Wednesday, 2022-04-20

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kp7299[m]<Saur[m]> "kp7299: The `master` branch of..." <- At that time I was trying to work in master branch of yocto project poky only, so that i could get those patches too which were present in the honister branch but were not in origin/master and now not even in master and thus in either of them I was unable to find those patches or I should clone OE repo and switch to it's master branch and work on curl ptest?02:12
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kp7299[m]And yeah, it was I guess 2am thus I hadnt responded after that although i was trying out those branches02:14
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kp7299[m]Presently, even in the oe-core github repo, I'm unable to get those curl patches even after switching to master and updating by git pull, because  branch and git pull were only two options i knew for latest update, if there is some other alternate, do let me know04:00
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khemrburton jonmason infact the hafnium issue is happening with prebuilt toolchain I see TOPDIR/build/tmp/work/qemuarm64-yoe-linux-musl/hafnium/2.6-r0/git/prebuilts/linux-x64/clang/lib64/clang/12.0.5/include/stdnoreturn.h:13:18: note: expanded from macro 'noreturn'05:19
khemso I wonder if hafnium works with musl or not05:19
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khemsent a patch to fix it06:03
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:35
jclsn7dobroje utro06:39
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qschulzmornin' folks07:19
qschulzyudjinn[m]: you could use containers though if arch does not work good enough for you07:20
qschulzCROPS, pyrex, kas are three different techs07:20
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BhsTalelHello, what do you prefer busybox or coreutils , or can I integrate them both ? Because, Busybox only didn't give me commands like (ls, cat, ...)07:38
LetoThe2ndBhsTalel: you often have busybox plus a select number of full featured commands from coreutils. plus, busybox can be massively configured/customized07:39
paulgbusybox can be configured to give you a large group of common commands - and should in default configurations provide "ls" and "cat"07:39
BhsTalelSo, I can only use Busybox ?07:40
paulgif you want - the primary frustration with that is with "regular unix users" - we expect specific behaviours and specific command switches.07:40
paulgthe busybox versions typically only take a subset of switches, if any at all.07:41
BhsTalelGreat, it is so clear now, thanks alot:)  O:307:41
paulgit may make sense to have busybox in your initramfs, where you don't expect to typically interact with it in a non-automated fashion, and then regular coreutils in your full rootfs - assuming your target has the space for it.07:42
LetoThe2ndas usual, it DEPENDS07:42
BhsTalelYes, I use Busybox for initramfs07:43
BhsTalelSince Busybox has its own configuration and after finding out that statistics favors Busybox over coreutils, I think Busybox is the best choice07:44
LetoThe2ndBhsTalel: is this something that you are facing currently in your day to day work?07:45
BhsTalelI am maintaining a new BSP layer which has custom distros and images, and I am trying to select the default linux commands provider.07:46
LetoThe2ndBhsTalel: would you feel like sharing that experience at the yocto project summit? :-)07:46
paulgmy two most important criteria I'd recommend you consider is 1) will people interact with it at a CLI level, and 2) do I have the flash/storage space for the larger footprint.07:47
LetoThe2ndthis sounds like one of the topics that we "old dogs" often overlook and take as given, so a fresh view shared is much appreciated.07:48
BhsTalelI actually have something else to share, and I am thinking if it is good, I have slides that I usually present to my coworkers about "Full Kernel Support in Yocto" whcih presents the basics of the Linux kernel compilation and steps and the output files, after that I move to Yocto and how it emplements all of that including (out of tree modules07:49
BhsTalelrecipes, device tree recipes, adding new kernel, kernel fragments, ...) and ending with some best practices07:49
BhsTalelCan this be suitable for the summit ?07:49
LetoThe2ndBhsTalel: of course!07:49
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BhsTalelThe slides are made using my companies powerpoint template, is that okay ? Or should I use another ?07:50
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BhsTalelmy company*07:50
LetoThe2ndBhsTalel: we are usually pretty relaxed about it if the content already exists.07:51
BhsTalelSo I can use it as it is (Having the name of my company) ?07:52
LetoThe2ndBhsTalel: usually yes. We might add a generic bumper slide, but in the vast majority of cases it is no problem.07:53
BhsTalelGreat news, how can I submit the slides  ?07:54
qschulzsubmit a proposal there07:55
BhsTalelGreat, I will update the slides properly, and I will submit it.07:58
BhsTalelThanks for giving me the courage , I was thinking about it but I am kinda stressed hhh07:58
qschulzBhsTalel: now that the conferences are online, it's less stressful to me because you're in an environment you know and you don't see hundreds of eyes directed to you :)08:00
qschulzso it's the right time!08:00
BhsTalelYes, that is correct  :]08:01
qschulzBhsTalel: the talk needs to be accepted first, so no need to start updating it now if it's not taken (if presenting to YP Summit is the only reason for updating it of course)08:01
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BhsTalelI need to update it , because it has something related to a specific board example, the board is not open source, so I have to make it generic first08:03
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RPqschulz: I updated the docs with some of your patches, hopefully things look better?08:55
RPqschulz: it did rebuild this time08:55
qschulzRP: did a quick check live, seems to be doing what we want08:56
qschulzthx :)08:57
RPqschulz: ok, good :)08:57
RPqschulz: I wasn't sure whether we needed to wait for michael to get back on the RFCs08:57
qschulz is broken08:58
qschulz(the switchers.js)08:58
qschulzok, all named versions08:58
RPqschulz: ah :(08:58
qschulzle sigh08:59
qschulzwhen will this madness end :(08:59
RPqschulz: I think we're nearly there! ;-)08:59
RPqschulz: I think I'll merge your rfcs as we should make the latest release the default09:00
RPndec: agreed?09:00
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qschulzRP: thinking about it, I'm not even sure the switchers.js worked before for named versions09:01
RPqschulz: I know I'd tried to but perhaps not :/09:02
BhsTalelHello, I can help with writing documentation for Yocto. Just guide me where :]09:02
kp7299[m]Actually , Could anyone confirm me are the master branch of yocto and openembedded both, do both of them curl testsuites in curl folder, as I cant see them even I have switched to master branch and updated to via git pull master09:04
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qschulzRP: don't have an idea right now on how to fix the named versions09:12
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qschulzRP: says 3.3.6 is outdated... but it's not out (it should be 3.3.999)09:12
qschulzRP: is ok because it's actually 3.1.15, but the switcher is broken because it relies on numbered versions to be used to replace the version by another one09:13
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qschulzRP: says 3.4.3 is outdated and 3.4.999 should be used instead...09:14
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kp7299[m]RP: qschulz Just wanted to know are testsuites already being there inside yocto projects for each packages, if they are then where we can find them or with what extension or name they would be present?09:30
qschulzkp7299[m]: recipes are just fetching source code of other upstream projects09:32
qschulzthe testsuites are in the source code of those projects09:33
qschulzso it is NOT available in any layer09:33
qschulzyou need to have a look at the upstream project and check how they are running their testsuites and hook this up to ptest in Yocto09:33
qschulzat least that's my very basic understanding of the task09:34
kp7299[m]upstream project you meant by if curl is there then for curl which repo i need to check, just want to know about this upstream project , just let me know with any example09:36
kp7299[m]And one generalised thing which I know, that I require to see those test suites and try to reproduce those in the automation process, that is via these ptests, thats why I'm trying to find these testsuites09:40
kp7299[m]but regarding this upstream project, I'm unable to understand09:41
kp7299[m]* upstream project which you told qschulz , I'm09:41
qschulzcurl has a testsuite apparently09:42
qschulzyou need to check how this testsuite is run09:42
qschulzthen this "how" you hook to ptest in Yocto09:42
qschulzwith the patchset from 2016/2017 that rburton sent yesterday here, it could probably help you get started09:43
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qschulzI remember an explicit make target call somewhere in the patchset09:44
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qschulzsome curl info can be found in the recipe09:45
qschulz tells you what's the homepage of the project09:45
qschulzthe version we use in master is listed in the recipe name: 7.82.009:45
qschulzyou can also access the sources from your Yocto build after you run bitbake curl or bitbake curl-native09:46
qschulzand then look into tmp/work directory09:46
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RPqschulz: I was just looking into this. Where does the version in _build/html/_static/documentation_options.js come from?09:54
qschulzRP:  wondering if it comes from sphinx itself?09:54
RPqschulz: current_version from maybe?09:55
qschulzI would assume so09:55
RPqschulz: one way to fix this is to inject the verison into conf.py09:58
qschulzRP: what I had in mind for the switcher to work again is to have an array of the named releases09:58
qschulzand strip from docroot if there's a match09:58
qschulzRP: re version injection. tha'ts what's done in master actually. reading from poky,yaml that is generated by set_versions.py10:00
RPqschulz: it isn't injected into poky.conf for current_version though is it?10:03
RPer, s/poky.conf/
RPsimilar letters :/10:03
qschulzit does (on master)10:04
qschulzand then release is set to current_version a few lines below10:04
qschulz would need backporting probably10:05
qschulzfor all branches10:05
qschulzat least all branches would be X.Y.999 now I think10:06
qschulz(if they are not on a tag directly)10:06
qschulzbut the subpath in the URL is still not the same as the version10:06
RPqschulz: ah, so the issue is older releases10:06
qschulzRP: multiple issues sadly10:06
qschulzfor one, hardknott returns 3.3.6 instead of 3.3.99910:07
qschulzsecond, named versions (subpath in the URL e.g. dunfell instead of 3.1.x) breaks the dropdown menu10:08
qschulzbecause it assumes the release from documentation_option is in the subpath10:08
qschulz(it's not, because release would be 3.3.999 for example, but the subpath would be hardknott)10:09
qschulzand third, honister is marked as obsolete (this one should be simple, just a check on whether 999 is in the version and then do not print the warning)10:10
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RPqschulz: how about ?10:24
qschulzRP: mmm, I'd have backported the patches to the branch actually10:25
RPqschulz: I'm ok with patching the branches10:26
qschulzbecause only the branch matters, the of tags should be correct (or fixed with patches)10:26
qschulzRP: I'm a bit worried with mixing changes in master and using the master version of some script and backporting patches10:26
qschulzit's a bit confusing10:26
qschulznot that I have anything better to suggest ATM :/10:27
RPqschulz: I guess I'll work out those patches for the branches then10:27
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paulgwell. this is unfortunate.  New(er) git are actively hostile to "bitbake -c devshell <pkg>"10:30
qschulzRP: I'm on it right now, had an idea :)10:31
RPpaulg: it is because devshell uses fakeroot :(10:31
paulgyeah, I know why it happens.  I'm wondering what is the right way to fix it.10:31
qschulzRP: ah you meant patches for the in older branches?10:32
RPqschulz: yes10:32
qschulzif so, then I'm not working on it10:32
qschulzI'm working on fixing the named releases10:32
paulgI wonder if we can give the devshell the gitconfig for "root" for the whole build dir, or if it has to be on a pkg-per-pkg basis?10:33
*** bps <bps!~bps@> has joined #yocto10:35
RPqschulz: I think those are ok though aren't they?10:38
RPpaulg: not sure :/10:38
RPpaulg: we could alias git to PSEUDO_UNLOAD=1 git10:38
RPwhich is evil but might just work10:38
paulgheh - I can confirm that works.  I can't comment on how evil that is.10:42
qschulzRP: I'll probably do a PoC for the suggestion but was wondering if we couldn't move the migration pages to the transition branch. That way, the references to bitbake docs would point to the correct link (and not need to be updated in case the reference disappears)10:44
RPqschulz: that is worth thinking about10:46
paulgRP, actually that probably isn't so evil at all...10:48
RPpaulg: except files that are created won't be tracked by pseudo so you have the opportunity to mess up pseudo's state if you do "bad" things10:48
RPpaulg: I'm not sure we care10:48
paulgI was thinking - in that you can write commit logs that don't look like "root@..." -- use git send-email and have it source your SMTP settings from $HOME etc.10:49
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RPpaulg: that argument works10:50
paulgI usually use devshell 'cause it is shorter to type than finding the tmp/work/foo/bar/board/baz/version path manually with tab completion10:50
RPpaulg: a kernel dev using a helper environment from a build system?!10:51
RPI guess it is at least terminal based10:52
paulgwell, if I want to test crap with the actual compiler we've built, devshell is still largely the easiest.10:53
* paulg tries to ignore the implicit scorn cast on kernel devs ;-)10:54
RPpaulg: I'm just teasing :)10:54
paulgI know.  I'd do the same.  :-P10:54
* RP is listed in the kernel maintainers file so I can't exactly talk10:55
paulgI removed my entry.  :-)10:55
paulgso now I'm forwarding all my kernel questions to you!10:55
* RP is struggling to understand why his build server is on a totally different IP block than the one he thought it was on10:56
* RP was surprised to get "network unreachable" errors10:56
* RP even wrote this into a config file so I must have intended it at some point10:57
paulgalways fun when you leave booby-traps behind for yourself.10:59
paulg"I'll just change this now temporarily so I can test <blahblah>."11:00
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kp7299[m]<qschulz> "the version we use in master..." <- How to get this version number of a branch which is being cloned to my system, I checked for git describe command,  but I dont find it relevant after result I got11:01
qschulzkp7299[m]: on github you also have releases for 7.82.011:05
kp7299[m]qschulz: But I wanted to check for the present release which I have on my machine, because I was unable to see all patches in curl folder which were there in hinisyter but not in mastter11:06
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kp7299[m]So in that context also, I just wanted to know that if there is some other command too for checking version of present branch11:07
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qschulzkp7299[m]: I assume curl got updated since honister and thus the patches were not needed anymore11:10
kp7299[m]ok, and each ptest-runner i can see the developer has written cd tests, I was trying to figure out where that tests folder reside for that particular testsuite, so in this context , I was checking whole things11:13
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kp7299[m]<qschulz> "you can also access the sources..." <- But would these let me know about those testsuites?11:28
RPqschulz: patches sent, see what you think. I can't easily carry these locally :/11:30
qschulzRP: the unfortunate timing :D11:30
RPqschulz: they can though, gatesgarth is11:31
RPqschulz: we want the version set correctly on these anyway11:31
RPqschulz: I guess within a series they can't be11:32
qschulzRP: not following you sorry, can you give a bit more context on what you're asking?11:32
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@> has joined #yocto11:33
RPqschulz: I was meaning that gatesgarth can be an obsolete series, but as you say, .999 will never be obsolete within a given series11:33
RPqschulz: I was saying that I think my patches are needed to set the version correctly on the tip of branch docs anyway11:33
qschulzRP: yes! the patch I linked just above was because I sent it as an RFC because I had no patch available to test it yet :)11:35
qschulzbut your patch series and this patch are required in order to work11:35
qschulzbut now I can test it11:35
qschulzthat was all there was about the "unfortunate timing"11:36
RPqschulz: I understand now11:36
RPqschulz: if we agree my patches to the branches are ok I can get those in and then yours can follow11:36
qschulzthe non-RFC one can be taken already, they don't depend on your series11:36
qschulzRP: and others in the same thread (don't know how to show them at once on the web interface :/)11:38
*** troth <troth!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)11:41
kp7299[m]<qschulz> "you can also access the sources..." <- For what purpose, do i need to do this?11:45
RPqschulz: sent a couple of review comments, just so you know I pay attention :)11:46
RPqschulz: I wasn't going to sent the comment on 1/3 until I noticed something on 3/3 which I think may need tweaking11:46
qschulzRP: hehe thanks :)11:50
qschulzI'll send new versions and review your patches later, got a vet appointment soon11:50
qschulzping me if I haven't said anything by tomorrow11:51
RPqschulz: ok, I can't really hold mine locally the way I have them so I'll figure something out11:51
RP(there is a big risk I push something by accident given my scripts)11:51
qschulzRP: it's alright, we have them on the mailing list, that's enough for me :)11:52
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)11:54
*** nemik <nemik!> has joined #yocto11:54
*** mckoan|away is now known as mckoan11:54
*** ptsneves <ptsneves!~ptsneves@2a00:f41:487c:d8ff:4d13:532e:284d:9b84> has joined #yocto11:56
*** nemik <nemik!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)11:58
ptsnevesHey guys. I wonder if you could help me figure out what i am missing in the docs that might explain the behavior:11:59
ptsnevesImagine i have packages called ${PN}-healthcheck and it contains systemd services. Why d.getVar works for SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-healthcheck_class-devel_append but not for SYSTEMD_SERVICE_append_class-devel_${PN}-healthcheck?11:59
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto11:59
rburtonbecause append is special and that's not how variables work12:00
ptsnevesso append should always come at the end?12:00
qschulzptsneves: the order of overrides matters12:02
*** troth <troth!> has joined #yocto12:04
ptsnevesqschulz thanks! I am looking at it! I found that it does not, if you do not consider an append an override as in defined in OVERRIDES. Can you clarify?12:05
rburtonptsneves: append and remove go first.  OVERRIDES is the list of extra overrides, append and remove are override operators12:08
qschulzptsneves: the issue here I believe is that Bitbake  expects a SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-healthcheck variable12:10
qschulzso ${PN}-healthceck is technically not an override12:10
RPqschulz: it is when it is in OVERRIDES12:10
qschulz(I'm not entirely sure but I believe package names are not overrides?)12:11
RPqschulz: we do put the package name into OVERRIDES in some pieces of code12:11
qschulzRP: systemd.bbclass looks for SYSTEMD_SERVICE:${PN}-healthcheck though?12:11
qschulzRP: ack, thanks for clarification12:11
RPqschulz: right, that is a piece of code where it isn't in OVERRIDES12:11
* kp7299[m] uploaded an image: (21KiB) < >12:12
kp7299[m]A small question , would this be right way to add multiple EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES  in build, as presently , I just directly want to try for any one target for ptests then would go ahead with curl to implement for it, just trying to figure out flow in whole project...12:12
ptsnevesRP  so this means that the code where d.getVar(SYSTEMD_SERVICE_ + pkg) will be interpreted as a literal, due to the pkg not being in overrides. As it is a literal, the _append would be interpreted as being part of the package name, and d.getVar would fail to find such a variable. Is this interpretation correct?12:15
RPptsneves: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_append_class-devel_${PN}-healthcheck means the SYSTEMD_SERVICE is appended with the value when the overrides class-devel and ${PN}-healthcheck  are active12:18
RPptsneves: the variable "SYSTEMD_SERVICE_ + pkg" is never set in that case12:19
RPSYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-healthcheck_class-devel_append on the other hand means SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-healthcheck_class-devel is appeneded to if neither are in OVERRIDES, SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-healthcheck is appended to if class-devel is in OVERRIDES and SYSTEMD_SERVICE is appended to if both are in overrides12:20
rburtonkp7299[m]: space separated list, so = "debug-tweaks ptest-pkgs"12:20
RPpaulg: did you have a patch for the devshell fix?12:21
kp7299[m]rburton: ok12:21
paulgRP, I can if you think the idea won't break other use cases.12:24
RPpaulg: git is totally broken now so I think it can only improve it12:24
rburtonkp7299[m]: documents how it works12:25
paulgof course I've no idea where the devshell env is set up, so I hope you aren;t in a rush...  some grepping is in order for a kernel-centric gomer like me.12:25
RPpaulg: I wonder what disaster that statement will now induce :)12:25
kp7299[m]And I seriously dont know, till yesterday everything was going good, else I'm just suspicious about branch changes which i had made since yesterday, And I saw these things, but dont know what exact reason is for these variable change:12:27
* kp7299[m] uploaded an image: (36KiB) < >12:27
RPpaulg: we setup the environment in meta/classes/devshell.bbclass but I don't know whether we can create the alias from the environment?12:29
paulgya just readin that file now12:29
ptsnevesRP got it. I just had a look at the OVERRIDES output of '-e -c package' and indeed, ${PN}-healthcheck or any ${PN}* for that matter, are not in OVERRIDES. Thus this explains my situation. Only class-devel was set for my case. Thank you12:29
ptsnevesby the way in bitbake/lib/bb/tests/ there is an overwritten(dupplicated) "test_parse_overrides". If i understand correctly the first definition will not be ran. Is this understanding correct?12:31
RPptsneves: correct, that is a bug12:36
paulgRP, here is a thought.  Assuming we'll see more similar issues ... we could have a devshell path (with suitable wrappers) put in front of the "normal" path.  Not sure if that makes things any easier than an "alias" approach...12:36
RPpaulg: that is another way to solve it, yes. We do have a few directories like that in scripts/ already12:36
derRichardcan i disable fakeroot for a target? i don't want that do_install of my recipe runs unter fakeroot.12:39
derRichardi hoped that this will do the trick:12:39
derRicharddo_install[fakeroot] = "0"12:39
derRichardbut didn't ;-\12:39
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)12:39
RPderRichard: try d.delVarFlag('do_install', 'fakeroot')12:39
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto12:39
rburtonderRichard: why would you want that?12:40
RPderRichard: I suspect there is code setting that in anon python12:40
RPderRichard: be warned that things will break though12:40
RPptsneves: I've sent a patch for it12:40
derRichardrburton: long story short, the application runs git while building (and install target) and recent git is broken under fakeroot:
derRichardi need to unbreak the build pipeline ;-\12:41
rburtonset PSEUDO_DISABLE=1 before invoking the bit that runs git12:41
RPderRichard: use the wrapper approach I'm talking with paulg about12:41
RPrburton: PSEUDO_UNLOAD=112:41
ptsnevesRP thanks! I was looking at some of the tests, as they actually touch the situations we talked about12:41
rburtonRP: yeah that :)12:42
RPptsneves: someone copy and pasted a test badly, may have been me, didn't check12:42
* paulg chuckles12:42
kp7299[m]<qschulz> "you can also access the sources..." <- I got your point for this, you just wanted to say about bitbake <target> right? But presently I'm just seeking for testsuites  and ptest nothing else12:42
derRichardPSEUDO_DISABLED or PSEUDO_UNLOAD looks also good12:44
kp7299[m]> <> you can also access the sources from your Yocto build after you run bitbake curl or bitbake curl-native12:45
kp7299[m] * I got your point for this, you just wanted to say about bitbake \<target> right? But presently I'm just seeking for testsuites  and ptest nothing else, might be that's why I was unable to get context12:45
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derRichardrburton: RP: FYI, in my case the least invasive fix was adding PSEUDO_DISABLED=1 before calling git in our build script12:59
selffhi, everyone. i have been struggling with this problem for 2 weeks :
selffany ideas or suggestions?13:00
selffsomeone here told me to build opencv in yocto runtime. i tried but no change.13:01
rburtonselff: all i can say is run profiling tools and see what the diffeernces are13:02
ptsneves23selff "cool" problem. Yep you need to profile. Also can it be that there is some hardware acceleration kernel module not installed in the yocto side?13:05
*** xmn <xmn!> has joined #yocto13:06
*** tgamblin_ <tgamblin_!~tgamblin@2607:fea8:c29f:f340:3e23:7b8e:19af:c1c> has joined #yocto13:16
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*** Minvera <Minvera!~Minvera@user/Minvera> has joined #yocto13:32
rber|resHey - are you aware that this is down?
rburtonuse instead13:43
qschulzrburton: how long does it take for patches to appear there?13:44
qschulzthe ones sent today aren't there13:45
qschulzsame on lore.kernel.org13:45
selffrburton ptsneves23 i did sysbench both raspbian and yocto.cpu, memory seem normal, but there is a difference in thread tests.Does this prove anything?13:45
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto13:49
ptsneves23nope. When talking about benchmarching i was meaning running a profiler on the binary itself. Like with gprof if using the GCC toolchain. Even so, before that I would check the driver for the TPU. Can you compare lsmod output in yocto vs raspbian?13:49
selffsure, i can13:51
rburtonperf will be able to tell you if something is taking a lot more CPU13:52
rburtonmaybe meta-rpi is missing some hardware enabling that nobody has noticed, or raspian has some closed source blobs that are not in meta-rpi13:52
selffthere are different things when i do lsmod. but i dont know how to compare. what exactly should i look for?14:06
*** BhsTalel <BhsTalel!~BhsTalel@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)14:06
*** hcg <hcg!~hcg@> has joined #yocto14:07
selffptsneves23 i forgot to tag you.14:12
RPsakoman: that kirkstone patchset looks quite heavy? :/14:15
sakomanRP: are there any in particular you are concerned with?14:16
sakomanRP: I went back and forth on the zlib one, but decided to see what people thought14:17
ptsneves23can you sort and provide a diff to a pastebin?14:17
sakomanRP: The other upgrades are all security/bug fixes and I added change logs to the commit messages where they were missing14:18
RPsakoman: rburton deliberately didn't send the zlib one for kirkstone, I could have merged differently :/14:20
RPsakoman: I guess I was thinking bug fixes would be on request rather than those upgrades but I guess see what others think14:20
sakomanRP: OK, I can drop that one!14:20
RPsakoman: see what others think, I was just a bit surprised14:20
RPsakoman: makes you wonder if we shouldn't scrap rc3 given the large list14:20
sakomanRP: Maybe I set my filter a little too low!14:21
RPsakoman: makes me feel I'm getting the release wrong14:21
selffptsneves23 i didnt quite understand what you mean. im new to the software world :D14:21
qschulzselff: lsmod | sort and copy-paste on a pastebin (a website where one can save plain text)14:22
sakomanRP: Nah, I don't think you got the release wrong.  The bug/security fixes keep rolling in no matter what our release schedule is!14:22
ptsneves23qschulz exactly. Thank you :)14:22
sakomanRP: that's why we need a maintainer post release!14:22
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)14:23
rburtoni saw libinput had a new CVE this morning, always something new...14:24
selffptsneves23  yocto = , rpi4(raspbian) =
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto14:25
*** Tokamak <Tokamak!~Tokamak@> has quit IRC (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)14:26
selffptsneves23 i forgot to do sort, sorry :'(14:26
ptsneves23heheh no worries i amdoing it :)14:27
RPsakoman: I guess my other concern is gcc 12 isn't out yet. Some of the fixes have turned out not to be needed in the past14:28
sakomanRP: OK happy to drop those too.  I was trying to get ahead of breakage, but I guess I jumped the gun!14:29
RPsakoman: it is probably fine, you just have a different perspective I guess14:29
*** troth <troth!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)14:30
*** akiCA <akiCA!~akiCA@user/akica> has joined #yocto14:31
ptsneves23selff from the lsmod i do not see any relevant issue. Have you had a look at
ptsneves23in yocto do you have the max frequency setting software?14:34
qschulzRP: mmmm... I do not understand why documentation_options.js has a dev version for the default version... it should be 3.4.314:35
qschulz(to be clear, I do not reproduce locally...)14:35
selffptsneves23  i check there. i tried with libedgetpu1-std which is working on rpi4(raspbian) and getting 20-22fps. on the yocto side, i get 11-13 fps with libedgetpu1-std.14:38
selffwhen i tried max frequency on yocto side, only 3-4 fps increased.14:38
ptsneves23ok then i am out of my depth. My apologies. I need to leave. Good luck and try the profiling.14:40
selffptsneves23 ty so much. have a nice day.14:40
rburtonselff: run the benckmark under perf, compare the profile14:43
rburtonwould be nice if rpi cared enough to actually maintain meta-rpi, but they don't14:44
*** ptsneves23 <ptsneves23!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)14:44
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*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@user/bcmm> has joined #yocto14:47
selffrburton okay i wil try and let you know when i finish. i googled perf. is it performance counters for linux right? i earn something new from you every time i come here, so i want to say thank you.14:51
*** troth <troth!> has joined #yocto14:51
rburtonyeah, it's a tool to get performance data14:53
Saur[m]Is there any way to get bitbake to help identify what is causing `ERROR: When reparsing, the basehash value changed from X to Y. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.`? The suggested `-Snone` and `-Sprintdiff` aren't very helpful... :(14:59
Tartarusif you aren't editing and saving the file while it's being parsed/used, the next thing is to see what variables you're using inside of do_install15:00
TartarusSomething in there keeps changing15:00
JaMaSaur[m]: I usually run -S none multiple times, save the sigdata files (like scripts/ does) and then compare what changed between the runs15:02
smurrayI’ve seen recipes manually sticking timestamps in variables cause it a couple of times15:02
LetoThe2ndsmurray: yeah15:06
qschulztypically DATETIME15:06
qschulzT_UNIX[m]: howdy15:06
LetoThe2ndSaur[m]: i think i got the final hint by bitbake-diffsigs last time15:06
T_UNIX[m]I'm a bit confused. An image I've generated contains `/bin/sh`, while the sysroot inside the sdk I generated for this image (i.e. `bitbake $image -c populate_sdk`) does _not_ provide said shell.15:07
qschulzRP: If I didn't introduce one more regression, pretty happy with what we did today. Still don't understand why release is dev in documentation.js for the default branch on Next step will be to make a switchers.js for Bitbake15:07
Saur[m]JaMa: Hmm, there does not seem to be any differences if I run with `-Snone` multiple times. It just reports the same task hashes as mismatches over and over.15:08
qschulzRP: also, your wip branch made it to :D
RPqschulz: let me delete that!15:10
qschulzwhich makes me happy because it means the auto-detection mechanism works :)15:10
RPqschulz: should disappear soon15:10
RPqschulz: should I merge my branch changes to sort the 999 versioning? we could then and the comment you mention as a follow up?15:11
qschulzRP: works for me :)15:12
RPqschulz: done. I do think we're slowly getting somewhere with this, thanks for the help15:13
paulgRP, derRichard - y'all get what you get for asking a kernel guy to stick his nose into python.
* qschulz hi5 RP15:14
derRichardpaulg: :-)15:15
* RP hi5 qschulz15:17
RPpaulg: looks fine to me, thanks! :)15:20
RPpaulg: since you're bringing me kernel questions, do I bring my python questions to you now? :)15:21
* kp7299[m] uploaded an image: (91KiB) < >15:21
kp7299[m]Anyone faced these failures while doing bitbake curl-native15:22
paulgRP, you can if you want - I just won't promise what you get in return.15:22
qschulzkp7299[m]: it's a summary we cannot do anything from this, the actual errors are important15:23
kp7299[m]There is a long list of errors15:23
qschulzalso please use a pastebin (select the text, copy and paste on a website which saves plain text)15:23
kp7299[m]I dont know how I could even send them15:23
kp7299[m]Yes, that would be better15:24
qschulzkp7299[m]: did you follow the documentation?15:24
qschulzwhich explains which distros are supported and which packages need to be installed on your host distribution15:24
kp7299[m]I had earlier already done with bitbake core-image-minimal15:26
kp7299[m] And that time there no errors and even have written just one recipe where yesterday i was facing issue, so basic steps i had done and those only i was following for this15:26
kp7299[m]Thats why I was feeling why such a red zonned screen15:27
*** GLumen <GLumen!> has joined #yocto15:28
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selffrburton i installed perf but i dont know what to test specifically. which command should i use? one of them record because of recording the profile into is there anything you suggest i add?15:31
kp7299[m]qschulz: Here's the pastebin link:
agherzankhem: what do you think about Would it make sense to try to upstream it? I guess people could argue that it is configuration.15:33
qschulzkp7299[m]: I assume you had a network blip at one point15:34
qschulzhowever the missing files is surprising15:34
qschulzkp7299[m]: can you simply remove tmp/work and tmp/work-shared and restart bitbake?15:35
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)15:44
*** nemik <nemik!> has joined #yocto15:44
kp7299[m]<qschulz> "kp7299: can you simply remove..." <- Alright, I'll do so, Although I feel there shouldnt be any network issues, like it wont be ever possible to have network issue on those machines15:48
*** nemik <nemik!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)15:49
*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto15:49
rburtonselff: google has lots of guides to using perf to get profiles15:50
selffrburton i think i asked wrong. i just wanted to ask if you have anything specific to recommend. im doing it by looking at google right now.15:55
rburtonselff: no idea.  just get profiles for both and see what the differences are.15:56
selffrburton thank youuu15:56
*** falk0n[m] <falk0n[m]!~falk0nmat@2001:470:69fc:105::ce60> has quit IRC (Quit: You have been kicked for being idle)16:00
kp7299[m]Earlier there were 17 errors for bitbake curl, now there are 16 , still unable to get why these are there for curl: qschulz16:10
kp7299[m]I have deleted tmp and then again did bitbake curl16:10
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)16:11
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:12
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rburtonkp7299[m]: the path starts "home/" so you're missing a leading / somewhere16:16
*** Schlumpf <Schlumpf!~Schlumpf@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)16:16
*** vvn <vvn!> has joined #yocto16:16
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rburtonwhen you find out what you missed, sending a patch to sanity check that would be really helpful16:17
*** vvn <vvn!> has joined #yocto16:18
kp7299[m]Presently this is on honister branch, then would it go as patch?16:18
kp7299[m]Because on master branch I just got those variable change errors, So I have build all this on another system but this time branch I hadnt switched to master16:23
kp7299[m]<rburton> "when you find out what you..." <- It worked16:29
kp7299[m]But now thing is it is on honister branch not on master branch and I got those variable change errors when I had switched to master branch: rburton16:33
*** rfuentess <rfuentess!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:35
rburtonkp7299[m]: re-run oe-init-build-env16:42
rburtonyou'll most likely need to use a new terminal for that16:42
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!~gsalazar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)16:46
khemrburton:  the hafnium issue is perhaps seen by me because I am enabling ptest16:55
khemhere there is a patch added to optee to remove -Wmissing-noreturn from clang commandline to fix same problem that hafnium has16:56
kp7299[m]<rburton> "you'll most likely need to use a..." <- ok, i'll duplicate that terminal and rerun that after changing to master16:56
khemthe patch I did is to keep the warning around but define noreturn attribute if needed16:57
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)16:57
khemsince we are on fairly modern compilers this should be fine16:57
khemrburton:  see 🙂16:59
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*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto17:29
BhsTalelHello, I am trying to start a shell on initramfs image bundled in the kernel image, but I got error:17:32
BhsTalel[    2.439980] Run /init as init process17:32
BhsTalel[    2.443665] Failed to execute /init (error -13)17:32
BhsTalel[    2.465728] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000017:32
BhsTalel[    2.473398] CPU: 0 PID: 1 Comm: sh Not tainted 5.4.24-2.1.0+g40df4fb3e #117:32
BhsTalelHere is the content of my /init:17:32
BhsTalel#!/bin/busybox sh17:32
BhsTalelmkdir -p /proc17:32
BhsTalelmount -t proc proc /proc17:32
BhsTalelmkdir -p /dev17:32
BhsTaleldo_mknod /dev/console c 5 117:32
BhsTaleldo_mknod /dev/null c 1 317:32
BhsTaleldo_mknod /dev/zero c 1 517:32
BhsTalelexec sh17:32
BhsTalelI think the problem is in (init) but I am not figuring it out.17:32
BhsTaleldo_mknod() {17:34
BhsTalel test -e "$1" || mknod "$1" "$2" "$3" "$4"17:34
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T_UNIX[m]what is one supposed to do to add a `/bin/sh` provider (package) to the SDK's sysroot? Adding i.e. busybox to the image for which the sdk is populated seems to be unsufficient.20:33
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khemT_UNIX do you intend it for target or sdk host20:35
khemzeddii We need something like for 5.15 with gcc1220:35
khemI wonder if there is a standard fragment20:36
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amahnui[m]``` ```21:09
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vvnCan systemd-machine-units be appended with custom scripts for the service files too or is it purely intended for unit files only?21:53
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reatmonIs there something going on the the Yocto project Patchwork server?  We keep seeing patches that are sent to our mailing list that take a really long time to show up in the database..23:32
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