Sunday, 2021-12-05

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kroonShouldn't bitbake detect modified python functions in .bbclass:es and rerun tasks as is appropriate ? Or do I have to help it in some way by being explicit about dependent variables ?12:48
RPkroon: it will detect functions if they are task specific in most cases13:31
RPkroon: so it depends which python function and what the function changes13:32
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kroonRP, whatabout "process_file_linux()" in chrpath.bbclass ?14:08
RPkroon: at the very least the python parser won't see through that function name manipulation I suspect14:13
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jaskij[m]RP: those CMake toolchain files I wanted to make for easier IDE setup? CLion (my IDE of choice) added support for using environment setup scripts in latest release, even specifically using Yocto as an example in their release post (albeit 1.8...)14:59
jaskij[m]I'll still try to get on it during Christmas (both that and that dependency script I wrote are on the back burner for now due to real life stuff)15:01
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RPjaskij[m]: thanks for the info. Cool that the IDE is supporting the scripts15:12
RPjaskij[m]: I would love to improve if we can somehow15:12
jaskij[m]My weekends are unfortunately quite busy currently, but I have a staycation planned for at least two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. I will look into generating those extra CMake toolchain files like we discussed some time ago then.15:14
jaskij[m]I don't do any C or C++ nowadays, but will try figuring something out with a demo project or something.15:15
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RPjaskij[m]: time is a challenge but happy to have any help if/as/when you can, thanks16:02
jaskij[m]RP: for the CMake part I have a template more or less written, so I think I'll just file an issue for OE core including it and will go from there if no one picks up the generation in the meantime.16:04
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RPjaskij[m]: sounds good, documenting where things are at does help a lot16:09
RPrburton: I think I found out why your libxkbcommon patches break things, debian.bbclass bug16:09
RPAnother week, another vim CVE16:11
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jaskij[m]it's so bad?16:13
jaskij[m](issue filed)16:22
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RPjaskij[m]: I think someone did some kind of security analysis against it so we're seeing one or two a week for the several weeks16:43
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RPsmurray: - hopefully an easy fix17:06
smurrayRP: I don't see a change to y-c-l in master or master-next, what's that checking for, exactly?17:24
smurrayRP: nm, actually looked at the logs more carefully17:28
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smurrayRP: I wasn't looking down in lib, see it now17:30
RPsmurray: the checks have had a few tweaks alreadt17:30
smurrayRP: I can put in some entries to get it passing, may need discuss with dl9pf to nail down some of them17:31
RPsmurray: probably good thinks to get nailed down :)17:32
smurrayRP: I didn't think the layers other than meta-agl-core were getting checked in that repo, tbh17:32
RPsmurray: we could always remove it as an alternative17:36
RPsmurray: I think we added what passed the tests previously17:36
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smurrayRP: if they're all being tested now, better to keep them, not hard to fix the READMEs17:37
RPsmurray: that is what I was thinking17:38
RPsmurray: these are just the layer compat checks, not builds17:38
smurrayRP: I'll push something after the F1 race17:39
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kroonRP, while looking at the perl reproducibility issues it occured to me that maybe the sstate code should disallow absolute symlinks from entering the sstate cache.19:50
kroonRP, or at least in the perlcross-native case there were symlinks in the sstate cache that pointed back to wherever oe-core was checked out for that particular build19:52
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RPkroon: that isn't supposed to happen :/20:33
vdis there such thing as a 'devel' or 'debug' distro feature, the whole software stack (bootloader, kernel, images) can be tweaked to add verbosity and such?20:35
vdso that* the whole software stack20:36
RPvd: no, not really20:41
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vdRP: a distro or machine feature can be really convenient to add custom bootloader splash screen, add delay in boot timeout, debug kernel command line etc., but I guess the issue is that such "profiles" (e.g. devel, debug, production, etc.) are very subjective so it might be hard to define a generic feature set.20:46
RPvd: it would be nice but nobody has ever done the work, it would be quite tricky to do that everywhere you mention20:52
vdRP: yeah and I'm not sure what would be preferred between having such df-debug override or adding a variant for your package that you select with PREFERRED_PROVIDER.20:55
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kroonRP, doing "find -type l -lname '/*'" in my sysroot-components/ only lists the ones in perlcross-native, and kanavin is fixing those in master-next. so maybe we can add a check insane.bbclass21:52
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smurrayRP: heh, looking for "patch" in the README is interesting wrt AGL which uses Gerrit, I'd not be surprised if layers that use git forges also might not use the word "patch"22:01
moto-timoJPEW: the add label UI experience could be improved... lol22:01
moto-timoJPEW: sorry for the momentary thrash22:01
JPEWmoto-timo:  doesn't bother me ;)22:02
JPEWI had to make zuul unset the label when it starts, so you can't "cheat" the review and change it after the label is applied. It is unexpected22:03
JPEWThis is why the code-review would be better (automatically cleared when a new change is pushed), but I can't self review :(22:05
RPsmurray: right, this may need some improveent22:06
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smurrayheh, quite easy to find layers that won't pass the new y-c-l README checks when I go looking for examples22:06
smurrayI could imagine rev-ing the compatibility spec to include some form of fixed metadata format22:07
RPsmurray: I did think the existing layers had passed when I merged, I'd not quite realised what the testing didn't test :(22:10
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smurrayRP: I've pushed README updates for the layers I believe are tested on the autobuilder setup.  There are couple w/o READMEs in meta-agl, but I don't think they get tested (and they would not pass due to other reasons ATM)23:32
RPsmurray: thanks, much appreciated. Sorry I didn't spot this on the way in23:32
RPI'd have reverted except that I think improving things is good in this case23:33
smurrayRP: no worries.  We'll likely improve the READMEs further, they're pretty lacking23:33
RPsmurray: I think we need to do better all around23:37
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smurrayRP: yeah23:39
* RP wonders how many more ways libxkbcommon can break in builds23:41
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