Tuesday, 2022-03-29

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mckoangood morning06:40
hmw[m]good morning06:43
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rburtonsotaoverride: if your just concerned about file size for copying the files around, just xz compress it08:01
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michaeloHi qschulz: thanks for the notification about https://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/releases.html08:26
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michaeloqschulz, RP: it seems that the broken links (for example https://docs.yoctoproject.org/3.4.2/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html) come from the fact that run-docs-build only builds bitbake branches, not yocto- tags.08:48
michaeloThat's not a recent change though. I wonder how I overlooked that.08:49
RPmichaelo: maybe it should just be linking to the bitbake version?08:51
michaeloSo, except for the old pre-sphinx links, correct links are currently like https://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/1.52/ (Honister example)08:51
michaeloRP: sure, we could do that, but there would be just one link for all Honister point releases (for example).08:52
qschulzmichaelo: the issue is that we're missing a lot of yocto- tags in Bitbake08:53
qschulzand we have different numbering schemes for yocto and bitbake08:54
qschulzso I'm not sure how to deal with this08:54
qschulznot entirely sure using YP names in bitbake docs is wise? but I don't know the policy about this08:55
michaeloqschulz: yes, maybe it's sufficient to link to the latest version of each bitbake branch as RP suggested.08:56
michaeloLet me propose a patch to continue the discussion.08:56
qschulzthey are technically two differne projects managed by two different communities/maintainers (though it's probably a Venniagram very close to a circle?)08:56
qschulzVenn diagram*08:56
RPAdding the yocto tags to the bitbake docs isn't an issue, we could do that too if someone wants to work them out09:03
qschulzRP: I'm more concerned about the numbering scheme being different and how to make sense of it09:04
qschulzWhat happens the day we have a Bitbake 2.0? we already have yocto-2.009:04
RPqschulz: well, yocto version != bitbake version. that would be bitbake-2.009:05
qschulzand linking in BB docs to docs of one among (possibly) many "users" of BB is a bit odd09:05
RPqschulz: we are publishing them as part of YP09:05
qschulzRP: it was more, how do we deal with exposing this info to the user (e.g. in the URL and in the text)09:05
qschulzRP: since YP docs actually strip the yocto- prefix out of the tags for the URL09:06
qschulzRP: BB, OE and YP projects management differences are still a bit blurry to me so that might not help much with the understanding of the issue (or lack thereof)09:07
RPqschulz: bitbake is meant to be a standalone thing which is allowed it's own versions09:08
RPI've never been a fan of "make everything the same"09:08
qschulzRP: I understand, hence my surprise when I discovered we were linking at YP docs09:11
qschulzbut I guess the issue was not the broken links, more that we were pointing to YP docs instead of BB docs09:11
qschulzanyways, slow-brain Tuesday (was about to type Monday... sigh), sorry for the noise09:11
RPqschulz: I think the idea was that docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/ was the bitbake docs area09:11
RPsince bitbake doesn't have a domain09:12
qschulzRP: yes that's agreed/understood09:15
qschulzmichaelo: RP: should we still have "Release series 3.4 (honister)" in BB docs? Why not "Release branch 1.52" instead?09:21
qschulzI guess I should comment this on the patch michaelo just sent09:21
michaeloqschulz: sounds good to me, thanks :)09:24
RPSaur[m]: the other approach is still causing hangs :(09:37
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sotaoverridehow does yocto do so much better of a job creating a .zip for rootfs.ext than the usual compression utilities. YOCTO knows what portion on the rootfs is just empty space? a 1.4G rootfs.ext4 turns into a 389M rootfs.zip in yocto. Normal zip utilities cant figure what all is just empty space in a rootfs?10:41
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rburtonsotaoverride: a zip file contains just the file contents, it isn't a file system11:02
rburtonfile systems have empty space, partition tables, inodes and so on11:03
rburtonspecifically the .tar.gz is just the file contents11:03
rburtonthe tar is all of the files, concatenated11:03
rburtonits then compressed11:03
rburtonthe .ext4 is a true file system with layout and structure and empty space, which is then compressed11:04
rburtonthe tar.gz will be smaller than a ext4.gz, yes11:04
rburtonas you're comparing apples and oranges. you can't mount a tar.gz and alter it11:04
sotaoverrideso for some reason when I was using the mac zip utility to zip a rootfs.ext4 from my yocto build the size of the zip was still way bigger than what I see when i just append ext.zip to FS_TYPES11:07
qschulzsotaoverride: we use zip with -9 for the compression level by default11:11
sotaoverridethat explains it.11:12
qschulzsotaoverride: c.f. https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/tree/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass#n5411:12
sotaoverridewhile we are on the topic of compression why is it that with .zip files theres a way of seeing what all files are in the .zip, but you cant do the same for .gz? for instance the zipfile python modules has the infolist method to list files in a zip before actually decompressing the zip11:14
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rburtonso a zip is a format which contains a number of files, and compresses them11:15
rburton.gz is just a stream compression11:15
rburtonso you see .tar.gz, which is a tarball (collection of files) which is then compressed11:15
rburtonif you have uncompressible files you can just use a .tar and not bother with a time consuming compress stage which won't save any space11:16
rburtonor if you have a single large file (say a .ext) you can compress it11:16
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rburtoni imagine .ext4.xz will be smaller again as xz is better than zip typically11:16
qschulztar -tzf comp.tar.gz should list files inside a tar.gz archive11:17
rburtonyeah, tar can automatically run the stream though a (de)compressor for you11:17
sotaoverrideso let me get this right, a staight up .gz is a stream, and a tar.gz is a collection of of compressed files?11:19
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rburtona .tar is a collection of files11:20
rburtontypically people then compress it: .tar.gz11:20
rburton(or .tar.xz, whatever)11:21
sotaoverridegot it. think i get it..11:25
rburtonits the Unix Way: modular pieces.  .tar is a collection of files.  it can then be compressed, with any tool: xz, bz2, gz.  or not, if you're archiving files which are not compressible then there's no point wasting time with pointless compression.11:27
rburtonRP: any objection to me running a quick oe-selftest on the AB to test a cleanup series I have?11:30
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sotaoverrideim curious to know why .zip (which for some reason doesnt get a compression type, like tar.xz etc) has more support in python..11:31
rburtonit doesn't: https://docs.python.org/3/library/tarfile.html11:34
rburtonzip has its own integrated compression11:34
rburtonsee 4.4.5 in https://pkware.cachefly.net/webdocs/casestudies/APPNOTE.TXT11:35
RPrburton: none11:46
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sotaoverrideis ext4.tar.gz a valid IMAGE_FSTYPE ?13:49
sotaoverrideI see this when I try it out ===> tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive13:49
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vvnif I want /dev/root (or other device symlinks), what is the appropriate way to do this? A udev rule parsing a kernel command line?13:53
qschulzsotaoverride: I don't think it makes sense to have an ext4.tar.gz since ext4 is one file anyway13:57
qschulzsotaoverride: ext4.gz would probably be more appropriate?13:58
rburtonsotaoverride: what would .ext4.tar.gz contain? a tarball with a single file (the ext4) in? No point: use ext4.gz.14:01
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sotaoverridecool cool, i swear im getting the hang of this :))14:08
RPI anyone has a minute to review the server/process locking changes I just proposed, I'd welcome review...14:28
RPabelloni: I'd like to test these on the autobuilder, see if it finds any issues this time...14:28
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rburtonHas anyone run oe-selftest inside a docker?  Lots of failures from TUN here, and I'm not sure I can convince IT to let me run the containers privileged.15:51
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rburtonRP: any idea why the meta_ide.py selftest is tagged with 'machine'?  you did it three years ago :)15:58
RPrburton: yes, it is run on a per MACHINE basis on the autobuilder16:00
RPrburton: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/53/builds/4970 step 1816:01
rburtonremind me why we still have meta-ide16:02
rburtonsorry ;)16:03
rburtoncor that tiny subset of selftest took 45 minutes16:04
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RPrburton: that tiny subset includes the gcc, glibc and binutils testsuites too16:46
RPrburton: meta_ide is a trivial 30s of that16:46
RPand the reason we have it is that it is basically a generic IDE environment16:47
rburtonwell, list-packageconfig-flags is impressively slow16:49
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rburtonabelloni: to avoid Confusion my zlib upgrade is for when master and Kirkstone have diverged17:46
abelloniI'll probably gives them a try anyway17:47
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rfs613rburton: I just had an occurrence of bugzilla #14110 (cve-check 'write to readonly database')18:07
rfs613i'm on dunfell branch, but i have the backport of your mainline fix18:09
rfs613so indeed this confirms your comment #4 on that ticket18:09
rburtoncan you get the bitbake log to see what was running?18:10
rfs613alas no, the build slaves are in containers that vanish right after build18:11
rburtonthe output of bitbake will be sufficient18:11
rburtoncurious what was running in parallel18:11
rfs613actually I think your commit was *not* included, now that I look closer18:12
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khemRP: yeah thats fine, go compiler patches we are carrying are a bit jaded so we have this cat and mouse game with every major go release, especially w.r.t. idea of reproducibility differences18:31
khemright now the problem I am running into is the buildid is coming out to be different18:32
khemthe buildid has 4 different hashes separated by '/'18:33
khemfirst two are based on actions in other words - input and last two are based on content in other words output and as we can see last two match ok which is what matters for reproducibility18:34
khemas far as OE is concerned18:34
khembut for go its important to match input IDs too since they dont want to rebuild the archives if they dont have to be, which speeds up compilation so I understand the motive18:35
khemproblems with whats considered as part of checksumming input keeps changing and hence the trouble because we are cross compiling its easy to leak absolute paths via file names. libnames , compiler options, C compiler options etc.18:37
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MrSaturnWorking with u-boot is incredibly frustrating - devtool doesn't configure/patch, devshell drops me in the git directory (no patches, configuration), and if I go into the "./work/.../build/<MACHINE>" directory all the configuration and patches are applied, but they are not respected during a build. What on earth am I doing wrong? Making patches is proving very difficult19:22
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rburtonMrSaturn: hm. it doesn't look like its doing anything special.   try removing the 'addtask' like from cml1.bbclass?19:57
rburtonthat looks redundant and might be causing unexpected dependency chains19:57
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RPkhem: makes sense, I just wanted to set expectations with the release21:28
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khemRP:  btw. I have a fix which is working fine23:34
khemRP:  I have sent a v323:47

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