why the original logging failed19:44
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frayDoes anyone understand how to use devtool?  I built an eSDK, and I'm trying to build some packages.. but I can't figure out the commands..20:11
frayeverything says I need to add to my workspace.. I don't want to edit the packages, I just want to build them from the existing layers20:11
fraydevtool add can't add htem cause they exist.. devtool modify fails complaining about No such file or directory for  ..../devtooltmp-.../initial_rev'  says devtool-source class isn't workign right20:12
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dl9pfas follow-up to our discussion on layer quality yesterday ... here the stats for master branch:20:48
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dl9pflayers tested known to the layerindex: 16220:50
dl9pflayers passing all 3 checks:  13  (!)20:50
dl9pflayers not passing all 3 checks: 14720:50
dl9pflayers with fetch issues ... a lot.  (aka repo no longer on github or the like)20:50
khemthanks dl9pf20:51
khemthis looks a good start20:51
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RPdl9pf: if we did run more layers on the autobuilder, it would mean wider mirroring of sources which could help protect against this kind of issue a bit more...21:30
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dl9pfsome of them just vanished, but are entries in the layerindex still ... gotta clean them up21:37
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RPdl9pf: ah, we should just clean those out then22:03
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JPEWRP: I'm not 100% sure that bitbake patch I just sent is correct...22:09
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto22:10
JPEWBut it does at least document how to reproduce the problem (which is surprisingly easy)22:10
RPJPEW: which issue was that for, the one above here?22:15
JPEWThe one from the hands on (tony's issue :)  )22:15
JPEWWhere you have to kill -9 bitbake-server to recover :/22:15
RPJPEW: ok, I'm confusing two issues :) I didn't hear tony describe the problem he had22:17
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RPrewitt: I have a fix which is to add params.updateToServer(server, os.environ.copy()) to the taskexp UI. It has raised a lot of questions which need other fixes in the code.  I updated the bug.23:13
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