Tuesday, 2024-02-06

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mischiefdoes devtool not work with repos with git submodules?04:24
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Guest85how to add gstreamer1.20 with dunfell for riscv?06:05
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Guest85how to add gstreamer1.20 with dunfell fro riscv07:10
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Martin42Good morning community, can someone help me to understand how I compile a package split manually? For example "systemd-journal-remote" from systemd.bb? If I try to bitbake it directly I get this error: "bitbake systemd-journal-remote ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'systemd-journal-remote'. Close matches: systemd RPROVIDES systemd-journal-remote"08:17
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kanavinmischief, devtool has no maintainer. If you want to fix things, patches are welcome.09:02
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kanavinMartin42, bitbake builds recipes, not packages. You need to run bitbake systemd09:02
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Martin42kanavin thanks, but how do I enable that package to be built?09:15
XogiumINIT_MANAGER = "systemd" in your distro config or local.conf if you haven't made your own distro yet09:16
Xogiumthis will switch to systemd and you should get pretty much all of it including the journald remote tool09:17
Xogiumas far as I understand anyway09:18
kanavinI think just 'bitbake systemd' should produce the package. If this doesn't happen, you need to look into log.do_configure/log.do_compile for systemd09:19
XogiumI mean it should but if you want that journal remote tool, then it kind of make sense to use systemd as init manager09:19
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XogiumI'm not sure if you can just install the remote journal stuff09:20
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Martin42Xogium thanks, systemd is already enabled and works as init manager in my custom image.09:25
Xogiumhmm, it must be a feature one has to turn on in some way09:25
Martin42kanavin I found my error, you have to enable the PACKAGECONFIG:append = " microhttpd" to enable the journal-remote package.09:26
kanavinyeah, I thought it's something non-default09:26
Xogiumyeah, my bad ! ^^09:26
Xogiumwell, at least I tried to help09:26
Martin42Xogium I didn't read the recipe carefully enough ^^ the packageconfig is not "journal-remote", rather its the microhttpd dependency which triggers the package ^^09:26
Xogiumyeah, that makes sense09:27
XogiumI hadn't thought of that either, tbh09:27
Martin42Thanks kanavin and Xogium for your help :-)09:27
kanavinMartin42, just want to stress again reading the configure/compile logs for recipes is an essential yocto skill, otherwise you're going to be puzzled like this all the time09:27
kanavinand systemd source tree would probably also reveal what conditions need to hold true for building that item, particularly meson config files09:29
derRichardis there a good way to get TARGET_SYS for the lib32 multilib variant within a recipe? i need both TARGET_SYS for 64-bits and 32-bits in a recipe.09:29
Martin42kanavin thanks for the recommondations!09:30
kanavinderRichard, it helps if you explain why09:34
derRichardkanavin: i need to set CONFIG_CROSS_COMPILE_COMPAT for a kernel build09:35
RPderRichard: there is all_multilib_tune_values() but I worry about telling you that since it is quite heavy overhead09:35
derRichardlooks like i'm the first one that needs arm64's CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO in yocto :-D09:35
kanavinderRichard, TARGET_SYS can be obtained with ${TARGET_SYS}, no?09:36
kanavinah, you need them both09:36
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derRichardRP: thanks for the hint, all_multilib_tune_values() looks handy :-)09:41
RPderRichard: try not to rely on it too much :/09:41
RPI say this as someone who knows how it actually works09:42
derRichardRP: :-S09:42
derRichardwhat would be a sane way to get CONFIG_CROSS_COMPILE_COMPAT set?09:42
RPgood question, that function call probably does make sense to be honest. I'd just be wary of using it too much09:44
RPMULTILIB_VARIANTS and some other variables are setup by the core multilib classes but whether anything there is usable for your case I'm not sure09:44
RPand that isn't the actual libdir. You could put "lib64" in /usr/lib32 :)09:45
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RPJaMa: the timing for https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/56/builds/2496/steps/12/logs/stdio to appear is funny!10:34
RPthanks for the patch, I didn't think we tested that anywhere now10:35
derRichardRP: i kind of expected to get full paths to gcc's via all_multilib_tune_values(d, 'GCC') :-D10:46
derRichardSTAGING_BINDIR_TOOLCHAIN looks more useful10:46
RPderRichard: GCC is a bitbake variable and that function expands the variable in each multilib context10:47
RPso yes, if you want the paths...10:47
derRichardin my case all_multilib_tune_values(d, 'GCC') returns an empty string.10:48
RPderRichard: the recipe defines GCC iirc ?10:48
RPso if you don't define it, that would be expected10:49
derRichardhm. there seems to be more magic involved than i have expected10:50
RPderRichard: you took that from the packagegroup-cross-canadian recipe, which has GCC = "gcc-cross-canadian-${TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH}"10:51
RPthat code then says to expand that variable in each multilib context an return the result10:52
derRichardah, i should have read what all_multilib_tune_values() actually does. :-S10:52
RPrecipes can't normally look into each other's context. That function does some horrible magic to try and get multiple multilib values10:53
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JaMaRP: maybe github killed it a bit later than announced 2014-01-08 so it started to fail just now11:06
JaMa2024 even11:07
RPJaMa: yes, quite likely, I just found the timing fun :)11:08
JaMaeverytime I run selftest something new starts failing :)11:08
JaMathat's why I don't run it so often11:09
RPJaMa: I think in this case you were unlucky! We do test on the AB continually11:10
JaMayeah I'm not saying that selftest is broken most of the time, just that I break something just by running it :)11:23
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RPJaMa: a good skill for QA :)11:51
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JaMaanyone familiar with npm and shrinkwrap to discuss a new selftest for npmsw fetcher?12:12
* RP sends the "delete BBFILE_PRIORITY" patch12:16
JaMathat was quick from crazy idea to usable patch :)12:18
RPJaMa: I'm trying to resist just merging it now :)12:19
JaMathat's crazy -> and the circle is closed :)12:19
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RPJaMa: what surprises me on this on a bit is that I've yet to have someone say they dislike the idea12:21
JaMawill need to rename our BBFILE_PRIORITY support in mcf to BBLAYERS_POSITION or something :)12:21
RPJaMa: yes, I was wondering about that12:21
JaMamost people who will complain later don't read ML (or at least not as often as us here)12:21
RPI've decided I'm not worrying about them, they're the ones who will be "abusing" this anyway12:22
JaMabut in the end P_V works well when BBFILE_PRIORITY is dropped, so this is much easier to avoid than BBPATH order12:22
JaMaas there is no priority for .bbclass and .inc file other than right order or abusing BBMASK even more (than we have to thanks to evil BSP vendors)12:24
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RPJaMa: right, one step at a time. That is a different discussion and not so straight forward12:24
JaMaFWIW: I've sent the fixes for OSE WARNINGS and they will be in the next OSE release (not sure when)12:25
RPJaMa: great, thanks!12:26
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thomas_34Hi guys, has someone also trouble with pseudo-natvie do_fetch? WARNING: pseudo-native-1.9.0+gitAUTOINC+c9670c27ff-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://git.yoctoproject.org/pseudo;branch=oe-core, attempting MIRRORS if available13:29
rburtonthomas_34: does https://git.yoctoproject.org/pseudo/log/?h=oe-core work in a browser?13:30
thomas_34rburton, yes it does13:31
rburtontry again, and if it continues to fail read the actual log.do_fetch13:31
thomas_34Yes, Sir! :)13:31
thomas_34rburton after 5-8 minutes it runs through. The do_fetch log is pretty long (800 lines). There are a lot of failed attempts. Do you want the log?13:37
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rburtondid it fail again?13:38
thomas_34WARNING: pseudo-native-1.9.0+gitAUTOINC+c9670c27ff-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://git.yoctoproject.org/pseudo;branch=oe-core, attempting MIRRORS if available13:39
thomas_34This is the warning I got at second execute of bitbake13:39
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rburtonread the log and find the error where it failed. a lot of it is verbose logging of patch resolution and stuff and can be skimmed13:40
thomas_34rburton: Here is the first thing: fatal: unable to connect to git.yoctoproject.org: git.yoctoproject.org[0:]: errno=Connection timed out13:43
thomas_34After that it tries to use a bunch of mirrors, until it finds something working.13:44
thomas_34Resolving downloads.yoctoproject.org...
thomas_34The IP-Addresses are different. Maybe its a DNS-Problem?13:45
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rburtonthomas_34: looks like your networking is having problems13:47
rburtonthe IPs are different because git != downloads13:48
rburtonthat nam resolves to that IP for me, and a clone works fine.13:49
rburtonbut if it fetched from the mirror, at least it can carry on13:49
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thomas_34Okay, so your clone from git.yoctoproject.org works? Then indeed I have a weird problem here...13:51
thomas_34Yes it can... thanks for your support13:52
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Guest73Yocto branch master, new recipe to install new service and using SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE and once flashed … service not enabled13:54
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rburtondid you install the recipe into the image?13:54
Guest73Was kind of wondering why as that recipe worked in dunfell …13:54
Guest73rburton: yes of course13:55
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Guest73The service file is there in /lib:systemd/system simply not enabled and therefore not executed13:57
rburtonGuest73: did you change _ to : because of the override syntax change?13:57
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Guest73rburton: recipe: https://pastebin.com/by1fZD9314:01
rburtonyou need to use : not _ in the SYSTEMD_SERVICE override14:03
Guest73Ah ok oops oversight … so sorry14:03
Guest73What about SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE?14:08
rburtonyou're enabling globally so it doesn't matter14:08
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yoctonrburton: how long do you usualy give to the NVD to update a CVE before handling the CVE with CVE_STATUS?14:19
rburtonyocton: a week before poking them with a sharper stick14:19
* yocton go buy a stick sharpener14:20
yoctonrburton: thanks!14:20
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RPyocton: the cve summary was really nice, thanks14:25
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yoctonRP: I'm glad you like it! :). That's 9 CVEs were we can do something (I'm on it)14:26
RPyocton: I figured there were some issues in there, particularly the qemu ones. thanks :)14:27
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*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has joined #yocto14:41
Ad0seems like have work ahead of me working with the new append/remove stuff14:42
Ad0did anyone make a script to change the syntax? :D14:42
Ad0damn it modified all the source files as well...14:47
landgrafJaMa: same here. I've managed to break almost everything during my first week at new job just by running/using in readonly mode. Fixing it now :D14:48
*** speeder <speeder!~speeder__@> has joined #yocto14:48
*** simonew <simonew!~ile@2a02:810d:a940:35fc:c2e8:95f9:9e44:640b> has joined #yocto14:56
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simonewyocton, I saw your mail on the lists for the CVEs and your plannend actions => I can take some of those. Just say which you started, or I could take CVE-2023-52356(tiff), CVE-2023-38559  ghostscript, binutils with CVE-2023-25584 and glibc on master (CVE-2023-6246)15:07
*** speeder <speeder!~speeder__@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)15:07
yoctonsimonew: I can gladly give you the glibc update :)15:08
yoctonI'm currently spamming the NVD15:09
simonewhihi :) ok so you will take for the NVD and CVE_STATUS?15:11
simonewI will then see what I can get done for stuff were ports are needed15:11
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Ad0I get "No recipes in default available for" for I know they exist !15:15
Ad0in my layer: /recipes-bsp/bootfiles/bootfiles.bbappend - in the meta-raspberrypi: meta-raspberrypi/recipes-bsp/bootfiles/rpi-config_git.bb15:15
Ad0oops I see it now lol15:16
Ad0it has been renamed to rpi-bootfiles.bb15:16
yoctonLooks like CVE_STATUS will only be necessary if the NVD does not update in the next few (2?) weeks. I'll take pinging the NVD for CVE-2023-6246/glibc (if necessary).15:17
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simonewFor glibc/ CVE-2023-6246  a fix on master is not needed as we have 2.39 on master since 5 hours. Should we update dunfell?15:21
*** Dr_Who <Dr_Who!~tgall@> has joined #yocto15:21
*** speeder <speeder!~speeder__@> has joined #yocto15:22
simonewOk dunfell is not affected as well, so glibc CVE requires no further action.15:24
simonewyocton, I would then check tiff now15:27
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yoctonsimonew: okay. I still have a pair of NVD mail to send15:31
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has quit IRC (Quit: SIGSEGV)15:39
yoctonsimonew: I'll try the qemu backport for CVE-2023-669315:39
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has quit IRC (Quit: jmiehe)15:49
simonewyocton, ok then I believe besides linux-yocto and the other qemu points all is already splitted? Most seem issues with NVD... CVE_STATUS one can set mid feb if NVD does not update16:01
yoctonsimonew: did you do something for tiff?16:03
* JaMa got first build failure due to BBFILE_PRIORITY but is still happy to add P_V to avoid it16:03
simonewyocton, yeah test is ongoing, patch comes if ok16:04
simonewThe rest of the issues have no fix (merged upstream). About linux-yocto I do not know how the approach would be16:06
yoctonsimonew: yeah, that's it for today :)16:06
yoctonfor linux-yocto the approach is usualy to wait until this is fixed on the stable branches we use16:07
simonewyocton, ok then let's wait. We can do so same next week, if wanted16:08
yoctonOnce this is fixed, it is picked up by a script made by Ross that update CVE_STATUS for them (We pretty much have given up on NVD having a clean database for kernel)16:09
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*** eicke <eicke!~eicke@> has joined #yocto16:24
yoctonsimonew: CVE-2023-6693/qemu fix has already been backported by upstream (<3), I've sent the NVD change request :). And that's it for today. (I most likely won't be able to do the same next week but you never know...)16:26
yoctonsimonew: I'll wait for your tiff patch and send an update on list. Thank you :-)16:27
*** eicke <eicke!~eicke@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)16:27
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*** eicke_ <eicke_!~hechte@> has joined #yocto16:28
simonewyocton: Ok, I can take over the list as you did today for master next week. The rest we'll see16:29
simonewAaand I have a random question now: is anyone actually running syzkaller on a yocto based distro. I see there is a recipe for it in meta-openembedded, are there any public instances for it?16:33
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@> has joined #yocto16:38
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dl9pfRP: bbappend ordering change: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/xUP8USBm/17:40
dl9pfbetter take the inverse: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/mDTPv9rF/17:40
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RPdl9pf: there is potentially risk there :/17:53
RPdl9pf: what might be interesting is to do a "bitbake XXX -S none" save locked-sigs.inc, remove the priorities, then run it again and compare the locked-sigs.inc17:53
RPdl9pf: that would say which recipes actually changed hash as a result of the change17:53
RPwhere XXX is world or something17:54
Ad0do I have to do do_install:append:machine now or does do_install:append_machine still work in kirkstone ?18:09
JaMaRP: FWIW: I've found 3 recipes which used to have newer PV in our layers, but now they are older and not easy to upgrade (but easy to continue using the older one with P_V) and now getting similar issues with .bbappend ordering as dl9pf reported (causing real build issues)18:10
Ad0it seems like I have to use : on machine as well18:10
JaMaI've already forgot about https://git.openembedded.org/bitbake/commit/?id=2dc862237dba82da37c8ac9289e0a21409b1305c18:10
JaMaAd0: : for all overrides, you need to list our own overrides when calling the conversion script18:12
Ad0is there any documentation for this?18:12
JaMarelease migration in documentation18:13
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian@> has joined #yocto18:15
Ad0yeah I read https://docs.yoctoproject.org/4.0.15/migration-guides/migration-4.0.html but maybe I am blind. no documentation on the script other than mentioning it ?18:16
Ad0"A convert-variable-renames.py script is provided to convert your recipes and configuration, and also warns you about the use of problematic words. The script performs changes and you need to review them before committing. An example warning looks like:18:16
JaMaAd0: because it was introduced in honister not kirkstone, see https://docs.yoctoproject.org/4.0.15/migration-guides/migration-3.4.html#override-syntax-changes18:17
JaMaand convert-variable-renames.py is something different18:18
Ad0I think I will just do it by hand but it can lead to huge problems18:19
*** jmd <jmd!~user@2001:a61:2a5a:f701:bd45:e9a8:6384:9d60> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:21
JaMathe script is very good start, but expect some false-positives there as well, so better to commit the changes from the script in separate commit and then adjust by manual changes on top18:22
JaMaso that you can re-run the script as many times as needed easily18:22
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)18:23
Ad0JaMa, I went through it by hand , luckily my layer isn't huge18:26
*** jpuhlman- <jpuhlman-!~jpuhlman@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)18:26
Ad0seems to be improvements in optimizations for bitbake though! like it doesn't fetch and configure the kernel each time i do a small change18:28
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Ad0dhcp-server is gone from kirkstone, omg I don't need this right now haha18:40
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gmorellW 219:02
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alimonRP, rburton: hi, :), i sent some small patches for ptest-runner to fix small security checks20:36
alimonwho is handling integration these days?,20:37
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yudjinnhello, is there a good way to force a recipe to use a specific MACHINE?20:58
yudjinnI have one recipe that needs a different MACHINE set, and it'd be nice in my CI to build them all at the same time20:59
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Guest-fermionHello, we have to create images for different product variants. From a HW point of view they are basically all compatible but the SW should behave in different ways21:05
Guest-fermionIm leaning towards a run time management of this differences21:05
Guest-fermionIs there a traditional way this is handled in Yocto projects_21:06
JaMaruntime management (or at least separate configuration) is much better than building a lot of stuff MACHINE_ARCH and then building most of the image separately for each MACHINE just because they should behave slightly differently21:07
JaMaif you can have all the functionality on all the targets, then single binary which runs on multiple products is best21:09
Guest-fermionI agree with you JaMa, I think the added cost of handling the extra complexity of different releases is more21:09
JaMaif you cannot e.g. have some extra features from higher-end product on lower-end because someone will hack it to run on lower-end, then I would try to get away with different images (having different packages for each target) but still building most of the stuff just once21:10
JaMaand only if your developers cannot figure out how to do either of these, then you can add #ifdefs in code and burn in hell (like we do) :)21:11
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neverpanicOr give that particular case some extra thought and bind the functionality to a hardware security module that does a cryptographic check before it enables functionality, but that's less safe and can be bypassed, too.21:13
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Guest-fermionI'm considering using ConditionPathExists on System D. At least for development builds21:15
Guest-fermionBut I have not experience this before21:16
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Guest-fermionThanks for your comments :)21:30
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manuel_This is not yocto-related but I think of all the IRC channels I'm in, this is the one that could give me an answer most likely:21:48
manuel_In `htop`, the bars at the top show a continous load on each of my 4 cores of 25% approx21:49
manuel_Yet in cpu-load sorted list below, the cpu-heaviest process has only very little load21:49
manuel_I mean, the math doesn't add up21:49
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manuel_I can't see any processes that are causing the load the top bars exhibit21:50
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rburtonalimon: do you want to handle the integration? :)21:51
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neverpanicmanuel_: do you have kernel threads visible in htop? might be cpu usage by the kernel.21:54
manuel_neverpanic, Don't think so. The bars are each approx 50% green (= 'normal', whatever that means) and red ('kernel')21:56
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manuel_neverpanic: Displaying kernel threads now. Still doesn't add up.21:58
manuel_I'm even running `htop` with root privilegues21:58
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manuel_Oh it is a kernel thread, you're right.22:00
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RP"Expat 2.6.0 released, includes security fixes" - anyone fancy sending an upgrade patch?23:16
RPthey don't look too serious but23:16
tgamblinRP: looking at it. Seems to be blowing up on do_install_ptest_base23:26
* tgamblin delves23:26
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RPtgamblin: thanks! Feel free to leave a message on how you get on23:45
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