Wednesday, 2024-02-07

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tgamblinRP: yeah, I'm not sure what's wrong. Definitely blowing up on do_install_ptest_base, but either it's not showing up in the task log or I'm staring right at it and not seeing it00:54
tgamblin is the failure00:54
tgamblinthe "grep: Makefile: No such file or directory" line is misleading - that happens in do_install_ptest_base for 2.5.0 as well, but it finishes OK00:54
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alimonrburton: sure, i have some time to maintain again the ptest-runner02:32
alimoni would like to get more involved again02:33
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jmdIs there a web page anywhere giving the history of yocto releases - complete with dates?07:23
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jmdmischief: thanks.07:41
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Guest1234Hi I am newbie to yocto08:06
Guest1234I am trying to add gstremaer 1.22.5 recipe with dunfell for riacv6408:07
Guest1234I am frequently facing below issue,08:09
Guest1234ERROR: glibc-2.31+gitAUTOINC+1094741224-r0 do_fetch: Network access disabled through BB_NO_NETWORK (or set indirectly due to use of BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY) but access requested with command LANG=C git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 clone --bare --mirror "git://" (downloads/git2/ --progress (for08:09
Guest1234url git://;branch=release/2.31/master;name=glibc)08:09
Guest1234ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: (tmp-glibc/work/riscv64-oe-linux/glibc/2.31+gitAUTOINC+1094741224-r0/temp/log.do_fetch.35190608:09
Guest1234ERROR: Task (meta/recipes-core/glibc/ failed with exit code '1'08:09
Guest1234ERROR: binutils-cross-riscv64-2.34-r0 do_fetch: Network access disabled through BB_NO_NETWORK (or set indirectly due to use of BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY) but access requested with command LANG=C git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 clone --bare --mirror "git://" /downloads/git2/
Guest1234--progress (for url git://;branch=binutils-2_34-branch;protocol=git)08:09
Guest1234ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/ankita/bin/sources/base-build/tmp-glibc/work/x86_64-linux/binutils-cross-riscv64/2.34-r0/temp/log.do_fetch.24598708:09
Guest1234ERROR: Task (/home/ankita/bin/sources/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/ failed with exit code '1'08:09
RPGuest1234: first of all please use a pastebin for multiple lines of text08:10
RPGuest1234: secondly, those looks like fetch issues where it can't find sources as you have the network disabled and your source mirror is not up to date08:10
Guest1234how can I enable it?08:11
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eickeHello first time here on the chat but full time yocto developer with at least some experiance :) Also have a very basic public yocto project for the ox64 board although that is only partly working as i lack some time to work on it.08:46
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mckoaneicke: welcome!08:59
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RPGuest1234: presumably you have set BB_NO_NETWORK or BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY somewhere?09:34
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JaMaRP: I think the issue with the .bbappend ordering is that nobody knows how to deal with it in their layers (including me), I was in favor of removing it, because adding P_V isn't big deal and easy to adapt to (and I already did in our layers), but only the first build revealed that indeed .bbappends don't work well for us anymore09:40
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JaMaif we can sort them by reversed BBFILES order than, it might be still doable (as people who care already have to deal with BBLAYERS ordering to get BBPATH order right), so hopefully they will expect .bbappends to apply in the same order (except those dynamic-layers :/)09:42
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RPJaMa: there are multiple issues. That is one of them but there are also a lot of really difficult expectations (e.g. I can't error if BBFILE_PRORITY is present as that would break some people's usage)09:55
RPJaMa: I can't really face trying to argue this any further right now09:56
RPJaMa: and yes, I'm frustrated/depressed about it09:56
RPJaMa: does BBFILES ordering control the appends order at present?09:57
RPJaMa: it should but no longer sure about anything09:57
JaMait doesn't at present AFAIK09:57
JaMaI'm just saying that it could be a way how to "deal with it" if we let BBFILES to control it09:58
RPJaMa: it is how I thought it was working09:58
RPJaMa: it would probably work for some and not for others and we'd be back to the start again09:59
* JaMa too, I've even found that bitbake commit where I said that bbappends no longer apply based on BBFILE_PRIORITY and thought that I was wrong back then09:59
JaMabecause of us (LGE with mcf) the BBFILE_PRIORITY is tied with BBLAYERS order and indirectly results in BBPATH and BBFILES order, so it's easy to confuse the "4 dimensions" of this10:00
RPJaMa: right, it is all too complicated10:01
JaMashould I try some experiments with BBFILES ordering to see at least if that works in our (fairy complicated) layer setup?10:03
JaMawhat Peter said looks like relatively good start10:04
JaMa"adding a bbappend.reverse() in collect_bbfiles()"10:04
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RPJaMa: it would be worth looking at as we do need to do something with this10:13
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Ad0upgraded to kirkstone11:00
Ad0ERROR: Found *.bbappend in /home/blah/build/workspace, but could not determine EXTERNALSRC:pn-*. Maybe still using old syntax?11:00
RPJaMa: looking at the code, it currently re-sorts BBFILES according to priority. That should mean with the removal that bbappends are found in BBFILES search order. I therefore worry a bit about this "reverse()" you and Saur mention11:02
Ad0I am trying to use devtool modify u-boot in kirkstone11:08
Ad0and it ain't workin'11:08
JaMaRP: yes, but BBFILES order in my and Saur builds are in reversed order of priority (from highest) and now the .bbappend in highest priority layer is applied first instead of last11:14
JaMaRP: so if I have .bbappend setting SRC_URI in OSE and internal build, then before priority drop OSE as applied first and then internal build overwrote it, without the priorities it doesn't11:16
RPJaMa: do you both order BBLAYERS with the "most important" layer first? Despite saying that layers should always append to BBFILES?11:16
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JaMain theory I could BBMASK the .bbappend from OSE, but in most cases I'm overwritting only some variable (and still need e.g. additional PACKAGECONFIG added by .bbappend in OSE)11:17
JaMaRP: from what he wrote in the e-mail I believe yes11:17
Ad0fixed it - it was old bbappends from dunfell that needed changing from another recipe ...11:17
RPthis was never how it was  meant to be used :(11:17
JaMabuild is still running with reversed() added, but so far no failure (even when locked-sigs still show a lot of differences)11:18
RPJaMa: in theory you could reverse the ordering in BBLAYERS insead?11:18
RPI guess that does potentially break something else11:18
JaMabut would need to change all BBPATHs at the same time11:19
JaMathere would probably still be issue with the dynamic-layers entries, the bbappend list from dl9pf shows a lot bbappends in dynamic-layers11:25
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JaMawhile we have only 13 bbappends in dynamic-layers (so it might just happen to work as before in these cases) as from these 13 only samba and packagegroup-meta-oe have multiple bbappends11:30
JaMa-  meta-oe/meta-oe/dynamic-layers/networking-layer/recipes-core/packagegroups/packagegroup-meta-oe.bbappend11:32
JaMa   meta-oe/meta-oe/dynamic-layers/meta-python/recipes-core/packagegroups/packagegroup-meta-oe.bbappend11:32
JaMa+  meta-oe/meta-oe/dynamic-layers/networking-layer/recipes-core/packagegroups/packagegroup-meta-oe.bbappend11:32
JaMaand this one is "safe" as both just append to RDEPENDS11:32
RPAt this point I'm going to propose something entirely new after April. Everyone will have to rewrite and reconcile things11:33
mcfrisk_RP: thanks for trying to sort out and simplify the layer ordering in various cases. I have been bitten by this too many times and welcome any change to simplify things even if it means many current setups break.11:41
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rber|resI am wondering why, if I inherit npm, nodejs is not properly installed out of the box. I need to manually add RDEPENDS: brotli, c-ares, icu.11:57
rburtonrber|res: are those rdepends needed in nodejs itself and should just be added?12:03
rber|res@rbuton I need to check this12:09
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rber|res@rburton buildhistory tells me that the RDEPENDS (and DEPENDS) look good for nodejs14:11
rber|res@rburton, so I guess it's not enough to inherit the npm class, but I also need to RDEPENDS on nodejs in my recipe which uses nodejs14:12
derRichardhow much do you hate this? ;-)14:14
rburtonrber|res: you could argue that inherit npm should mean a rdepends on node, but also arguably you might not want it in the main package. so yes, rdepend on nodejs.14:15
rber|res@rburton - well go and python also behave like that, you need to RDPENDS on phython and go-runtime14:17
JaMayou can use npm.bbclass to produce a package which has no javascript in it14:17
RPderRichard: I've seen a lot worse and I have wanted to find a way to have a 64 bit kernel on 32 bit platforms for a while...14:22
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RPI'd probably put the python functions into lib somewhere, make it conditional on being arm32, turn the variable manipulations into overrridden conf entries and turn it into an optional inc file14:24
JaMaderRichard: is it new requirement for CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO or was it always like that?14:25
derRichardJaMa: it was always like that. you don't need CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO for CONFIG_COMPAT on arm64. but if your arm32 apps need a vdso, you need CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO too14:26
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derRichardi'm working with 32bit's xenomai program on arm64, xenomai depends on vdso14:26
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derRichardRP: one thing that is still ugly IMHO, CROSS_COMPILE_COMPAT= is the full path to the toolchain. but i guess it is by design that only the primary (64 bits) toolchain is in PATH14:32
rburtonyocton: thanks for the cve work!14:35
yoctonrburton: wait till you see how I've messed up the ordering on the wiki page :p14:35
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rburtonI feel like I should point out that I posted
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RPderRichard: right, PATH is "fun" :/15:20
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khemRP: I think we need another fix for cpio test upgrade since I am seeing a timing out of sync failure on AB but it works locally here but this one works on AB too -
khemRP: with this build for qemuriscv64 looks promising thus far15:48
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RPkhem: interesting. I wonder why riscv is particularly prone to it16:24
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Guest36FYI certificate expired today16:55
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RPhalstead: cert16:57
halsteadRP, got it.16:58
halsteadI forced the renewal.16:59
RPhalstead: thanks16:59
khemRP: IT16:59
khemonly happened on AB works ok with my distro locally17:00
khemBut my distro is not poky and uses systemd17:00
khemWhich might be syncing system time more17:01
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khemSecondly the archives for new cpio are built in jan 2024 and I wonder if that’s too new for default time on qemu17:02
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halsteadI need to figure out why the auto-renewal failed.17:03
khemIs it stuck ?17:04
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RPkhem: looks like it17:12
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rburtoni've been putting this off for so long but finally JFDI17:18
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tgamblinrburton: awesome17:34
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khemrburton: this is cool. now I can use it in
vmesonUsing the layer index, can one get an estimate of the number of recipes that the layer index knows about for a given branch?18:01
rburtonkhem: i guess it could also filter-per-layer, then it could replace a script i have in meta-arm's CI18:02
rburtonmoto-timo: should timeout? (wondering if that's useful for what vmeson wants above)18:08
vmesonI'm trying to show people that the number of recipes in Yocto is tens of 1000s  so it's probably ~ 1/4 the size of Debian's package list. I'm guessing at the numbers.18:10
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rburtonalimon: if you want to be the new ptest-runner maintainer then there's some patches on the yocto@ list to review/merge18:27
moto-timorburton: no, but that basically means Django is taking too long to respond to the query and nginx is giving up.18:40
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto18:43
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moto-timorest api is probably sufficient for the query too, but not sure we can do enough filtering with the current simplistic api18:46
moto-timorburton: code behind is but clearly we need some kind of optimization or asynchronous behavior to not crash over18:54
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)18:55
moto-timorburton: front end view is from this template
moto-timorburton: so yes, that has what vmeson is after... we just need "someone" to figure out what is crashing Django (OOM?)18:56
moto-timorburton: it crashed my own instance too, so something ugly.18:59
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khemRP: btw. something in master-next is causing rv32 qemu to throw all kinds of crashes, I am suspecting kernel upgrade to 6.6.15 patchset might be it, I have started a build with out it19:08
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moto-timoI'll just put this here for a placeholder
jdiezhi, python3-pyyaml got included in my image build since I added the meta-ros* layers to it. However, I get this build error:19:12
jdiezERROR: python3-pyyaml-6.0-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/lib/python3.11/site-packages/yaml/ contained in package python3-pyyaml requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS:python3-pyyaml? [file-rdeps]19:12
gmorellnothing looks out of place on the django query for that template, and nothing is being done on that template that would trigger an n+1, but I'm also not sure if the annotations trigger a [select/prefetch]_related19:13
jdiezindeed, nothing yaml-related is in meta/recipes-devtools/python/ But should it be?19:13
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RPalimon: nice to see you! :) we're running a bit behind with patch review/merging atm19:21
RobWjdiez: I can help you.   What Yocto release and ROS 2 distro are you using?19:22
jdiezRobW: thanks! yocto mickledore, ROS2 humble19:22
RobWYou are in luck, I just did that combination to test 2 patches I am about to push.   What machine are you using?19:23
jdiez:D. It's a phyboard-pollux-imx8mp-3. Not upstream as far as I know. Basically aarch6419:24
*** sakman <sakman!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)19:25
RobWjdiez: Try doing a git remote update on meta-ros and checkout the mickledore-next branch19:26
RobWI have to step out for a few minutes, but here are the steps I used to do a test build with Wind River Linux LTS 23 (which is based on mickledore):
jdiezRobW: ok, I'll let you know in a few minutes as well. Thank you!19:28
RobWThere are 3 layers you need to add: meta-ros2, meta-ros-common, and meta-ros2-humble19:28
jdiezyeah, I have them19:29
jdiezI am building core-image-minimal with a custom distro config, which just adds ros-core to IMAGE_INSTALL19:29
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moto-timolooks like the python3-pyyaml recipe needs a PACKACONFIG for libyaml19:33
moto-timoand ptests19:33
moto-timothe usual dance19:33
jdiezmoto-timo: can you link to a similar python package that already has the changes you mean?19:35
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto19:35
moto-timojdiez: I'm the maintainer for python3-pyyaml... so I'll just fix it19:36
jdiezah ok cool!19:36
moto-timojdiez: you might need to request a backport if you are not using master19:36
moto-timojdiez: but once you see the patch hit the mailing list you can just use it for a bbappend (I'll split the PACKAGECONFIG and the ptests into separate commits... assuming I can even get the ptests to run)19:37
jdiezRobW: another thing I noticed when using the meta-ros layer is that the BBMASK to prevent the rpi bootfiles from being added should use the :append override syntax:
moto-timojdiez: my first guess (not tested yet and I didn't look up the syntax) is PACKAGECONFIG[libyaml] = "--with-libyaml,--without-libyaml,libyaml"19:38
jdiezRobW: I found that BBMASK did not have the rpi exclusion in my build, not entirely sure why, but it makes sense to append that at variable expansion time19:38
moto-timojdiez: and then you'd want PACKAGECONFIG = "libyaml"19:39
jdiezmoto-timo: (sorry I'm a yocto noob, still learning :)) my understanding is that that would cause `--with-libyaml,--without-libyaml,libyaml` to be appended to some compilation command of python3-pyyaml?19:40
jdiezokay I see in the readme, it's an argument to python setup.py19:40
moto-timojdiez: it would add --with-libyaml to the compilation and libyaml as an RDEPENDS19:40
jdiezok got it, thank you!19:41
*** ptsneves <ptsneves!> has joined #yocto19:41
moto-timonot tested... just going by memory and what I think should work ;)19:41
moto-timogrep -R PACKAGECONFIG poky/meta/recipes-devtools/python/19:42
moto-timoshows you some other usage in python recipes19:42
jdiezyep I see, thank you19:43
alimonRP, rburton: cool!, i will spend sometime reviewing patches and making and int branch for ptest-runner19:43
moto-timojdiez: there are a lot of possible arguments to PACKAGECONFIG, so it's worth looking at the docs
jdiezand one more noob question: how had it previously worked without this additional flag to before? it doesnt look like a recent change to pyyaml19:46
moto-timojdiez: either it recently (maybe in the 6.0.0 upgrade?) added detection of libyaml "automagically" and is now getting host contamination or... we've just been lucky19:52
moto-timojdiez: this is why we want run time tests for everything we can (ptest which means "package test")... but it doesn't come for free... someone has to figure it out and it takes time to run the tests... and sometimes the test dependencies are... massive19:53
jdiezRobW: same issue with mickledore-next19:58
jdiezmoto-timo: what do you mean by host contamination in this context? I'm running bitbake inside a crops container btw19:59
derRichardis devtool really unmaintained? i see a maintainer listed here:
moto-timojdiez: it is possible it would find libyaml on the host (or in your case somehow in the container)20:00
moto-timojdiez: and then very "helpfully" compile it in... without telling you20:00
jdiezhaha :) looks like it's not installed in the container, though20:00
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jdiezmoto-timo: looks like `PACKAGECONFIG ??= "libyaml" \n PACKAGECONFIG[libyaml] = "--with-libyaml,--without-libyaml,libyaml"` does the trick20:07
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*** sakman1 is now known as sakman20:12
kanavinderRichard, saul is listed, but de facto no work in that area had happened, either in fixing isues or adding features20:14
kanavinI guess there are grades of maintainer, so this is the minimal one20:15
derRichardok. sooner or later i'll have to dig into the devtool sources. some of my customers use it and there're issues20:16
kanavinderRichard, the more people understand its source code, the merrier of course. I barely know the upgrade functions, just enough to keep it alive in AUH context.20:21
kanavinrecently there have been improvements to devtool from adrian peter and julien, you can see them in poky master log. So at least there's a few people who looked at it :)20:26
khemRP: shows that kernel upgrade is to blame for rv32 issues20:28
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vmesonmoto-timo: rburton : re number of recipes and the django crash - ugh and I'm sorry that I can't help with that right now.20:56
moto-timovmeson: you might try the stats url on an internal WR layerindex...21:03
moto-timovmeson: or login and choose Statistics from under the Tools menu21:04
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vmesonmoto-timo: good idea. I don't actually have a layerindex login for OE or WR  but I know people who do...21:07
moto-timovmeson: it would be an interesting data point if it works on an internal WR instance (that happens to have more RAM or something)21:08
vmesonI'll find out and let you know.21:09
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gmorellI've updated crun to deal with the new cve by changing the srcrev in a bbappend, but I'm being trolled by the fact that it has the ability to use cpusets now and I'm not sure how to enable them on one of my arches, I set the flags for CONFIG_CGROUP_CPUSET=y + CONFIG_CPUSETS=y, but they're not being properly enabled in my image, google has been awful for this stuff lately21:13
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RobWjdiez: Can you point me to the steps you are using to do the build?  I can try to recreate your environment.21:39
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khemRP: seems interesting, and matches some of my own results, tar ptest failure is even more interesting from the timestamp in future issue point of view, they might be related22:27
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dvergatalis it possible to append different file depending on boolean variable?22:30
khemyou mean bbappend ?22:31
dvergatalSRC_URI += "..."22:32
khemyou can do conditional patching using DISTRO_FEATURES/PACKAGECONFIG etc. but I discourage doing so22:32
khemits very error prone22:32
dvergatalwhat I would like to do is to install different key file depending on some variable22:32
khemwhats is the some variable's semantic :)22:33
khemthats important part22:33
khemI did not mean that, I meant, is it image feature, distro feature, packageconfig22:33
dvergatalhard question:P22:34
dvergatalthis is just same file but different content depending if this is release or development build22:35
khemso thats where I wanted to bring your focus towards22:35
dvergatalyeah I'm aware of that:P22:36
khemso decide on that first, should it be an image or distro22:36
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~nerdboy@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto22:36
dvergatalok I was rather thinking of using this variable as we already got it22:37
dvergatalbut yeah get your point22:37
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!~prabhakar@> has joined #yocto22:38
dvergatalkhem: on distro level it is unacceptable for me and how can I do it on image level?22:47
JaMaabelloni: the bitbake layer --prepend from Hieu did apply cleanly for me, if you want to cherry-pick it instead it's in
JaMaabelloni: or
dvergatalkhem: ok thx22:50
gmorellwe do such things via a conditional inherit fwiw22:50
abelloni show it is definitively wrong22:54 seems to have a correct version22:54
JaMatrue also looks wrong22:56
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dvergatalgmorell: that was to me?23:08
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gmorelldvergatal: yea23:21
gmorellI had checked in with a coworker and he showed me how we do it23:21
dvergatalgmorell: can you show?23:24
gmorellyup pretty much that23:25
dvergataland how it is adding file to SRC_URI?23:26
dvergatalgenerally I was thinking about having same filename, different content and in different directories of recipe only one install command for both, this is possible in case of different distros or machine23:29
dvergatalbut than I would have more distros just to distinguish is it development or release build which is stupid...23:33
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dvergatalhmmmm can I INHERIT from MACHINE?23:38
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)23:44
dvergatalha I can use DISTROOVERRIDES :D23:48
RPkhem: I guess it is useful to know it is the kernel for rv32. Having the failure and warnings for the ptests should also help to start with places to look into issues23:53
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