Wednesday, 2022-03-30

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RPkhem: still think it is too late given the impact on other layers07:08
RPgood for master though07:08
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dirtyflaggm, need to set a customized m4 app for imx8qxp (i own the binary), is it a imx-boot bbappend okay for this ?07:34
dirtyflag(i am in zeus)07:34
dirtyflagok sry, this seems more meta-imx specific stuff07:34
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RPSaur[m]: you mentioned a source mirror problem where the url changes were causing problems with the mirrors. Did you ever look into that more or find a simpler test case?09:35
RPSaur[m]: I did try locally changing some urls to use https then seeing if the tarballs from the mirror worked and they still do so I don't think they're encoding url information09:43
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selffhi everyone, i have problem with wpa and ap. i want to share my problem but a little bit long with explanation. is it problem ? im asking because i dont know if there are any rules here. (newbie)10:30
selffwhen i run hostapd service in runtime, it switches to AP mode without any problems. to switch to wpa, i follow these steps:10:43
selffenable "wpa_supplicant@wlan0" and disable "hostapd", reboot. when i run the "wpa_supplicant@wlan0" service, it does not switch to wpa mode.10:43
selffeven though hostapd is closed, wpa uses the hostapd ip in ap mode, that is
selfffor this i followed the steps as follows:10:43
selff1) i made the AP related settings in "hostapd.conf", ssid, pw etc. :10:43
selff2) i set the "" as follows:10:43
selffthere was no answer related to the rules. i shared it, sorry if i did something wong .10:44
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SchlumpfHi, is there a way to see which packages of an image have been included by RECOMMENDS?11:03
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qschulzSchlumpf: NO_RECOMMENDATIONS = "1" in your image and rebuild, do the diff :)11:08
qschulz(I don't know if there's a better way, sorry)11:08
qschulz(use buildhistory though, which gives you plenty of info, among which the list of packages)11:08
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Schlumpfqschulz: OK, thanks will try11:14
rburtonSchlumpf: the do_rootfs log will probably say11:19
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Guest16Hi! Do you know which yocto package contains the tool "chrt"?11:24
selffrburton may i ask you a question? you find answers to almost all my questions :D11:25
rburtonselff: you can ask the channel and I may know11:27
Guest16ah cool. I already set IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " util-linux-taskset". Is it possible to set IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " util-linux-chrt" additionally?11:27
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Guest16It seems to me this reduces to a single program of this package, but I'm not sure11:28
LetoThe2ndGuest16: might work, try and find out.11:28
Guest16thanx LetoThe2nd for your quick reply!11:29
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selff i have problem with wpa and ap. i want to use both wpa and ap in my image.11:59
selffwhen i run hostapd service in runtime, it switches to AP mode without any problems and read the "" settings. to switch to wpa, i follow these steps:11:59
selffenable "wpa_supplicant@wlan0" and disable "hostapd", reboot. when i run the "wpa_supplicant@wlan0" service, it does not switch to wpa mode.11:59
selffeven though hostapd is closed, wpa uses the hostapd ip in ap mode, that is wpa is still reading "" instead of "".11:59
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wyreis this class recommended to parse git tags and use them in PV? 🤔14:27
wyrehmmm, apparently openembedded has its own classes for this and
wyrebut ... I'm not sure which one is the appropriate for PV 🤔14:29
wyreoh, I meant that one
wyreI think I prefer those from oe than the one in meta-rnd, that way I don't need an extra layer just for this14:30
wyreapparently the most appropriate for setting PV is gitver.bbclass 🤔14:32
MrSaturnIs there something more drastic than cleanall?  I am getting this error message:  ERROR: When reparsing /workdir/bgnetworks/yocto/sources/meta-uei-arm/recipes-bsp/u-boot/, the basehash value changed from 496b9c60a9b67ba3a584f8f0c16e5809fa58d62b3e428130e87cef480c3d97f0 to a052ed2d05d9ca29c5f8f3ac53c9e92a58e2167da7a14900890b77a3eb4b4f7c. The metadata is not deterministic and14:36
MrSaturnthis needs to be fixed."14:36
rburtonthat's a bug in the recipe14:36
rburtonthe hashes changed between when it was first parsed, and a few minutes later when it was executed14:36
rburtonoften there's a timestamp embedded somewhere which needs to be excluded specifically14:37
MrSaturnHrm. The commands that it recommends "-cdo_compile -Snone" followed by "-cdo_compile -Sprintdiff" dont seem to do anything.14:39
rburtonoften easier to just read the recipe14:39
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wyreI've tried something like this but it doesn't work ... so I'm not sure what's the proper way to set PV using GITVER 🤔14:43
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wyreI cannot see anything about this in the official docu
rburtonbecause gitver.bbclass is a meta-oe specific thing14:46
rburtonjust put the srcrev in, much easier14:47
rburtonie PV = "1.2+git${SRCPV}"14:47
wyrerburton, sure, but I have to set the version manually14:48
wyreI'd like to parse also tags14:48
wyrealso ... OE docs points to yocto project docs
qschulzwyre: where?14:52
qschulzwyre: sorry misread the message14:52
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MrSaturnrburton: could it be because I added a layer that modified the source?14:53
rburtonwell, you're using a non-standard uboot recipe14:54
rburtonso that recipe might be buggy14:54
wyreso any clue on how to use GITVER to set PV? 🤔14:57
MrSaturnrburton: the only reason I ask, is that it built fine. I added another layer and it seemed to build fine again. I when went into the work directory and made a few development changes. This is when I hit that error. When cleanall didn't work I was a bit surprised.14:59
qschulzwyre: would help if you would explain what exactly you're trying to do?15:00
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rburtonwyre: i'd guess inherit class, use PV="${GITVER}". I note that nothing in meta-oe uses that class anymore so maybe it just bitrotted and needs fixing.15:01
wyreoh, I see15:01
wyrewhat about gitpkgv?15:01
MrSaturnI am just going to nuke everything and start the build over. While that is happening I will look at the recipe and see what I can learn... the recipe is pretty lean15:02
wyreqschulz, my point is that I'd like to do what rburton said ... because currently my recipe is as rburton previous suggestion (PV = "1.2+git${SRCPV}") but I'd like to do something like PV = "${GITVER}"15:02
wyreinstead having to set that "1.2+git" string manually15:03
rburtonwyre: seems like they basically do the same thing15:03
wyrerburton, this looks promising
wyrebut I guess PKGV won't be used as PV 🤔15:04
rburtonthe point of PKGV is that its the version of the packages15:05
rburtonso if you're dynamically generating it, it's exactly what you want15:05
wyrerburton, I though the package version is just PV 🤔 I didn't know that PKGV even exists15:06
wyreoh.... I see
wyrebut why it still sets PV = "1.0+git${SRCPV}"?
MrSaturnLOCALVERSION = "-uei-${DATE}"15:09
MrSaturnPerhaps that could be causing the issue?15:09
rburtonif its coming from a git tree then the SRCREV is far more useful than the date it was built15:10
MrSaturn:| So it will work today, and then at midnight it will turn into a pumpkin15:10
MrSaturnJust for future reference - Is there a way to scrape the hashes for a specific package so it looks like it has never been built?15:12
qschulzMrSaturn: -c cleansstate15:14
qschulznot sure if this deletes things from the hashequiv server though15:15
MrSaturnqschulz: it doesn't appear to.15:15
rburtonMrSaturn: just delete tmp, much easier15:15
rburtoncleansstate is super slow and removes more than you care about15:15
qschulzyou would still have the tarball of the sources though, -c cleanall for everything related to the recipe15:15
MrSaturnI will try removing tmp if I run into that again.15:16
qschulzor as rburton suggested, if you want to make sure you don't have leftover from previous debugging attempts, just remove tmp directory (make sure you keep sstate-cache and downloads directory though, the rest is fine to be removed)15:16
MrSaturnThanks for the help. I don't undertand the internals that well yet, so hitting issues like this are real head scratchers.15:16
qschulzMrSaturn: and BTW, use devtool for trying things out instead of going directly into WORKDIR :)15:17
MrSaturnqschulz: I have tried devtool, but when I use it the directory it creates for me in workspace doesn't have the patches and configuration fragments applied, and it hasn't run the "configure" step. It seems very cumbersome. I have to tried running "bitbake u-boot -c configure" after setting up the source with devtool and that doesn't work.15:20
MrSaturnI am probably doing something wrong.15:21
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MrSaturnIt is strange, because creates a directory within the workspace folder that has all the patches and fragments.15:26
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qschulzMrSaturn: might be your vendor recipe too15:34
qschulzwouldn't be the first time :)15:35
MrSaturnqschulz: I would have to dig down through a bunch of layers (unless there is a way to see what complete recipe looks like).  The one that is most likely is pretty benign, the only thing that might cause an issue is setting ${S} and ${B}.15:37
rburtonMrSaturn: did you try what i said yesterday?15:38
rburtonvendor uboots that are not bbappends to drop in patches are the worst though15:39
MrSaturnrburton: I was trying to do that this morning when I hit this issue. I shouldn't say I was trying it... I was looking in the cml1.bbclass to try to figure out what I might need to remove15:42
MrSaturnyeah, this one: inherit fsl-u-boot-localversion15:44
abellonirburton: just so you know, my branch currently building on the AB has your zlib changes15:47
MrSaturnI have to shutdown. Thanks for the help\15:49
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Guest11Hey team!16:49
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Guest11I sound like a bit of a broken record16:49
Guest11But I'm quite new to Yocto and BB16:49
Guest11We have a Jenkins instance running our builds16:49
Guest11Builds are talking an abnormal amount of time16:49
Guest11That's caused because we use: PREMIRRORS = ...git://.*/.*
Guest11And the OpenCV is taking 5h to download16:51
barometzyeah, the mirror has been somewhat congested lately16:52
Guest11I tried to set the PREMIRRORS= "" (to an empty string)16:52
Guest11But then other dependencies started failing16:52
Guest11Is there a way I can just specify that OpenCV should be downloaded from github? While the rest should be from yoctoproject?16:53
barometzthat... should not be the case, the premirror shoudln't be the only source of stuff. But I highly recommend setting up your own local mirror, it's not all that much trouble and resolves all this16:53
barometzlet me see if I can find the things I used16:53
barometz and but #1 should ideally cover everything16:55
Guest11Thanks! That's what I'd like to do16:55
Guest11I see you've linked one of the guided I was reading16:56
Guest11We have this repo with all the meta-layers16:56
Guest11They are submodules and I can't seem to be able to clone them locally16:56
Guest11(I should mention I'm basically the substitute for people that are on holiday:D  )16:57
Guest11Hence why I don't know the setup very well16:57
Guest11I was hoping I could overwrite the SRC_URI just for opencv which is part of meta-openembedded16:58
rburtonGuest11: what branch are you using16:58
*** Guest11 is now known as mickeypash16:59
rburtonwell the urls are probably failing as that's a very old release and they need updating16:59
rburtonas per, zeus was EOL nearly two years ago16:59
mickeypash:(  I am aware17:00
mickeypashOur Yocto expert hasn't found the time but was working on Dunfell support17:00
rburtonopencv in zeus just does a git clone, and it works fine17:01
mickeypashIf I had the skills and the knowledge I would upgrade to a future release:(17:01
mickeypashbut it's outside my remit17:01
rburtonso if it fails telling us what the errors are would help us17:01
mickeypashWhen I jumped on our Jenkins worker and checked I see this17:02
mickeypashwget -t 2 -T 30 --passive-ftp --no-check-certificate -P /tmp/ --progress=dot -v17:02
mickeypashI've changed the destination dir to /tmp but otherwise it's the same command17:03
rburtoni mean the errors after you turned off premirrors17:03
rburtonyes that will be slow right now, we're working on that problem :)17:03
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mickeypashWARNING: file-native-5.37-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://, attempting MIRRORS if available17:05
mickeypashWARNING: rpm-native-1_4.14.2.1-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://;branch=rpm-4.14.x, attempting MIRRORS if available17:05
rburtondo you have a broken git proxy?17:05
mickeypashWARNING: ninja-native-1.9.0-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://;branch=release, attempting MIRRORS if available17:05
rburtonthat's gitub17:06
rburtonit turned off git: support17:06
mickeypash:(  oh this could be a security choice17:06
rburtonyou need to update your zeus17:06
rfs613yeah, switch from git:// to https://17:06
rburtonthat's been in the zeus branch since november last year, so just update17:07
mickeypashThanks. Trying to clone the submodules locally17:12
rburtonthat has a reference to the bitbake commit if you're actually using bitbake directly17:14
mickeypashWe are on this branch with poky17:15
mickeypashgit apply --check git_stuff.patch17:15
mickeypasherror: bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/ No such file or directory17:15
mickeypashThis commit*17:15
rfs613mickeypash: seems to work for me: git checkout a92ae31dc4f1a124fe3d722c7239796d1b37cbc3; git cherry-pick daf096e295121ea49ebf21f8070e9a6e28f5d46c17:18
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mickeypashHmm you know I think it's my fault17:29
mickeypashWhen I removed PREMIRRORS I also removed MIRRORS17:29
* RP has just found another memres issue and is tring a patch17:38
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mickeypashOkay I've set the poky changes to daf096e295121ea49ebf21f8070e9a6e28f5d46c a PREMIRRORS = "" in conf/local.conf17:42
mickeypashPray for me17:42
mickeypashTime for dinner and some fresh air17:42
mickeypashThanks rburton rfs613 Really appreciate your help!17:42
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LetoThe2nd 19:27
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rburtonabelloni: argh20:33
abellonidon't look at the efi failure ;)20:34
abellonibut the other ones are yours20:34
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rburtoni was about to worry that the efi one was too ;)20:34
rburtoneasy fix at least20:35
abelloniwell, it is funny that the efi one did happen twice20:37
abellonibut I would think this is a side effect20:38
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RPkergoth: Can you spot where oe.classextend is setup so we can import it?21:49
RPkergoth: I'm wondering why we see these failures in oe-selftest with BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT=60 (i.e. bitbake memory resident)21:49
RPkergoth: I can't see where we add oe.classextend in the first place. I see others in OE_IMPORT but not that21:50
kergothRP: it's explicitly included wherever it's used.
kergothpresumably the sys.path adjustmnets from base.bbclass allow for that to work22:03
RPkergoth: what would get corrupted in memory resident bitbake that would stop that working then?22:03
RPkergoth: that would imply sys.path getting messed up?22:04
kergothor an ordering issue with the adjustments in base.bbclass, yeah22:04
RPkergoth: interestingly I tried adding oe.classextend to the list of imports and that blows up with a ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'oe.rootfs'. I'll check what sys.path looks like in the two cases next I guess, thanks22:06
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RPkergoth: debugging shows that sys.path grows for every time we parse the datastore :/22:22
sielickican someone key me into what's going on with `pip_install_wheel.bbclass`? I am finding a bunch of threads and search results for it, but it's not actually in poky/master at the moment. Did I miss a thread?22:23
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kergothRP: oof. not surprising, thinking about it, given it alters global state. I wonder if we could hook the import process to allow for 'import oe' to work without directly mucking with sys.path22:26
kergothworst case could just stop addin gpaths that are already in the list, of course22:26
kergothsitll doesn't seem ideal, though, as not all metadata changes might be reflected22:27
RPkergoth: Oddly enough I'm just testing that. I think there is a second issue that there is an empty meta/lib/oe being left behind which breaks things22:27
RPkergoth: I think I might teach cookerdata to stash sys.path and reset it at the start of a new parse22:27
kergothGood idea22:28
RPkergoth: I still think we should probably also not add paths already in the path list too as the number of duplicates in there is sad22:28
RPthat might change behaviour very slightly but not in a way I'm going to lose much sleep over22:29
kergothAgreed. I'm wondering about the imported modules and our context dict, though. those are also global. I'm guessing folks won't gneerally be changing bblayers without restarting hte server, but if it did, we could end up with old wrong versions of modules imported from the wrong paths, in the case of layers overriding them by priority22:29
kergothMight want to think about stashing sys.modules and our context22:29
RPkergoth: oe-selftest definitely does that22:29
RPkergoth: hmm, yes :/22:30
kergothif it imported some module from oe-core, then a layer got added that overrode it, i doubt it'd be re-imported with the new version22:30
RPit is less likely oe-selftest would hit that but a user could22:30
kergothRelated: we should probably support hot-reloading / reimporting modules on file change22:30 file change that is22:30
RPkergoth: wouldn't it do that now?22:31
kergothI have no idea :)22:31
RPkergoth: I guess we need inotify watches on the files in sys.path22:31
RPkergoth: it depends where the files are and if they trigger the existing watches. Some might bit some wouldn't22:32
kergothHmm, only slightly related, but I also don't know if we ever got around to adding calls to imported python code to python function checksums, changing an external module won't re-run tasks that run it.22:33
* kergoth shrugs22:33
kergothIt's a bit of a mess. I actually wonder if base.bbclass is what should be responsible for adding to sys.path, it's hard to ensure they're imported in time if you want to use them early enough in the parsing process. Maybe layer.conf could add to PYTHONPATH and cooker could add that to sys.path?22:35
RPkergoth: is the " if hasattr(bb.utils, "_context")" a fallback for older bitbakes?22:35
kergothI think so, yeah22:35
RPkergoth: so we could remove that and I think we handle the utils context at reset?22:35
RPkergoth: I think we always viewed this import piece as temporary until we figured out the proper API :/22:36
RPsome kind of directive in layer.conf saying "modules <here>" would be better in many ways22:36
RPtlwoerner: that GPLv2.patch in keymaps is horrible. I want to remove that ;-)22:44
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kergothRP: yeah, that's what i was thinking too, maybe a new variable for the layer to add its own python search paths to, the way we add to bbpath/bbfiles. would be a lot cleaner than the way we're hacking it now22:55
dvorkindmitryI am using WKS file to create SD card image. my first partition is shifted from the start. Between start and the first partition a raw binary should be placed. Is there any standard way to do this on WKS creation step?22:55
RPkergoth: exactly23:17
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RPkergoth: thanks for talking it though, it helps. I can't quite get it working but I'm in the right area. Will try again fresh tomorrow :)23:29
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