Thursday, 2022-03-17

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AKNHi I trying to include hci_uart.ko in image.02:39
AKNKernel 5.1002:40
AKNBringing up the broadcom bluetooth module02:40
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Guest234ERROR: gstreamer1.0-1.16.2.imx-r0 do_unpack: gitsm: submodule unpack failed: UnpackError Unpack failure for URL:    'gitsm://;protocol=https;name=common;subpath=common;bareclone=1;nobr   anch=1'. No up to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date: /home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-02:53
Guest234Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/build/downloads/git2/; shallow clone not a   vailable: /home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/build/downloads/gitsmshallow_gitlab.freedesktop.o   rg.gstreamer.common.git_bare_59cb678-1.tar.gz02:53
Guest234I reported this error in bitmake phytec-qt5demo-image. What's going on?02:54
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Guest234I reported this error in bitbake phytec-qt5demo-image. What's going on?02:54
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Guest234ERROR: gstreamer1.0-1.16.2.imx-r0 do_unpack: gitsm: submodule unpack failed: UnpackError Unpack failure for URL:    'gitsm://;protocol=https;name=common;subpath=common;bareclone=1;nobr   anch=1'. No up to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date: /home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-02:57
Guest234Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/build/downloads/git2/; shallow clone not a   vailable: /home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/build/downloads/gitsmshallow_gitlab.freedesktop.o   rg.gstreamer.common.git_bare_59cb678-1.tar.gz02:57
Guest234ERROR: gstreamer1.0-1.16.2.imx-r0 do_unpack: Unpack failure for URL: 'gitsm://   ommon.git;protocol=https;name=common;subpath=common;bareclone=1;nobranch=1'. No up to date source found: clone d   irectory not available or not up to date: /home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/build/downloads/g02:57
Guest234it2/; shallow clone not available: /home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-Yocto-FS   L-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/build/downloads/   z02:57
Guest234ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/build/tmp/work/aarch64   -phytec-linux/gstreamer1.0/1.16.2.imx-r0/temp/log.do_unpack.1108202:57
Guest234ERROR: Task (/home/zmj031180/yocto/BSP-Yocto-FSL-i.MX8MP-PD21.1.3/sources/poky/../poky/meta/recipes-multimedia/g   streamer/ failed with exit code '1'02:57
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mihaigood morning06:29
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jclsn0Good morning07:08
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jclsnSo I really can't seem to find out why bitbake and devtool are producing different kernels.07:09
jclsnAny other ideas?07:09
jclsnElse I would just rollback the kernel and try to apply the patches with devtool instead of creating my own kernel branch07:09
jclsnSee if that makes a difference07:10
jclsnBut I would rather find the cause actually07:10
jclsnThis is really a weird error07:16
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selffhello everyone. on the yocto side, after writing an image to the sd card, i have space equal to the size of the written image, i cannot use the remaining free space. how can i auto-extend? for example, i have 16gb sd card, image is 800mb. after writing the image, i cannot use the remaining 15.2gb.07:27
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rburtonSelff if you use wic then it can expand a specified partition07:44
jclsnActually devtool is not the issue, but the difference is when I check out a workspace07:50
jclsnThen I also get these visitConstant errors
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jclsnThey don't occur when I build without a local workspace. So it seems that another poky version is used when I check out the kernel, because these errors should have already been fixed says RP07:51
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mckoanselff: see IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE07:53
jclsnI will drive to the company soon, set up another host to build on and see if that makes a difference. I am at a point where I can only guess why I am getting these kernel runtime errors07:56
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jclsnAh yeah btw, when I do a devtool reset linux-fslc-imx and build again, I get these errors
jclsnSo somehow the kernel versions must be different07:59
jclsnDo they not?08:00
selffrburton i will check, ty.08:03
selffmckoan i saw that but i need auto-expand.08:03
selffmckoan we can give  only a certain percentage or value for IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE.08:04
selffrburton i found it, ty so much.08:13
mckoanselff: postinstall auto-expand is more complicated ;-)08:13
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RPjclsn: I suspect the configuration of the kernel is different, not the kernel version08:18
jclsnRP: I diffed the defconfigs. They are the same08:20
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RPjclsn: some kernel patch missing? Are there any kernel patches or is it a git tree?08:23
jclsnRP: It is our self-hosted git repository of linux-fslc with our patches applied on the custom branch08:23
jclsnWorks for my two colleagues08:23
jclsnOn my machine it fails08:24
mihaisomething is messing around with PV, "git999" is not "natural" :)08:24
RPjclsn: but only after devtool?08:24
jclsnRP: No runtime failure occurs with normal bitbake build08:24
jclsnWhen I checkout with devtool modify and build from that workspace, the resulting kernel boots fine08:24
RPjclsn: you need to work out what the difference is between the two configurations, then you'll have some idea of the difference you're looking for in the two build paths08:31
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kayterina[m]can an image be build with libc and have parts of it built with musl?08:41
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RPkayterina[m]: not without games with multiconfig currently08:48
kayterina[m]How serious games? I have a recipe that wants staticly linked libraries and uses musl. If I bitbake mc:musl that recipe can I include that in final image, perhaps by adding it to a do_install()?08:51
qschulzkayterina[m]: with multiconfig, you can add images/binaries from other configs into the final image08:58
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kayterina[m]α,οκ, i'll look into that then.08:58
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mckoanI'm trying to modify weston.ini but my weston-init.bbappend is completely ignored, do you have any hint about weston.ini customization? Is there any special build, maybe using a class or somehow?09:26
rburtoncheck bitbake-layers show-appends to verify your append is actually being used09:26
mckoanrburton: my recipe is taken into account and I can see that declaring a task do_display_banner()09:30
mckoanmoreover, even if I modify directly the original meta/recipes-graphics/wayland/weston-init/weston.ini my changes are ignored09:31
hmw[m]Hi, im tring to migrat from a other yocto branche to dunfell but when i run my application that requires mysql the qt application chrashes on09:44
hmw[m]    db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QMYSQL", name);09:44
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kayterina[m]I get a yocto note saying it deferrs a recipe to the same recipe?10:59
kayterina[m]"NOTE: Deferring mc:musl:/home/katerina/project/sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/update-rc.d/  after /home/katerina/project/sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/update-rc.d/"10:59
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RPkayterina[m]: note the mc:musl: at the start11:13
kayterina[m]ouch. didn't see it. It says that it will not use mc for that recipe?11:19
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RPkayterina[m]: it appears to be building the "normal" config version and a "musl" multiconfig version of it11:20
kayterina[m]RP: and how come it only does the do_package ?11:21
RPkayterina[m]: they might be the same thing which is why it is deferring it, I can't tell from the log11:22
RPqschulz: have some fun changes in master-next which add all the sphinx dependencies and then a docs-tarball recipe, complete with a test11:23
RPqschulz: if this comes together we can upgrade to sphinx 4.4 on the autobuilders11:24
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qschulzRP: nice! looking forward to it and the patches I'll need to send for the docs :D11:35
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barometzDownloads from from at least two locations in .nl are <100K/s right now (and have been for a day or so, if our build stalls are any indication). Is this a known problem and/or is there anything I/we can do to help figure out what's up?11:46
RPbarometz:  our admin is sleeping atm, ask again in around 4 hours11:47
barometzwill do :)11:47
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* RP tries to remember what he was doing before docs recipes12:01
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qschulzRP: optimizing the function calls?12:13
qschulzyou were asking people to test one of your branches for speed-ups12:14
selffi asked something about image auto extend and a friend helped me. who was he/she?12:14
RPqschulz: right! I wonder what other ideas I was thinking of :)12:16
selffIt works, but the 128gb sd card was only able to expand up to 60gb. why couldn't it expand the rest?12:18
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jclsn[m]RP: That is what I was trying, but I have no clue13:02
jclsn[m]Been searching for three days13:02
jclsn[m]I also don't think that both approaches should yield the same kernel build13:03
jclsn[m]s/the/a/, s/same/differentkernel/, s/kernel//13:03
jclsn[m]I mean this is what you use Yocto for: You get a reproducible build no matter on what you build it on. Especially when you use Docker containers.13:08
jclsn[m]So it makes absolutely no sense to me why my colleagues can build fine and I am getting errors.13:08
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RPjclsn[m]: it doesn't make sense and would be nice to get to the bottom of it13:34
RPwe do want to be reproducible13:34
jclsn[m]I know13:34
jclsn[m]I am currently building on another machine with the same tooling13:36
jclsn[m]But fetching binutils is taking forever13:36
qschulzjclsn[m]: just copy the downloads directory13:36
qschulzRP: a bunch of your patches for sphinx are missing your SoB13:37
jclsn[m]qschulz: I deleted it on both13:37
jclsn[m]I've deleted 20+ times in the last three days to make sure that there is a fresh build every time13:38
RPqschulz: ah, I'll fix that, thanks13:38
jclsn[m]But always this kernel panic13:38
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hcgI wonder if anyone can help me - I am migrating to the honister release and for some reason all -dev packages are being included in my image, but they were not in our dunfell release. Is there a subtle behaviour change I may have missed?14:11
RPhcg: probably some recipe has broken packaging or dependencies and it is pulling in a long chain of them14:12
RPhcg: no change specifically that I remember14:12
RPrburton: with the upgrade to python3-cryptography in -next, we see a new ptest failure: :(14:14
hcgRP: Could you give me a hint as to how I could try to isolate this? I have been digging for ages14:14
rburtonhcg: rootfs log will list what packages its installing explicitly14:15
rburtonif there's no -dev in there, it's entirely dependencies14:15
rburtonif there are then find out where that is coming from14:16
hcgAll the -dev packages are listed in log.do_rootfs14:17
rburtonthey will be in it somewhere, as it lists everything being installed14:17
rburtonthe point is to identify are they in the bit that lists what is being explicitly installed, or only being pulled in via deps14:18
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rburton(i'm presuming you've not turned on dev-pkgs, which would install all dev packages)14:18
rburtonshare the log, if you can14:18
hcgdev-pkgs is definitely not on14:19
hcgThe log is pretty huge, is there somewhere i can paste it?14:20
rburtonany pastebin14:20
rburtonRP: is there a delay for the non-release logs being updated with the individual ptest logs?14:20
rburtonRP: no per-recipe log in
RPrburton: it happens at the end of the build and the build hasn't finished?14:28
rburtonthat was my guess14:30
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*** tprrt is now known as tperrot14:48
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hcgrburton: here is a paste of my log
rburtonhcg: 'packagegroup-devtools' isn't part of core and sounds like it might pull in -dev packages, is that yours?14:59
rburtonthe key line is 'NOTE: Installing the following packages:', that's the list of everything its being told to install explicitly15:01
rburtonit then installs a load of -dev15:01
rburtonso one of those is depending on at least one -dev, which pulls in more15:01
hcgThat is ours, but it does not pull in the -dev packages. At the moment our production is running on dunfell and none of the -dev packages are installed there.15:02
rburtonwell one of that list is.15:02
rburtonbitbake package-index and you can read the package index by hand15:02
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RPwow, libtool 2.4.7 just released15:32
cb5rAfter I added something to DISTRO_FEATURES - how does the change get applied? If I just rerun I still get a "not in DISTRO_FEATURES" error :/15:34
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barometzDownloads from from at least two locations in .nl are <100K/s right now (and have been for a day or so, if our build stalls are any indication). Is this a known problem and/or is there anything I/we can do to help figure out what's up?15:39
barometz(repeat from earlier, but I did check and my download of binutils that I started around that time is still going)15:39
khemRP:  the egl replies were in my todo, done now15:41
khemdoes new libtool have sysroot support ?15:41
RPkhem: it does not have our fixes. I did submit them and I'm hoping the maintainer will get there next15:42
RPkhem: thanks, now we need rburton :)15:42
rburtoncb5r: how did you add?15:43
RPkhem: the libtool maintainer wanted to get a release out first, then look at new patches15:43
hcgrburton: sorry, I had to attend a meeting - that packagegroup-devtools pulls in 'opkg nano htop mountdebugfs' only - I will assume that maybe one of our recipes is broken so I will try creating an image which does not install any of our stuff and see if it is still installing -dev packages15:44
rburtonyeah, core-image-minimal will demonstrate if its your images/deps or some distro config15:45
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cb5rrburton: I added the following to my meta-device/conf/distro/wayland.conf: DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " x11 gobject-introspection-data"15:52
rburtonpresumably you're using a release which uses _ as the override15:53
cb5r(Context: I have a wayland based dunfell build and would like to include squeekboard into it. But apparently it requires gnome3 and x11 for some reason)15:53
rburtonand you've DISTRO=wayland15:54
rburtonbitbake recipe-which-breaks -e | less, search for DISTRO_FEATURES=15:54
rburtonscroll up and you'll see how the value is generated15:54
rburtonsqeekboard is very much wayland-specific15:55
rburtonso it won't be asking you to enable x1115:55
rburtona dependency of it might, i guess15:55
cb5rI have poky on the "dunfell" branch (latest commits)15:56
landgrafis there am argument like "exit on first failed test" for oe-selftest ?15:59
RPlandgraf: I don't think so16:00
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RPhmm, I wonder where I put that libtool experiment branch I had :/16:01
cb5rrburton: I was quite suprised to see that it wants x11 as well... The only match I get from your command is this: NOTE: Set DISTRO_VERSION='dunfell-12.0-19-g7fcf58d' for distro guf-wayland (matches tags with dunfell[-/]*)16:01
rburtonbitbake -e [recipename]?16:02
rburtonyou'll get *pages* of output16:02
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vmesongo-1.18 for 3.5 ?... is anyone working on it?  The main advantage aside from 1.18 features is that support would be supported for a bit longer.16:18
* vmeson is not a goer...16:18
cb5rrburton: Woops - my bad. It looks to me as if the .conf file is not parsed again. I see the values that are set in the conf file but DISTRO_FEATURES is missing my latest append edit16:18
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rburtonthen its not being used at all16:19
cb5ryou mean I basically edited the wrong conf file?16:19
*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:20
cb5rThe INCLUDE HISTORY at the beginning of the output shows that file though ?_?16:22
rburtondid you save it? :)16:22
cb5rdefinitely, multiple times :D16:22
cb5rAh I see that the two things I am trying to add are both removed prior to my append... I guess the  remove wins +.+16:25
rburtonyes, remove wins16:25
rburtonthis is why -e is so useful16:25
cb5rVery nice "trick"! Thank you :)16:28
* cb5r is happy because it's building now16:29
abellonior bitbake-getvar once you upgrade16:33
abellonimy recommendation is usually to avoid _remove16:34
*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@> has joined #yocto16:42
kergothin the cases where _remove is needed, at least use an intermediate variable which could be altered. FOO_remove = "${FOO_REMOVE}"; FOO_REMOVE ?= "bar"; then you can set FOO_REMOVE = "" or even FOO_REMOVE_remove in a later file if needed16:43
rburtonRP: crypto-vectors sent16:44
RPkhem: I just pushed the flit changes to master so meta-oe can be updated too16:44
RPrburton: thanks!16:46
* RP needs to sort the other fix :/16:46
khemyeah thanks16:58
khemsomehow github is acting today have thrown me off cliff all morning16:59
*** Schlumpf <Schlumpf!~Schlumpf@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)16:59
hcgrburton: I have identified a recipe which appears to be broken. If I comment that particular recipe out of my build, I see no -dev packages, and uncomment it and the -dev packages reappear. The recipe is actually from the meta-ti layer and I guess a hint that is is not going to misbehave is INSANE_SKIP:${PN} += "already-stripped dev-deps"16:59
rburtonthat's not intrinsicly bad17:00
rburtonwhat's the recipe?17:00
rburtonwhat branch?17:02
rburtondunfell, wasn't it?17:02
rburtonmaster of poky/oe-core too?17:03
rburtonthat recipe *is* horrible17:04
hcgWe are using honister of poky/oe-core17:04
rburtoni'd use honister of meta-ti then, in case crossing the streams is the problem17:04
rburtonbut if you've isolated a recipe, tell the meta-ti owners17:04
rburtonbonus points for replicating with just core-image-minimal + this recipe17:05
hcgmeta-ti actually does not have a honister branch - the latest they have are dunfell-next and then master17:05
*** Guma <Guma!~Guma@> has quit IRC (Quit: Good Night Everyone...)17:06
hcgthe master branch has the overrides update in it, so it builds with honister17:07
khemprebuilts hell 🙂17:07
RPabelloni: I've sent the other pyc workaround so we're probably good for another build with rburton's fixes17:16
abellonisure, I4ll get that going soon17:17
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto17:19
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qschulzhalstead: greetings! We've got some people complaining about slow barometz here publicly at least17:22
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:23
qschulzI had my two last builds stuck on linux-yocto and glibc downloads for a few hours (not sure it uses those mirrors from the logs)17:23
halsteadqschulz: The public sstate traffic is competting with downloads traffic and filling the pipe.17:23
halsteadRP: Should I prioritize over ?17:24
qschulzhalstead: oooooh nice dilemma :)17:24
khemhalstead git-pw sometimes fetches same patch in series for two different patch numbers17:25
RPhalstead: Probably, yes17:25
RPhalstead: are we generating that much sstate traffic? :/17:26
halsteadRP: It appears so. I can pull stats.17:26
RPhalstead: prioritise the downloads17:26
halsteadkhem: I'm not sure how to help with that. Do you have a suggestion?17:27
barometzfor what it's worth this has gotten us to consider setting up a local mirror, so maybe occasional slowness has its benefits (they said, half kidding)17:27
qschulzhalstead: RP: highlights I should really start working on setting up my own mirror, shared sstate and hashserv instead of having my CI do everything from scratch every time.17:28
qschulzbarometz: I see we had the same thoughts :)17:28
khemhalstead: see this and
halsteadkhem: Speaking of, are you planning to reply to the helpdesk email with the missed UTF-8 messages or shall I?17:29
khemwhen I do git-pw patch apply on first one it applies ok but second one still fetches the first patch17:29
khemhalstead: I can although yours will be more educated than mine 🙂17:30
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*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has quit IRC (Quit: jmiehe)17:35
halsteadOkay, I can do it khem.  And that additional detail should be enough to investigate.17:36
RPkergoth: is there anything better we could do than ?17:42
RPkergoth: I did try an "isupper" approach but that fails with prefix, bindir and friends17:42
kergothHmm. I was thinking about checking globals() and/or __builtins__ and our bb evaluation context, to at least avoid the hardcoded list17:43
kergothwouldn't need to check eval context, those should return values, not raise keyerrors17:49
kergothMy only concern with that would be performance of assembling that list..17:50
kergothRP: ^17:51
kergothI wouldn't go based on case, that won't do17:52
* kergoth shrugs17:52
RPkergoth: right, I used the list as it handled the majority of the pain points but it is horrible :/17:53
kergothThe idea here is just to avoid unnecessary datasmart getvars yeah?17:54
RPkergoth: yes. They're fast but obviously skipping them is faster :)17:54
Belgarionhalstead: is blocking certain ip blocks? i've noticed that all connection attempts from machines on our new ip block times out, while machines still on the old ip block is able to connect17:58
halsteadBelgarion: We've received a few reports of this. We are not denying any IP blocks on purpose. Can you email  with information about your IP block, a traceroute and any logs you think might be helpful?18:00
RPkergoth: I'm trying to figure out what the real performance bottlenecks are and this was noise but noise I thought we should stop entirely18:00
kergothI'm actually wondering now how often folks *use* the ability to look up variables with bare words in inline python :)18:01
RPkergoth: disabling it finds the uses on core :)18:01
kergothThe intention was to make it less verbose and more readable, but that's less of an issue now that we don't have to pass ", True" all the damn time18:01
RPkergoth: I did wonder if we should remove it but torn on that18:02
kergothYeah.. not sure. I still rather like it when reading the code. But it's another case of us having multiple ways to do things and folks don't know what to use, too18:03
kergothTough call18:03
RPkergoth: something to think about, I proposed the list as a compromise for now...18:04
halsteadBelgarion:  may I PM you to collect some data in real time?18:04
kergothRP: capturing the __builtins__ at class definition time probably wouldn't be a bad way to go, that at least isn't going to change much. Then add os/bb/oe as explicit exceptions18:05
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:05
kergothRP: avoids the issue of *when* to capture globals() since it changes due to imports18:05
* kergoth shrugs18:05
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)18:06
kergoth__builtins__ having int, etc.18:06
kergothi.e. builtins = dir(__builtins__) in the class definition, then explicitly add the xceptions to it, and check that in __missing__18:07
kergothRP: should also conisder removing those items from execs18:08
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nateglimsIf I add a license to a software layer and run 'yocto-check-layer', it complains about changing the signature of other software. Is that expected?19:37
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto19:50
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto19:51
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cb5rI switched poky tag from 3.1.7 to 3.1.14 and now poky/meta/recipes-core/kbd/ fails to build.  Might this be due to a clean working build directory now? Do I have to purge everything and start a clean build or what is the fastest way to (hopefully) fix this?20:38
*** Tokamak <Tokamak!~Tokamak@> has joined #yocto20:40
RPkergoth: that does sound like a reasonable idea. Fancy sending a patch? :)20:47
*** nateglims <nateglims!~nateglims@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)20:48
khemhmmm ssh to qemu is not working today anything interesting changed in master-next ?21:02
*** Minvera <Minvera!~Minvera@user/Minvera> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:05
RPkhem: shouldn't have done and AB tests are ok21:05
RPsakoman: I just added more debugging for the tinfoil event issue21:05
RPabelloni: I sent that libtool patch in the hope we can put it through some testing, see how things look with it21:06
khemRP: this is qemuriscv 🙂21:07
RPkhem: I wish we had that on the AB :/21:07
*** nateglims <nateglims!~nateglims@> has joined #yocto21:08
khembut it was working ok couple of days back21:08
khemso I am hoping to figure it out since its not such a long time21:08
khemit could also be some env issue21:09
RPkhem: that narrows down the range of potential changes for sure21:09
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*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has joined #yocto21:14
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RPabelloni: probably hold on the libtool patch, my local build found something odd :/21:33
RPjoy. New libtool breaks pseudo somehow21:40
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:47
khemRP:  so its only on qemuriscv32 and openssh, so I think I might not have tried openssh for quite a while on that machine, since I was trying core-image-weston and core-image-sato and both use dropbear21:47
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*** camus1 is now known as camus21:57
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khemso here we go, openssh: update 8.8 -> 8.9 broke it for rv32 ☹️22:22
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*** zygny1 <zygny1!~zygny1@2001:df4:d081:7:56bf:64ff:fe71:bade> has joined #yocto22:28
RPLooks like a change in 2015 breaks libtool in libfm but only under pseudo22:37
khemRP:  found the root of openssh problem, sent a patch to ml, thanksfully Alex has done some upstream reporting,22:40
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Guma__I just build fresh yocto image for the first time. It boots just fine. I realized by running iptables -L that there were not rules. So I added some rules I like and saved with iptables-save ? /etc/iptables.rules. After boot it is not loading. Amd I missing something?23:18
abelloniI guess you need to add a service to load the rules23:20
Guma__Aha.Ok I am running in runlevel 3. What "S" start level is safe to add this in /etc/irc3.d/23:22
Guma__Also any online quick tamplates I can modify?23:22
abellonithere is meta/recipes-extended/iptables/iptables/iptables.service for systemd23:25
*** zygny1 <zygny1!~zygny1@2001:df4:d081:7:56bf:64ff:fe71:bade> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)23:36
kergothRP: WIP, it does add one function call at DataContext construction time, not sure if that's ideal, need to perf test it23:37
kergothcould just drop that part of it23:37
manuel1985I'm running my image inside qemu with slirp. I can ping the host from inside the container. How do I make qemu to route packets to the internet?23:42
manuel1985`/usr/sbin/sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward` tells me ipv4 forwarding is enabled.23:43

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